Honestly I'm not even sure Dean knows what's going on with himself at this point

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It seems Tyler Hoechlin is your favorite live-action Superman, but can you rank the actors from worst to best as you see it (of the current actors, I'm not sold on Hoechlin yet, but I think it has more to do with my dislike of his costume—particularly how the cape attaches—that it distracts me from the character, while Cavill seems to physically look perfect for the part and certainly is capable of the acting and charm, but the script he has to work with is lacking)?

Leaving out Kirk Alyn, John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher, since I’m not familiar with their performances:

7. Tom Welling

I feel kind of bad about this one. I grew up watching Smallville, y’know? And in terms of sheer man-hours devoted to the role, Welling has more of a claim to being Superman than anyone other than Bud Collyer. But he…wasn’t great, in retrospect. I suspect it was largely a matter of the material he was given; he did well whenever he actually had something to do, whether as dorky reporter Clark Kent intermittently throughout the final season, or various cases of amnesia/mind control/body-swapping/Red Kryptonite exposure. But outside maybe a sweet spot after he’d grown into the role and before he visibly started to get tired of it, and occasionally when getting to spar with (better) actors like Durance, Rosenbaum, and Glover, he had a weird stiffness when playing regular Clark Kent that for the most part didn’t translate into charm once he couldn’t bank on teen awkwardness anymore, and while that frankly made him a pretty honest depiction of the increasingly dicey version of the character he was written as, it didn’t make for a great take on Superman.

6. Henry Cavill

Cavill’s been more let down by the material than anything else - the unfortunate unifying factor of the bottom three here. When the movies let him be great, he really is great, whether promising Martha that he isn’t going anywhere even after learning the truth about Krypton or fighting for the stories he believes in against Perry White. For the most part though he just seems to be called on to look varying degrees of sad and solemn, asked to call on none of the charm he showed in, say, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Granted his Superman has a lot to be down about, but there’s no range on display here; I don’t doubt he’s got a great take on the character in him, but for now it’s being kept under wraps.

5. Brandon Routh

Of all the reasons Superman Returns was such a damn shame, maybe the biggest was that it buried any chance of seeing the performance out of Brandon Routh that he so clearly had to offer. He’s a great dorky Clark, a charming Superman, and when the stars line up just right, he really manages to capture the idea of Superman as a melancholy figure - his take doesn’t just seem to be bearing the weight of the world in the philosophical abstract, but much more palpably feels an entire planet crying out for him, knowing he can never save them all but always trying anyway out of unconditional love, very much in line with Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s take on him in Hitman. Unfortunately all that takes up maybe 10-15 minutes of runtime, spending the rest of the movie stalking his ex with a neutral expression until he gets shived by Kevin Spacey and regurgitates Brando at his secret kid. Superman Returns was weird, ya’ll.

4. Dean Cain

I was honestly surprised with myself when I decided Cain won out as the best of the rest outside the big three - I thought for sure it’d be Routh. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that while Routh’s take is definitely closer to the version of Superman I had in my head, it’s compromised in a way the Superman of Lois & Clark never was: like the take or not, this is a perfect realization of the Superman the creators of the show clearly had in mind. His Clark’s funny, clever, warm, and vulnerable, and while it feels weird for him to be acting that way in the glasses these were the Byrne years, so as an expression of his ‘real’ self it’s pretty on-point. His Superman’s the weaker end, stilted even given it’s supposed to be him putting on a performance in-universe, but there’s such an unironic earnestness there that it typically slid back into charming.

3. George Reeves

I thought for awhile about 2 and 3, ultimately concluding that what was asked of George Reeves was a fair deal simpler. He didn’t much differentiate between Superman and Clark, and his booming radio announcer voice made clear we weren’t supposed to be measuring his performance in terms of whether or not he seemed like a real person. What he was called on to show though, and what he had out the wazoo, was raw charisma. When Jimmy asks him why he burst through a wall rather than using a door and Superman replies with a grin “Well, this seemed a little more spectacular,” you’re 100% willing to buy into that explanation, because yeah, it was spectacular, because Superman’s fantastic. And he could more than hold his own with the best of them when asked to work with more serious material, whether wandering through an amnesic fog in Panic In The Sky with only his instinctive decency to guide him, or here, in the final scene of The Dog Who Knew Superman, where Clark has to deal with a dog not only adoring him, but recognizing him in both identities:

2. Christopher Reeve

I gave Tom Welling his well-earned due earlier, but if you really want to talk about a guy with a solid claim to being Superman, Christopher Reeve didn’t just embed himself on the psyche of a generation, but is still held up today as the unequivocal standard by which the role is set. In all likelihood he’ll always be ‘the’ Superman, in the same way as Sean Connery will always be James Bond, and Bela Lugosi will always be Dracula. He shone like the sun in the costume, he was believably such a wimpy klutz out of it that no one would guess they were the same even when it was staring them in the face, and if anyone has any lingering suspicions that he just had the easy task of playing two extremely arch roles to the hilt, they might be forgetting this bit:

Was it perfect? I don’t know about that - if nothing else there were one or two awkward line readings, and the identity division is so sharp that it’s hard to tell when you’re getting a glimpse of the real guy underneath all the identities. But while I definitely question how much of a positive impact on Superman those movies themselves really had in the long run, Reeve’s performance on its own was an undeniable revelation, everything he did reverberating with such a sincere and powerful sense of decency and love for his fellow man that it not only brought Superman to the life, but frankly changed him forever for the better.

1. Tyler Hoechlin

I expected nothing out of this guy. Not that I by any means thought he’d be bad, but when I heard some dude from Teen Wolf was gonna appear on an episode or two of Supergirl, my reaction was about as intense as…well, what you’d expect upon hearing that some dude from Teen Wolf was showing up on Supergirl, even given who he was playing (granted I’ve never seen Teen Wolf and don’t actually especially know what Teen Wolf is, beyond that it’s based on that werewolf-playing-basketball 80s movie written by…wait, Jeph Loeb?!). Looked fine - and it became clear he actually really did look the part once behind-the-scenes pictures started to come out, rather than that godawful original promo picture - and I figured he’d belt out his best Reeve/Animated Series/Cartoon-on-the-side-of-a-cereal-box brand Generic Superman Performance to cheer Kara on before vanishing into the sunset forever outside of the opening credits. I was plenty interested in the potential long-term ramifications of Superman being allowed on TV again in any capacity for the first time since the 90s, given the influence that suggested Geoff Johns had as the new DC President and what that could mean in terms of other characters showing up down the line, but I wasn’t inclined to think of this as anything other than a stepping stone, only notable in its own right because it meant someone would be wearing the s-shield.

