The bumblebee was officially added to the endangered species list.


  • Go plant an organic flower native to wherever you are
  • Leave your “weeds” alone they probably aren’t hurting anything
  • Stop using/buying Roundup and all other insecticides, herbicides, pesticides. 
  • If you have a bee problem (which almost never happens) call a local beekeeper! They will remove them safely free of charge
  • Bumblebees usually nest underground and just wanna be left alone! They won’t hurt you. To prevent destroying their habit during hibernation, avoid mowing yards until April or May. If you do mow, raise the blades to the highest setting

Please save my fat clumsy fuzzy friends I love them and they’re very good pollinators.

After my research project on honey bee parasites started getting so much attention, UMD asked if they could put me in their advertising 😅😅 soooo Check out the new face of “Fearless Research”  at the University of Maryland! Its definitely premature for them to say that my work “Saves The Bees” but I am holding out hope that it will be the breakthrough that gets us to that answer!