vixx as people on airplanes
  • n:immediately starts a conversation with everyone within a five seat radius and brings extra candy so he can give it to children and babies and ken
  • leo:speaks to no one. earbuds in 24/7. stares at the baby two rows back until it cries, but he really just thought it was cute and was debating whether or not to take a picture for the Random Cute Babies and Animals album on his phone. he looks through it when he's sad
  • ken:listens to music and accidentally starts singing along out loud. spills water on someone's laptop and apologizes so much he cries
  • ravi:looks left. looks right. surreptitiously takes out his knitting and works on it, humming quietly to himself
  • hongbin:doesnt drink anything so he wont have to use the airplane bathroom. reads the safety manual thing in the seatback like 8 times. keeps swiping people's peanuts for snacks later
  • hyuk:takes the aisle seat and sleeps through the whole flight, much to the dismay of the man next to him who really has to pee