Then we actually saw him.

Where the hell has this guy been all these years? Was he grown in a goddamn laboratory for the part? How did the best Superman ever end up in a minor recurring guest spot on the CW Supergirl show?

It would be so, so easy to leap to the idea that he simply works as a jack-of-all-trades: he’s almost as charming as Reeve, just about as confident as Reeves, nearly as vulnerable as Cain. But that would be selling what he’s doing short - especially given that he probably hasn’t had the opportunity to stretch as far as he could in any of those directions, as his role so far has very much been as Supergirl’s backup dancer. What it comes down to is his general demeanor and how he incorporates those aspects into a whole that feels more fully-realized than any portrayal before him. His Superman and Kent are not only distinctive to the point that within the heightened reality the show occupies you can buy that people think of them as different people, but you can see threads from both of them connecting back to the real Clark you see around Kara. He’s open and warm and authentic in a way none of his predecessors quite were, and he’s able to turn on a dime into steely determination or outright fury while remaining recognizable. He’s above everyone’s heads and vaguely alien at times without ever seeming detached or less than entirely loving of the people around him, able to admit his fears and failings while staying strong and capable of changing for the better, utterly and palpably good without ever sliding into naivete or cartoonishness. In short he has range and nuance, and thanks to that along with the air of laid-back friendliness he brings with him, he more than anyone else to put on the suit feels like a real person. And somehow, that real person feels as much as anyone ever has like Superman. And that’s a hell of an achievement. So someone give him his own goddamn show already.

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I feel like I'm alone in this - in my opinion it's 100% clear that Dean is in love and sexually attracted to Castiel, but I'm still not sure about Castiel. Probably because he's an angel, the staring at Dean's face can be read as him being curious and fascinated. I think he loves him, but I'm not sure it can be platonic OR romantic, maybe he's using Dean as some kind of guide after God left them? I love destiel so much though, do you have destiel meta that cover Castiel's feelings on this?


Umm… I dont know if I have specific meta on this. I have specific meta on Dean being in love with Cas but not Cas, as… well… it seems obvious?

I mean, yes Cas doesn’t seem as obviously sexually attracted to Dean in the same way that Dean is to his with the lip licking and boner scenes etc, but when Cas is Human hot damn does he flirt like a good’un in 9x09 and even seems more open about it albeit is in the wrong place for it in 9x03 and 9x06, so that doesn’t worry me at all. 

I kind of hadn’t really thought about it cos the romantic part of his love for me is really clear, it’s the sexual side that is less clear, except when he’s human.

I think Human!Cas will more than make up for this lack of sexual interest by Angel!Cas because Angel!Cas is less interested for good reasons, reasons he lets go of when he is Human. Angel!Cas not only has dulled emotions but is also all about his sense of duty before pleasure, work before leisure. This is up to a point, because we know Cas does feel emotions more than many other Angels, he is the Angel with a chink in his chassis, lbr, they were strong enough to make him defy orders in the past and then with Dean within a year of knowing him sporadically to defy his family completely. If that’s not strong feelings I don’t know what is. But yes, Angels feel dulled emotions and also Cas has a sense of duty like no other Angel, he doesn’t partake in food or sugar for example, as we know other Angels do and enjoy e.g. Gabriel, Balthazar, Ishim… which for me is a MASSIVE metaphor for his not indulging in his feelings for Dean too. 

Food meta in this show is brilliant, honestly, it’s a fantastically used metaphor for all of TFW and their relationships too, I love it. 

So, apart from this, what about his emotional attraction to Dean?

Well… basically his whole story since s4 lol. So yeah, he fell for Dean, he rebelled, he did it all for Dean, when he was Human he wanted to stay with Dean and felt romantically and fraternally rejected, there’s a reason there was a whole ‘new lover’ storyline thrown into 9x06. He wasn’t off with a new BFF or a group of buddies, no, the only replacement he had in his life was a potential romantic interest, one who clearly though DEAN WAS HIS EX. I mean come on.

Then 9x09 and the flirting, the end of season 9 with Cas being exposed by the META character himself META-TRON (the expositional character for Cas’ inner feelings and desires) as being “in love with Humanity”, 

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When Amara (the expositional character for Dean’s inner feelings and desires) later confirmed to us that DEAN REPRESENTS HUMANITY:


And then Metatron cements it (thanks hon, for being such a good exposition for Cas, I love you):

“The Angel tablet – arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe – is in pieces, and for what again? Oh, that’s right – to save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right? Well, guess what. He’s dead, too.” - cut to Cas’ horrified, tearful face, which I’ve already compared to when the guy in freaking LOVE STORY gets told his love interest is dying. Yeah. OK…

It’s not platonic, it’s not fraternal, or it could be much more mirrored with Sastiel and they make the choice purposefully NOT to do this, in fact they do it on purpose to show the DIFFERENCE between Sastiel and Destiel ALL THE TIME, to emphasis that Sastiel is fraternal/platonic and Destiel is romantic.

Oh and then we got this:

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A lovely scene where the first was just to Dean and the second was to all of them, so, you know, making that distinction…

I mean yeah, for me its absolutely blatant that Cas loves Dean and not in a purely platonic way due to so many things, but these are key moments… I mean there are loads more, 8x17 for one, cos yeah as much as you love someone platonically in STORIES only a romantic love really gets through to someone like this in this trope etc etc etc. 

Their relationship is a ROMANTIC TROPE FEST.

If Dean Sublimation Winchester gets his head out of his proverbial ass and tells Cas he loves him and Cas turns around and is like… thanks dude but no homo, I only like you as a friend… I mean this idea just makes me giggle so much :p

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I saw one of your tags say that you're not sure Sam would be ok with Destiel and I'm curious why. Do you think it'd be like the Benny situation again or something else? I didn't ship Denny but I don't think Sam likes when someone else comes before him in Dean's eyes. (I can't see Sam not liking Desitle as a homophobic thing, but ya never know.) Anyway I'm genuinely curious because I could see Sam not exactly like a shipper but ultimately ok with it.

Hi! I have to say, I’m always torn when I hear about people reading my tags, because on the one hand I’m vain and prideful and they’re written to be read, but on the other, tagging is like talking to yourself, so - *blushes slightly*.

