Honolulu Pulse shares interview with #AlexOLoughlin on SOTB4 red carpet

Nice interview by Mike Gordon (@crankydad) for the Star Advertiser


That’s our Alex..thinking beyond the obvious.  Go ahead, say it.  You’ll respect him even more after this short…

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Review: Arashi Blast at Ko Olina - Honolulu Pulse - Hawaii Entertainment, Food and Nightlife

Japanese boy band Arashi celebrated 15 years of success with the most elaborate, most complicated, most technically demanding production ever staged in Hawaii.

“The Arashi Blast concert was a live music video without subtitles for anyone who didn’t speak Japanese fluently, but the quintet’s performance in the rain transcended the barriers of language. It was almost as if the heavy rain was just another special effect that has been conjured up along with the pyrotechnics, the smoke, the dazzling computer synchronized lighting effects and the colorful video sequences.”