[TRANSLATION] 그녀들처럼 나쁜 다이어트에서 탈출하라 (Let’s kick our bad dieting habits like these girls)


IU’s eating habits - Changed like this
Food lover cutting down on her intake

It was when I was MCing for Inkigayo with Hara-unnie. As the show went on, she got prettier. When I asked her what her secret to beauty was, she answered, “Me? I’m exercising recently~” Hongchul oppa also recommended Myeongyeong teacher to me. So I went to look for him straight away. When I was young, no matter how much I ate, I didn’t gain weight, but once I hit 21, I gained weight easily. In between my busy schedules, when I took short breaks, my body constitution would change. I like to eat a lot, but I would put on weight so that became a big problem.

Also, during my “Good Day” and “You and I” promotions, as I was busy with my schedules, I lost a lot of weight. To the extent that I heard my clothes size was 33.5. As I suddenly lost a lot of weight, it wasn’t good for my body. Then during the filming of “YTBLSS”, the filming team was close and we had many group dinners together, so I suddenly put on a lot of weight again.


Hongchul isn’t usually the kind of person to argue, but once in a while he has a really hard time keeping his mouth shut. “Look, you can’t just treat me like a puppy all the time, Nyx!” Okay, sure, Hongchul did something stupid. He always does something stupid. Putting himself into the line of danger without thinking definitely constitutes that. He just didn’t think Nyx would react so strongly to his little act of carelessness. Now they’re yelling at each other.

When Hongchul feels like he’s had enough he yells wordlessly, then throws his hands into the air. “Whatever! I’m done! I can’t take this anymore!” The demigod turns to storm out of the room but before he can do so, he’s grabbed by the arm, whirled around, and kissed rather vigorously. His eyes widen, and he doesn’t react because of how much shock washes over him. Getting kissed in such a heated way, well it was the last thing he expected.

But it subdues him, and he pulls away slowly, crossing his arms over his chest and looking away.

Nyx isn’t the type to get into these arguments. One thing she hates more than anything else is drama, and that’s exactly what she wants to avoid. Also fighting, especially since she’s dealt with it all her life. Though when Hongchul puts himself in danger, it worries her. It’s not anything more than her caring. It’s already foreign to her to even care about anything the male does, but they end up fighting over it.

“I’m not! But if you’re trying to put yourself in danger, do you know how that affects me? What if something happened to you?!” Already she has no idea why it even matters to her. She hates yelling, she hates worrying. Thinking abut Hongchul getting seriously hurt and her not being there to at least try to protect him? The girl can’t think about it. In a few more words, he’s leaving. No, don’t leave. So she does the first thing that comes to mind, and it’s not pushing him or anything that might be considered violent. She’s up on her tiptoes, crashing her mouth against his heatedly and almost pleadingly. Don’t walk away.

She sighs through her nose, pulling away herself and back on her feet. “I’m sorry. Please don’t go, I won’t get hissy like that again. I just…it’s weird. I don’t usually care what happens to people but I care about what happens to you. And if something happened to you that I at least couldn’t help or even protect you, I’d be really hurt. I don’t…care about people like this usually. And I do with you, and I don’t really want to stop that feeling so please don’t. I got scared, okay? I don’t usually let that affect me but I did. I’m sorry.” It’s not desperate begging, her voice is soft and tripping over words trying to figure out exactly what she’s even trying to say. “If you need space that’s fine t-though, cause I know sometimes I do.”


Oh… It was too funny to watch episodes with Park Choongjae :D He’s the cutiest maknae in the world~ and very beautiful~~~
He had many images and did many activities and it was really cool I couldn’t stop laughting XD

I want to share smth videos with you don’t repeat my mistakes and don’t watch ALL episodes ALL NIGHTLONG XD There are links for different performances with JJ and some episodes which were very interesting for me (I don’t know Korean and watching without subs, but it was very interesting!)

Let’s enjoy it~ ^^ 

Performances and smth strange videos x):

  1. Aerobics (ep 129)
  2. Acrobatic #1 (ep 132) from 19:30
  3. Acrobatic #2 (ep 136)
  4. Jeyong HyungDon feat JunJin (ep 136)
  5. song ‘Timeless’ (ep 136)
  6. JunJin’s Dance 'Dangerous’ (ep 136)
  7. Parody on Big Bang’s 'Haru Haru’ (ep 137)
  8. Mo’ Better Blues #1 (ep 137)
  9. Mo’ Better Blues #2 (ep 137) from 3:25
  10. SNSD’s 'Gee’ parody (ep 144)
  11. JunJin & Lee JungHyun XDXDXD (ep 161)
  12. BEG’s 'Abracadabra’ parody (ep 174) from 5:10

My fav parts of episodes:

  1. Pirates (ep 115)
  2. JunJin’s home :D (ep 116)
  3. JunJin breaks chopsticks by his…~ (ep 117)
  4. You can see pretty girl Choongjae~~~ (ep 124)
  5. JunJin’s performance with his fanboy HongChul (ep 127)
  6. and here Jinnie eats like a child ^^ (ep 127)
  7. oh… strong man Choongjae ** (ep 127)
  8. SNSD parody making #1 & #2 (ep 142)
  9. WHITE SWAN JUNJIN I cried XD (ep 148)


Hongki’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.11 at 03:13


Heechul-hyung is

The best AB-type kekekeke

That is why I like hyung kekekekekekekekekeke

It has been quite some time since we met… and only a bowl of omori jjigae

are shared among four person..


Because i had been doing my promotions

They allowed me to rest during gatherings…

No.. They can’t do this. kekekekekekeke

Credits: Hongki’s Cyworld
Translated: korean to chinese bubu@FTICN
chinese to english Liin@sj-world.net

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[Eng Sub] I Live Alone (Jinho and Hongchul ft. Doohee, Yohwan and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul) via Bumdidlyumptious2@youtube