Anyway, first things first - before I discovered what a fandom was, I was a total sucker for shipper!Sam. My doubts didn’t begin until after I’d read a shitload of fanfiction about it, and something really rotten in my brain was like, What if Sam wasn’t okay with it, though? because I always like to be contrary and to turn things on their heads and see how they work and if they still work. So I’ve got no real problems with shipper!Sam. It’s just - I sometimes wonder - generally when I’m writing myself - what would be more interesting from a narrative point of view - if it’d be better to have Sam in the background, hanging up mistletoe and leaving The letter of the day is B leaflets around the Bunker or if it’d be easier for Dean to have something to push against. I think a case could be made either way - but if TPTB would have wanted to go down that first road, they probably wouldn’t have killed off Charlie, since she would have been (and she probably was) an even better shipper and wingman than Sam.

That said, I have two arguments against shipper!Sam.

One: Sam is way more messed up than he lets on, and some part of it is terrified not only that Dean will walk away, but that Dean will fall in love with someone and actually pursue that. I know I’ve seen this discussion go down somewhere, but I honestly don’t remember who first came up with this - apologies, guys - the fact that Sam is an all or nothing kind of guy. Like, when he went to Stanford, that was it - he never contacted John, or even Dean, again. For years. And the same happened when he was with Amelia - he just - I don’t know, cut himself off? I’m not sure if it’s his personality, or a by-product of his less than ideal childhood, but Sam’s got trouble to let people into his life, and once they’re in, it’s like there isn’t room for anyone else? Which is a childish trait, of course, and it signals a lack of emotional maturity on his part (not surprising - poor Sammy). And since Sam tends to relate with other people through his own experiences, part of him surely assumes Dean’s exactly the same; that if Dean found himself a new best friend, or a better hunting partner, or even a spouse of some kind, he’d just walk away and that would be it. So in this sense, Sam would feel threatened by any relationship Dean could potentially develop, not only by Cas.

Two, we used to see Sam as the shades of grey brother, but the amazing thing about this show is that Sam and Dean went through a lot of character development resulting in them almost swapping the roles they had in the first seasons - and yet all this feels natural and completely believable. So these days, Dean’s more likely to be the one who gives monsters a pass (hell, look at his relationship with Crowley), while Sam’s become sort of judgemental and what needs must. I think it was Ruby, most of all, who scarred Sam from the inside out and made him so much more conservative, or pragmatic (like, look at him now - he’s more willing than Dean to work with the BMoL, because he’s Mr Head Choice or something). Sam took a huge risk in liking and trusting Ruby, and it all hinged on a sort of anti-racism argument - an I don’t care if she’s a demon, because even demons can be nice and Our biology doesn’t determine our destiny and whatever else. Dean had shut him down about this, of course, but Sam had persisted - and I know there were other elements at play here, but to me, the central point was exactly this: a pigheaded and generous and noble willingness to trust a creature you don’t understand at all and you’ve got no reason to trust. Now, of course things are different with Cas, because Cas has proven, time and again, that Dean’s safety would be his number one priority and all that, but I’m still not convinced Sam would actively want that for Dean. After all, Sam’s seen this other, softer side of Dean’s - he’s seen him around kids (he remembers him from their shared childhood) and he’s heard (a bit) about how happy he was with Robin and whatever, so I sometimes feel Sam still wants the Sookie ending for Dean: a chance to have a true family of his own, and a life Dean could finally lead in full view of everybody, without shame or weirdness or sigils carved on the walls. And I’m not sure this is something Cas would be able to give Dean.

Finally, there’s the whole bisexuality deal. Here, I have to say - I don’t know what to think. I’m sure Sam’s got no problem with queer people, but it’s always slightly different when it’s your family, right? And there are days I think Sam must know - Jesus, they’ve been sharing a room for thirty years - and days when I think that no, that parent/child thing they’ve got going is way too strong for Sam to see the whole picture (to even think about it). 

(Like, I know it was supposed to be funny and that I’m reading too much into it, but Sam recoiling when Rowena suggested he undress Dean and check his chest hair or something - to me, that was emblematic of how their relationship works. Dean’s changed Sam’s diapers, has helped him to get dressed for years, surely bathed him and watched him play with that one plastic submarine they’d scavenged somewhere and, years later, he stitched him up and massaged weird herbal salves over his bruises and whatever - but to Sam, of course, it’s weird to think about his brother’s body at all, because that’s the relationship we have with our parents: when you actually have to take care of them that way, it means things have got very bad and very scary.)

In any case, at the very least Sam would be worried about Dean’s safety (and there’s always that heartbreaking thing, right, that if you’re bi and you can be happy with a woman - man, it’d be so much easier) - but one big reason to be optimistic in this sense was this new development we’ve seeing - that openly gay hunters can actually exist in the community without being bothered. 

(Then again, judging from the news coming about the US, I sometimes feel Dean and Cas could have their college AU life only in a big city, and not in one of those wild, road off to the horizon states where Dean feels most at home. So, well - I really don’t know.)

Anyway - we know so little about Sam, it’s likely that anything could work concerning his approach to the Destiel situation. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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i don't want to be a pessimist here, i really hope destiel is endgame and after s12, and after i read some of your meta, (which is amazing btw), i mostly believe it will be, but i shipped johnlock too, and all the subtext and even text and the foreshadowing and all those hints that johnlock is endgame was all for nothing...or maybe just for queerbaiting, and i was really butthurt about it that i'm afraid to put any hopes up for destiel, how do you think destiel is different than johnlock?

I may be a bit controversial on tumblr about Johnlock because…. well I didn’t really see it like it was blatant and going to be canon, I saw it as subtext that was something they added to give it a bit of pizazz without thinking they were actually in love or that it would be endgame canon. 

I really enjoyed the first seasons of Sherlock (I just cannot get my head around how the last season worked at all, maybe I need to try again, but it just didn’t make any sense to me) and my interpretation was that Sherlock might be a bit romantically interested in John, but push come to shove he was more intellectually interested in him and the friendship they forged and I never really saw John as being romantically interested in Sherlock at all.

I felt like they added the subtext, which for me, was subtext only, to add a bit of spice to their chemistry and their character bond, but without actually meaning to make it romantic.

