“It’s part of our charm, Lewis!” Simon Honeydew, Co-CEO of Yoglabs.

Simon Honeydew, the dwarf of the Dwarf & Spaceman duo. He likes eating, sleeping, digging holes and hanging out with his best buddy. He’s a naive sort, often trusting in others far more then he should… Lewis especially. And why shouldn’t he? They’ve known each other as long as either can remember. Together those two saved the world from a great evil & they founded Yoglabs! 

He does however have the great pitfall every dwarf has…he has the tendency to dig too deep…

separate anons asked for mccree xephos and torbjörn honeydew- hope u guys don’t mind that i put them together

also this makes xeph a space cowboy which is my favourite thing i love u anon


Happy birthday to the happy and funny dwarf, Honeydew, and the man who plays him, Simon Lane!

Like with Lewis, my favourite series with Simon is Yoglabs. It highlights his character’s adorable naivety that his best friend is still a good guy. In general, I heartily enjoy listening to Simon tell stories or express his feelings on topics, and in general, I enjoy him dwarfing it up and roleplaying a dwarf in everything he plays.

I hope you have an extra sweet day sir.