Purple Kow - Honey Milk Tea with Honey Boba

(Location: Berkeley, CA)

To be honest, it was PK’s milk teas that made me fall in love with it, and not its famous iced milk drinks. As good as the iced milk drinks are, there’s nothing quite like the magical strength of PK’s tea when you order the milk teas at half sugar. The non-dairy creamer adds a rich texture that really complements the strength of PK’s teas, and it’s very apparent here in this aromatic and flavorful tea base. I only docked the drink a point because the honey boba were a bit harder this time than other times I’ve been here.

lavietudier  asked:

Vinyl, teacups, and feline please!

vinyl: what is some of your favorite music?

i really love pop, electronic, and lo-fi hip-hop! classical music is nice too (debussy is my favorite). lately i’ve been listening to a lot of kpop. bts, day6, stray kids, and 3racha are my favorite groups at the moment. and, of course, i’ve been listening to “shelter” by porter robinson and madeon a lot lately too because i’m writing my final music history research paper about it. ^_^

teacups: favorite beverages?

genmaicha (brown rice tea), green tea, milk tea + boba, honey lemon tea, and apple juice! wow can you tell how much i love tea lmao

felines: something that makes you feel better after a hard day?

already answered! :)

send me some lovely asks?


This week has been so confusing. I’ve so busy that I’ve just been on autopilot.

This week I had therapy.
Then my cohort sister and her mom gave me a beautiful succulent they grew themselves.
Then I went to have honey toast and boba and spent 10 hours preparing for a 45 minute presentation on African-American family therapy.
Then I worked at my job.
Then I went to learn about Jewish Americans.
Then I went to see spaceships and airplanes.
Then I worked, completed a critical analysis and now I’m on my way to my hometown.

Asha Tea House – Iced Matcha Latte with Boba

(Location: Berkeley, CA)

I love this drink. I’m surprised they didn’t advertise the fact that their boba is honey boba, since I can definitely taste the taste of honey in Asha’s pearls. While the pearls are good, the matcha latte is gold. The one boba drink that you want to say is powdery is matcha milk teas, because that’s basically what matcha is. The fine specks of finely ground matcha blends really well with the milk for a creamy texture that has strong tea flavor. If anything, the tea taste is so strong that it can afford to be sweeter (even at full sugar). It tastes just as good as the last time I’ve had it, and the honey boba gives this drink a boost in its score.


Honeyboba – Frosted Signature Milky with Strawberry, Pudding, and Honey Boba

First of all, the honey boba here is perfection. I’m glad that’s the case, since you really don’t want to fail your namesake. The boba is cooked REALLY well, and has reached Purple Kow levels of sweetness, which is great. Other than that, the iced milk is alright, the strawberry sauce is a nice touch, and the pudding’s a bit hard.


Honeyboba - Frosted Signature Milky with Chocolate, Pudding, and Honey Boba

(Location: Arcadia, CA)

The texture of this Honeyboba iced milk drink is light and smooth, which is fine. Despite being a direct descendant of Half and Half, their rendition of the chocolate iced milk drink is a bit too sweet and intense on the chocolate flavor. The boba itself is nice and chewy, although the honey flavor is a bit lacking. The pudding is nice and smooth, but also lacking in flavor. Overall, it’s a pretty alright drink.