Now I see this differently to Destiel in that I read Destiel as 1. much more blatant because of the continuous and abundant nature of it, given that it is now nearly 9 years and much more material to work with due to there being…. around 135 hours of SPN since season 4 v 15 hours of Sherlock

2. But also that it is written into the script in terms of the fact that it has a real effect on the PLOT, not just sitting alongside it as subtext to be ‘enjoyed’ (I say ‘enjoyed’ because I know how painful it was to fans who really wanted it and it didn’t happen but for a lot of people I think it did add to the enjoyment of the show by deepening their character bond). Whole seasons don’t make sense without taking into account the deep feelings between Dean and Cas, I mean… seasons 4-6 are all about Cas saving the world because of his love for Dean, season 7 is one big long metaphor for Dean’s innermost thoughts and depression about Cas, season 11′s mytharc plots rests on Dean’s love for Cas and how Amara uses it… 

I totally feel for anyone who felt queerbaited by Johnlock because I genuinely do think that they put subtext in there on purpose thinking it would be a great addition to the chemistry but had no intention of going through with it as it was just that, a fanciful way to deepen their connection without it really being actually scripted love (honestly this is wanky, but I really don’t rate Martin Freeman as an actor, I find him so cold that it wouldn’t surprise me if they upped the written subtext in order to counter his wooden performance),  I just don’t think they realised how much people would feel cheated by it.

With Dean and Cas, their story is much longer as stated above which enables it to go much deeper into so many more romantic tropes, for them to be portrayed as much more of the romance than the buddy trope, I think they fulfil like 67% of romance tropes? where most couples on tv / in movies settle at most around 10-25% ish? This is because they are able to do so due to the pure length of time we have been watching them and because they are actively portraying it in this way. I’m trying to remember how many Dean and Sam fill and Sam and Cas fill? I think Dean/Sam is like 12% and Cas/Sam is probably about 2%! So there is a real reason why it is so strong with just these two…

Season 12 is all about taking it now from the subtext into the text, we have been watching it with a similar “will they won’t they” attitude towards TPTB as with Johnlock up til now, even though it was scripted and much more plot - related I believe, there was still a chance that they would potentially back out, even if it didn’t make sense for the story, it was still a possibility because I think a lot of the GA don’t really see the way that the story doesn’t make sense without it.

For example in season 11, I think many of the GA just look at the top level and don’t read into WHY Amara couldn’t contact Dean without going through Cas, how her forced bond with Dean was not as strong as his chosen bond with Cas even though she was GOD’S SISTER or WHY Amara’s whole interactions with Dean were all about him repressing his emotions, loving, but it being clouded in shame, holding himself back. 

I mean some people were shocked at some of what Dean said in 12x22, they were also shocked at how Dean acted in 12x11 and a lot of this season said he was OOC, which he absolutely WAS NOT, he was entirely HIMSELF and that was the point! That he had DROPPED the facade so his true self was showing through in snippets and I’m sure these people will be absolutely shocked when he acts more and more like this in season 13.

I feel like to get through to some people Dean literally has to say something blatant like “Sammy I’m done pretending, this is me, deal with it, oh and by the way, I like dudes too” before taking a big bite of a Chicken Parmeggiano and ordering an ice cream sundae and getting back to business, cos man the point is, he’s not that different, there’s just a few things he keeps locked away, but his whole character isn’t going to change.

Anyway, same goes for Destiel, it’s going to have to be eased in slowly but made blatant now and I feel like season 12 was the first part and season 13 should be the second, before it can go canon, so that people aren’t shocked by it, in exactly the same way as they did Performing!Dean this season, ramping up the subtext before taking it into the text and then finally making it canon.

So now after season 12 it feels to me that with all the bad PR around queer baiting with Sherlock, with all the bad PR around Supernatural (if you google queer baiting SPN comes up on the first page), it would be diabolically stupid for the new showrunner to ramp up the subtext like this and bring it into the text as he did from mid season 11 onwards, without taking it towards endgame canon.

It doesn’t mean they will for 100% sure but I would be so confused if they didn’t now, it would literally be the worst kind of ongoing, not just subtextual but textual now queerbaiting and a total shambles of a PR disaster as well as making NO sense to their own story which has been so carefully crafted for over a decade. 

I don’t think they’re THAT stupid to take a beautiful story and rip the soul of it out, destroying their credibility as writers as well as PR Hell…

I have trust in Andrew Dabb until proven otherwise :)

À la Mode


Dean was rearranging the tubs of ice cream in the back freezer when he heard the bell on the door jingle.

“Jo, there’s a customer!” He shouted over his shoulder, hopefully loud enough for Jo to hear. He turned back to the pile of Cookies and Cream tubs that needed to be situated. He had a firm grasp on one of the slippery tubs, a mantra of ‘lift with your legs, not your back’ playing in his head, when Jo poked her head around the corner.

“This one’s for you, lover boy.” She grinned and nudged him aside, lifting the tub with ease and only slightly bruising Dean’s ego.

“What do you mean? It’s your shift on register.” She turned to look at him and cocked an eyebrow.

“A pair of blue eyes you’ve been drooling over for months says otherwise.”

“Shit, it’s Cas?” He scrambled to find his apron and standard issued Baskin Robbins visor. “What day is it? Isn’t it the 18th?”

“Last I checked, why?”

“No reason. I’ll be back.” He nearly skidded out of the storage room.

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Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox/The Mess Within

“Are you a rom-com chick?”

“Are you?”

Now, this is how you write an episode. Forget the monsters and the demons - the greatest mystery of Supernatural is that they definitely know how to do the thing, and yet sometimes - 

Guys, I really loved this episode - I’d say it’s the best so far - so brace yourselves for a long, gushing review.

I loved Jody. Jody was magnificent, as always, and all the kudos to @kimrhodes4. Great job as Jody, of course, and legit gave me chills as Jael. Wow. 

Now, despite her age, Jody had begun to be coded as the Winchesters’ surrogate mom the second she had that half-fling with Bobby, but the thing has been sort of understated until last night. Even during that beautifully awkward family dinner with Alex and Claire, the Winchesters were not decisively framed as (her) kids - they could pretty much take care of themselves during the episode, Dean had stern words with a bunch of teens, and later in the evening, after that disastrous dinner, Sam and Dean actually remembered they were grown men and did grown men things (normal conversations, helping out with cleaning up, talking some sense into teenage girls). Here, however, someone decided we needed an example of what ‘real’ moms should be like to single out Mary even more, and amped up the thing so much it deafened everybody and boy, did it work. Look at Sam and Dean crashing in on Jody’s me time without even calling and basically walking into the place because they assume they’ll be welcome - look at them being embarrassed about sharing their own sex lives and also hearing about Jody’s - I loved that, and yet I’m sort of annoyed as well, because the thing is - well. Many ‘normal’ episodes still happen in a bubble, which means we never hear them mention Jody in any way, and that doesn’t make any sense - we know Sam and Dean, and we know what having someone like Jody would mean to them - not just a random hunter they can call for a pint when they’re nearby, that is (as the show sometimes lead us to believe), but an actual mom figure who loves them and thinks the world of them - someone they randomly visit, just for a chat and a home-cooked meal - because, wait, there’s actually someone like that in their lives and yet somehow it never comes up? 

