January Page 2.

In this page i tried lot of new things and they took me plenty of time.

I went Hong Kong from January 27 to 31.It was kind disappointed,maybe because I fantasized Hong Kong too much.I interested in Hong Kong because my favorite author Eileen Chang(the woman in the photo) .She was plan to study in England,but because of the world war two,she went Hong Kong instead.

The repulse bay is fascinating,I saw the beautiful sea which appeared in my dream repeatedly.Eileen Chang and her mother used being there too.

Hong Kong Secrets (hand cut collage) 2015 © Kubi Vasak



I love jackson more then anything omg

So in my Gender in Chinese History course we celebrated the New Year with a fortune. Like a legit one, not an American fortune cookie or something. The question we asked was: What is the future of Hong Kong Democracy? (Given the recent riots focused on street vending)

I am not an expert on the method (cuz I am not worldly at all) but believe there were three coins tossed six times, and we were judging if they had a cut or not) I got permission to take a photo of our results. (apologies for my ignorance in the matter) She then read the meanings of what was happening now, and what it could lead to.

I believe the first part was translated into “The Well,” and in the full prediction it referred to turmoil, with mentions of “changing dynasties” and security for people, with obstacles such as an over excessive military. It was kinda oddly specific honestly.

The next part I believe was translated as “Needs,” but more specifically like the rain from clouds that nourished crops. I sadly don’t remember much of it, because I stink. Sorry.

If someone actually can take my nonsense attempts to explain this, and actually explain what I mean, I would ever be grateful. So if anyone can add to this with feedback, please do, cuz I am making little sense, and I would like to learn and also be less confused. Apologies again, and I’m sorry. Please teach me.