Anyway, I love Jody, and thank God she’s here, because Dean’s trying, okay, but this I’ll go out in the parking lot and drink from this flask alone thing - because Dean apparently now carries a flask around, great - not to mention his utmost panic about Sam, and Sam alone, because it doesn’t even matter that Jody and Mary are in that house - because taking care of Sammy’s still coded at the core of who Dean is, and it’s what comes out in times of trouble (Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don’t look back! Now, Dean!) - that’s not a good look on him, and maybe instead of getting an episode about Hitler (because even Jody, who’s an actual character inside the damn show, knows that whole story didn’t mean anything and wasn’t important in any way and she actually got bored when Dean told her about that instead of talking about what really matters, because Jody is basically us and yay for that) we can talk about that? After all, we’re all rom-com chick flicks around here, are we not?

I loved that crowd of hunters, and how everyone was okay with everything. Most of them were burly white men in plaid, of course, but that gay (bi?) black witch twin, and how open he was about his sexuality? Wow. Not to mention this other side of hunting - not the way the Winchesters hunt, because they’re paranoid bastards who were raised by a paranoid bastard, but this happy crowd - Garth’s name coming up and it doesn’t matter he’s a werewolf (because surely, by now everybody knows? those hunters - so gossipy), and Max ‘my mother taught me to seduce men’ Banes, and Loraine Fox sneakily breaking off pieces of a Jeep engine so her son would stay home and, what?, help her clean the gutters? Also the drinking games, the Maybe you died four times and maybe you were possessed by the Devil - it’s all cool, talk about it in your own time - these are the people Sam and Dean spent their entire lives running from? Really? This is why Dean won’t come out and Sam still feels unwanted and tainted and a freak? Uh. I know we’ve talked before how this show is methodically destroying every single obstacle to Dean, especially, becoming truly and fully himself, but this was not so much a hammer blow as it was Steve Yockey coming in riding a giant blowtorch and yelling at the top of his lungs as he set everything on fire.  

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I’m here for you (Final)

Dean x reader

(A/N): Hola, biscuits! I knew I couldn’t let this fic only with one part, so I decided to do one more! I hope you like it <3 If you have any request, please, feel free to contact me!

If you missed the first part: HERE

It’s been weeks since that weird moment between you and Dean. His girlfriend is now almost living in the bunker, and of course, everyone was angry at Dean, even Castiel (who started avoiding Dean a little)

Sam spent most of his time in his room doing research; the he would go hunting with Dean and with his girlfriend. But you didn’t even talk to Dean, so you preferred to stay in the bunker or help Cas with any other thing of importance.

Tonight the hunters were coming back from the hunt, Sam told you to go buy some food for them. You did and you took the whole time of the world doing it; honestly, it was a relief being out of the Bunker for a couple of hours before facing the cheesy couple and an angry moose.

When you arrived, they were already there waiting for you. Sam smiled at you and she did the same, but you could tell that it wasn’t a sincere smile, she was so obvious.

And Dean, he didn’t even look at you anymore. It was like you were invincible to him.

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anonymous asked:

Sam and Cas being highschool bros, and they each have dumb crushes on the other's older brother, and one night when Cas is staying at the Winchester's, Sam props himself up on his elbows, stares Cas right in the eyes, and says, "So. I think I'm in love with your brother", and Cas is like "Which one" and it's like four in the morning so it's the funniest thing. Once they sober up, though, Cas just goes "Same." and both of them know what he means, but it still inspires another fit of laughter.

*whispers* This is super cute and I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking it as a prompt?? Because I love it so and I wanna expand on the ‘verse (instead of working on stuff i should be working on aw yeah go me)

According to half the school, he and Sam are dating, and honestly, Castiel doesn’t blame them for the misunderstanding. Every day at lunch, on the bus to school, and in both Chem and Spanish, they’re inseparable. He’s openly gay, and Sam’s openly bi, and… he can’t say he’s never thought about it. But as much as he loves Sam, his feelings are platonic.

His feelings for Sam’s older brother are less so.

Dean Winchester is twenty years old, just over six feet tall, with green eyes and rough hands from shop work and killer taste in everything, at least, Castiel thinks so. Sam would beg to differ. Dean also loves teasing him and Sam, winking suggestively, and tussling Castiel’s hair and calling him “Cas”. Seventeen year old ‘Cas’ can’t talk right around him-and here he’d thought he was done with not being able to talk right a few years ago when voice cracks finally stopped.

The continual doodles of “Castiel Winchester” on the edges of his homework do nothing to stop the “Sam and Cas are dating” rumor. Perils of brothers, he thinks. He should know, as he has four of them.

Sam is completely aware, he’s sure- because Castiel isn’t exactly subtle in his admiration of the older boy. When Sam invites him to sleep over one weekend, Castiel narrows his eyes and asks, “Will Dean be there?” Sam rolls his eyes and confirms that yes, Dean will be around. “Good. I am a year past legal and haven’t gotten any sexual ‘action’ yet.”

Sam snorts. “And you’re not gonna, if you keep your heart set on Dean.”

Castiel shrugs. “The heart wants what it wants, Sam. But don’t be worried. I won’t be sneaking off with your brother this weekend.

Neither of them can sleep, maybe because sleeping bags on hard floors aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world. But it’s a noble childhood tradition, so here they are, sixteen and seventeen, sprawled on the floor with empty coke cans and half-empty chip bags scattered around them. Somehow it’s four in the morning and they’re playing ‘never have I ever’ and giggling like small children.

“Never have I ever… kissed Jessica Moore in the library,” Castiel whispers.

“You dick,” Sam whispers back, lifting his middle finger before putting up a finger on his other hand to indicate another point for Castiel. “You can’t just list different places you know I kissed Jessica for pointage.”

Castiel rolls his eyes, not caring if Sam can see it or not in the light of the nightlight. “Fine, fine, you get one free one on me. Something you know I’ve done.”

Sam scrunches his nose. “I can’t think of anything,” he whispers, then stifles a laugh that springs up sheerly because they’re playing this stupid game at four a.m.

"Okay, how about…” Castiel glances up to the stairs, where the door to Dean’s room is hanging half-open. “How about ‘never have I ever wanted to kiss my best friend’s older brother.’ That’s an easy point for you.”


“Come on, Sam. I could have made that one a lot raunchier. There are.. a lot of things I’d like to do to your brother. Accept it and we can move on.”

Sam drops back onto his pillow, facing the ceiling. “Yeah, but that’d be lying.”

Castiel watches him for a second, trying to figure out if Sam is bluffing or not. Because Cas has a lot of older brothers, and if this is a reference to the time Lucian had declared angrily that he might as well take Sam to prom, Castiel is going up-fucking-stairs because he doesn’t need any more of Sam’s jokes tonight. He’s trying to win a game of ‘never have I ever’ and he’s too sleepy to care about much else.

Castiel hunches forward, resting his elbows on his knees and his chin on his hands. “Would you care to explain that statement?”

Sam sighs visibly and rolls over to face his best friend, propping himself up with his elbows. “So, I think I’m in love with your brother.” Dead-panning? Referencing Lucian again? Or is he genuinely… interested in one of Castiel’s dumb older brothers?

"Which one?” Castiel whispers questioningly.

Sam doesn’t even answer, the moron, he just drops his head to his pillow and giggles like it’s the funniest question he’s ever heard, and Castiel, watching him, ends up stifling his own laughter as well, hand clapped over his mouth.

As they start recovering, Castiel whispers more insistantly, “No, seriously. Who are you talking about here?” Somehow his seriousness sets Sam off again, because he can’t even lift his head from his pillow this time. “Dammit, Sam, look at you.”

“I’s late,” Sam gasps out as best as he can, the aftershocks of his laughing fit still in effect. “Cas. Cas, you like my brother, right?”

Castiel sighs- he just wants to know which brother he should make inappropriate comments about in front of Sam, which brother he should be purposefully seating Sam next to when Sam comes over for dinner, which brother to ‘accidentally’ have walk in when Sam’s half-naked. He honestly doesn’t know- Michael’s a real looker, Lucian has that long running gag about Sam and prom, and Raphael is freakishly intelligent, which he knows Sam loves.

"Yes, I like your older brother, Sam. I would just like to-”

Which one?” Sam whispers, then bursts back into hysterical giggles.

Castiel grabs his pillow and physically whumps it onto Sam’s back, but it does nothing. Sam is too far gone. “I hate you, Sam,” he whispers, but the grin is obvious is his voice.

Sam finally pulls himself together and rolls over to look at Castiel again. “I mean it, though. I… have a really dumb, pointless crush on Gabriel.” Gabriel? As in the wildly inappropriate, snarky, messy, devious trainwreck of a brother? That was the one Sam was interested in?

“I thought you’d pick up on it and never let me live it down, honestly,” Sam says softly. “Because it’s been forever, and… I really, really like him. I know you’re never gonna let me hear the end of it, but… if you could not tell anyone, I’d appreciate it.”

Castiel nods, then flops down on his own sleeping bag, head nearly hitting the floor because there isn’t any pillow there any more. “I certainly learned something tonight.”

Sam smiles sheepishly. “I’m in love with your brother.”

“Same,” Castiel sighs, and somehow that’s all it takes to send them both back over the edge into fitful, belly-aching laughter.

The fact that Sam now doodles “Sam Novak” on the edges of his sketchpad does nothing to help stop the “Sam and Cas are dating” rumor. 

Maybe more people in this school could stand to ask which one.

Request: Undone

Request: Hello. I was wondering if you could do a SamxReader based off of the song undone by Haley Reinhart? Thank you so much!!!

Word Count: 940

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

PS. The song made me cry like a baby. I hope you’re happy :p

Yet again, you find yourself staring at the bottom of a bottle. The burn of alcohol still tingles at your tongue and you sigh, wishing that it had some kind of effect.

You were told it was going to make the feelings go away, but you’re just a mess of muddled, swirling thoughts and feelings and memories – no different than you were three hours ago.

Y/N, I need you to listen to me.” Sam pleads, “You have to understand-”

“You’re too stubborn to make this work.” You hiss, rage blazing through every fibre of your body. You’ve never been so angry in your life.

You stumble over to the bag on the bed, digging through it in hopes of another bottle. No such look, and you’re left with nothing but your thoughts for company.

“It’s not about being stubborn. It’s about keeping you safe because I love you.”

“If you loved me at all, you’d… you’d stay.”

“Don’t, Y/N.”

“Don’t go, then.”
Lying back on the bed, your eyes fixate on a small speck of black on the otherwise bland alabaster ceiling. You sigh, closing your eyes.

Bad idea. Your mind floods with images of him. Laughing, crying, smiling, talking, reading. Everything.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

“You made it harder.” You choke back a sob, “What happened to forever?”

He looks at you sadly, his eyes brimming with tears that he won’t shed until later, when you can’t see. You know, though.

“Everything happened.”

Where does love go when it’s gone? Does it ever really leave at all? Or does it somehow transfer into other emotions? The fear, anger; sadness. Does that use up the love that once took up such a huge place in your heart? One day, will the cavity replenish itself with fondness? Bitterness?

“See that one up there?”

“Sam, there are billions of them.” You giggle, looking over at him. Your hand wanders over the dewy grass to find his own, and you lace your fingers with his.

“That one. Straight up there, the bright one.”

“Uh… yeah, I see you.” You follow the direction he’s pointing in, grinning.

“That’s our star.” He whispers, “So if we’re ever apart, you look up and so will I, and it can be like we’re together.”

It’s so dark outside; streetlights left off to conserve power in a small town like this. But the star burns bright still, like nothing has ever happened.


“Sam, get your ass back in here. You’ll catch your death.” Dean yells from the warmth of the motel room. His younger brother doesn’t answer, however, still lying on the hood of the Impala and staring at the sky.

Dean hauls himself to his feet and storms out, flinging the door open.


Still, no answer. Dean walks around, hopping up on the hood alongside his brother.

“What you lookin’ at?”

“It was ours,” Sam whispers.

“You and Y/N?” He asks, prompting a nod from his brother. Dean notices the clear tear-tracks down his cheeks and sighs, lying back against the windscreen miserably. Sure, you’d been with Sam, but you were his friend too. His sister in all but blood. He misses you too – the last week has been pure torture for him. It’s been lonely without your laughter and cheerful teasing; your jokes and your reassurances. There’s an empty space in the family now.

“Oh, come on, Sammy. Just call her.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“She hates me.” He whispers into the night, your words coming back to him.

“I don’t know why I ever bothered loving you, Sam Winchester.” You hiss, your words burdened with unshed tears and anger, “I should have known you’d be so pig-headed and pathetic.”

“No she doesn’t.” Dean states, “She couldn’t hate you.”

“You didn’t hear how she was talking, Dean.” Sam whispers, wiping away tears, “You couldn’t know. She hates me. I could die tomorrow and she wouldn’t care.”

“Not true.” Dean dismisses him, “You were perfect together, okay? I don’t know your reasoning behind all of this and honestly, I don’t care. The fact is, you’ve lost the love of your life and I’ve lost my best friend because of it.”

A shot of guilt rockets through Sam and he sighs, sliding off of the car.

“Tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

“I can’t.”


“I thought you said you wouldn’t be calling.” You say as soon as the ringing stops. Sam is silent, and you can’t even hear him breathing.

“I know. I lied.”

“Like you did about loving me?”

“Y/N, please.” He whispers, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what? Don’t leave you? Don’t kick you out of the only family you’ve ever known?” You hiss, raking a hand through your hair, “Sam-”

“I was wrong!” He bursts out, “I was so, so wrong Y/N. I don’t… I do… I love you, okay? I always have and I always will. I was trying to keep you safe but… safe is… I don’t know what safe is.”

“Sam, are you drunk?”


“Then get your ass down here so I can… I don’t know. Kick you, kill you, or kiss you. One or the other.” You find yourself laughing, despite the tears running down your face. After reeling off the location, you hang up, your head spinning. Maybe it’s the alcohol, or maybe it’s just hope, but you know one thing.

You thought it was the end, but now you realise… it’s just another beginning.

So I noticed something in 'Swan Song'...

Apologies, cause this will be long and ramble-y….

I know there’s been a lot of theories in the past about who exactly was in control of Sam’s body when they jumped into the pit, and I agree with the general idea, though when exactly (or if ever) Sam regains control and how are another issue…

But that’s not the point of this post. The point is, there was always one moment in Swan Song I couldn’t work out.

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content: It’s confession time … but Dean honestly didn’t expect that!

word count: 994

“Dean, I need to confess something.”

Dean blinks, trying to keep his eyes open. They’re sitting on the bed in front of the TV since Castiel wanted to watch some documentary about rhinoceroses and Dean couldn’t say no to those big blue eyes. So he listened to the speaker’s soothing voice for about half an hour and managed to stay awake just barely.

He just isn’t that interested in those animal’s reproduction like the angel is.

(And he actually isn’t quite sure the documentary is about rhinos anyway. It could be about dinosaurs for all Dean knows.)

“What is it, Cas?” Dean suppresses a yawn.

“Do you remember the argument we had five years ago?” Castiel asks with his patented serious expression.

Dean frowns confused.


Five years ago?”

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caeillian  asked:

Hey! There's one thing I wanted to ask you about Misha's statement that Cas doesn't feel loved and that he's about to do a very bad decision, deal with the devil, etc. I can't quite grasp why Cas doesn't feel loved, at least by Sam and Dean - I mean with the Darkness on the run and his PTSD-like behavior, clearly everything isn't at it's best now. But just at the end of season 10 he said that both boys are like a family to him, and after he was cursed, they did everything to cure him (especially

Dean with his hands-on approach, if you know what I mean!). Okay, they had that argument at the end of 11x06, but all of that together, I don’t really see why Cas should feel so unloved in this situation right now. Or am I missing something important here? - Greetings!

Hello! And thank you for asking! I mean, thanks for asking me anything at all, because I don’t know how relevant my answer is going to be, but I’ll do my best. I like answering questions. I’m the nerd whose favorite part of school was taking tests. :D

As far as Castiel’s current mental status, and why he’s possibly feeling uncertain about his standing with the Winchesters, I think a lot of that comes back around to his PTSD. And I’m not even calling it PTSD-like. It’s PTSD.

Not that Sam and Dean don’t deal with it themselves on a constant basis, but learning to cope with this sort of trauma is relatively new for Cas. He may have suffered with it in the past, but he’d always been sent back for the sort of “reprogramming” we saw Naomi administering back in s8. His eons of awful memories were wiped away in the past. Naomi implied that he’d done many horrible things (like slaughtering the first born sons of Egypt), that he had no memory of due to his constant need for reprogramming.

Even when he was human in s9, and had suffered greatly, he was able to eventually pull himself out of his funk and get back up on his own feet (and then got some of his mojo back by stealing another angel’s grace). I think he was hoping that getting his own grace back would’ve helped that same way, but as all the angels have been telling him for more than a year now, when they look at him they don’t see an angel anymore. I think his own grace is fundamentally changed from what it was when we first met him back in s4. It’s not just the “human” part of Cas that’s grown, but the part of him that is his grace has also been changed by his experiences and emotions. And no one’s around to reprogram him anymore, which I’m glad about at any rate.

Now, he’s not only cut off from all his “family” in Heaven, he’s also feeling the crushing weight of what he’d done while under the attack dog spell, he’s been called useless by angels, told YET AGAIN that he’s not one of them, watched his only ally and friend left in Heaven die trying to help him the only way they could (rip Hannah we will miss you), and then killed three other angels to save himself. And nearly killed an innocent human woman, before then nearly killing Dean. Again.

On top of that, add the layer of guilt for lying to and essentially betraying Dean all last season while they were looking for a cure for the Mark. When he found out his actions helped release the Darkness, I can only imagine that took away 90% of the joy out of having learned that Dean was “cured.”

There were a nice couple of episodes in there where Dean and Sam actually seemed to be trying to help him recover. They tucked him into the bunker, helped him try to locate his car, involved him in hunts however indirectly (over the phone in 11.04), and introduced him to the joy of Netflix and cozy blankets.

The Winchesters have been dealing with mental and emotional trauma their whole lives. And yeah, they fit a lot of the classic signs of PTSD (nightmares, sleep disturbances, depression, self-destructive behavior, anger, emotional detachment, etc.), but that’s any given Tuesday for them. They may not be shining beacons of mental health, but they’re numb to it enough to keep on soldiering on. For Cas? This isn’t supposed to be happening to him. He’s supposed to be an angel of the Lord. He’s floundering.

While it’s great that Dean and Sam have been trying to encourage him to rest, recuperate, and heal back at the bunker, Cas has sort of taken that too far. It was cute when he was watching OITNB and The Wire, but now he’s watching infomercials and Jenny Jones reruns… and I’m scared for him. He looks like me at the depths of a bad depression. It’s not cute anymore.

And then he goes to try to help Sam and Dean when they call for him in 11.06, when just reaching for the doorknob out of the bunker gives him such a severe flashback that he’s paralyzed with fear and self-doubt. The only thing that gets him moving is a lead on Metatron’s whereabouts. Metatron being one of the only possible beings that can help him, both with the Darkness and the angels’ problems in Heaven.

What Metatron tells him, essentially, feeds right back in to all of his doubts. He’s not welcome in Heaven anymore. He’s only with the Winchesters as long as he’s useful to them. They’ll kick him to the curb again just as soon as he fails them, like he always fails. Sure he puts on a front for Metatron, claiming that his words don’t have any power over him, but in that weird way Metraton seems to have, we know his words hit right at the heart of Castiel’s doubts and fears. And then he leaves Metatron “in traction,” so he obviously beat him to within an inch of his life. Yikes.

So even if Sam, and especially Dean, are showing as much care for him as they know how to in the midst of an all-hands-on-deck crisis situation, there’s still a lot of unresolved tension going back to before Dean was cured of the Mark (oh my heart do I even need to mention what?), everything that Cas has been through this season, and the fact that he now seems to have been sidelined to sifting through ancient libraries looking for lore on the Darkness.

For reasons obvious to us, Dean’s not going to want to let Cas get within ten miles of Amara after watching her dissolve three angels without blinking. Dean’s also suffering his own dissociative issues about the effect Amara seems to have on him, as well as his apparent inability to hurt her (at least she doesn’t seem to be able to hurt him, either, which yay, I guess?).

Cas was not consulted about following up on Sam’s visions about having a chat with Lucifer. I think he’s going to be incredibly disappointed in both Sam and Dean about that. Not only wasn’t he consulted, but he was very conspicuously not even MENTIONED in the episode, despite the fact we know he’s one of the few beings on the planet who’s ever even SEEN the cage in person, and might’ve been able to find something out about Sam’s visions without putting Sam directly at risk. Who knows? But I feel his complete absence in the episode was deliberate. It’s going to be important when he meets up with Dean again.

While I was hoping all of this would come to a head and Dean and Cas would get a five minute break to hash out their crap, this is Supernatural, so I imagine they’ll only have enough time to do a basic, “You okay?” “Yeah, fine.” kind of exchange that they’ve been settling for in the last little while. I think Dean’s going to catch Cas up on the situation with Amara, and then the potential situation with Sam.

According to the plot synopsis that just came out for 11.10, Sam’s going to be busy trying to avoid paying a “steep price” for Lucifer’s aid, while Dean and Cas are trying to figure out if that laser beam from Heaven could’ve killed Amara. Being that this is a synopsis, I’m assuming that’ll cover about half of the first segment of the episode.

So, yes, Dean and Cas will be working together, which means that, yes, Cas knows Dean trusts and cares for him. BUT! With Sam trapped in the cage with Lucifer AGAIN, I think Dean’s gonna flip out. Again. and Cas is gonna do the sad nod lip pout and volunteer to throw himself on the pyre in order to save Sam. AGAIN. Even if that’s not what Dean would want (I’ll say it again: the doofuses REALLY need to talk to each other). Cas is at such a low point, and he KNOWS how much Sam means to Dean.

I don’t think he feels entirely unloved, but depression lies, and he is clearly and unequivocally depressed right now. He needs Dean to spell it out for him, that yes, he’d do practically anything to save Sam, but he’d also do practically anything to save Cas. And Dean’s proved it to US several times already this season (how much of his argument with Sam in 11.01 was about getting out of that hospital because they needed to save Cas? How many other times has Dean gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure Cas was safe?) He just needs to prove it to CAS.

Sadly, I think Cas’s actions over the next couple of episodes might very well give Dean that chance.

On the up side, that’s probably give us another opportunity for these idjits to actually talk to each other honestly, and hopefully just freaking kiss already dammit.

And yeah, he really does believe that Sam and Dean are like family to him, but he’s also given up armies for them, made deals with Crowley for them, taken on the souls of Purgatory for them, fallen from Heaven for them, etc. etc. etc. In the state of mind he’s in right now, It’s not a stretch to think he’d be willing to throw himself on yet another grenade for them, no matter how loved he feels. He might understand that they care for him, but I don’t think he realizes how much his loss would wreck the both of them. Especially Dean.

I hope he’s about to find out. And that everyone doesn’t suffer too much in the mean time. :/

So, thank you for asking me a question! As much as it hurts to think about Cas in this state, there is a tiny silver lining around this whole cloud of Darkness. I hope this actually addressed your question in some way. I think I may have rambled just a bit. Sorry it took so long to answer, and greetings to you, too! :)

Cas' First 4th of July

((Not my best work, apologies. Destiel-ish bunker!fic))

*Boom* A loud sound shook the bunker, causing Cas to jump from where he was sitting in the Men of Letters’ library. Sam and Dean both glanced up at the angel.

“Um, Cas, you okay?” Sam asked.

“What was that?” Cas asked frantically. His eyes darted around the room in terror. Another boom sounded from outside and this time, the angel was on his feet and his angel blade was drawn.

Dean exchanged a look with his brother and they both fought to hold back their laughter at the fact that the angel didn’t know about fireworks. “It’s okay, buddy,” Dean reassured Cas as he stood and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Wanna check it out? Think that’ll make you feel better.”

Castiel squinted his eyes at the hunter. “Dean, we could be under attack. The angels must have finally located me and now we’re all endangered.”

“Trust me, everything’s okay,” Dean responded. “C'mon,” he instructed as he began pulling Cas to the door. Sam trailed behind them, stifling his laughter at the comedic sight.

Dean opened the bunker door and lead his companions outside. Another loud sound echoed around them and Cas positioned himself in a defensive stance. “It’s okay, man, look,” Dean said as he pointed to the sky.

Against the dark canvas of night, colours exploded everywhere. A red light flew up into the sky, then popped and made flickering lines streak down. A white light sizzled and expanded into the shape of a star. Dean glanced over to his angel and his brother, both of them had looks of pure awe on their faces. A thought occurred to the hunter then, he grabbed Cas’ hand, and began running up the hill of the bunker. The angel’s trenchcoat flapped in the warm July air as he chased after his human. 

Sam followed them in long strides, finally stopping and gasping, “Dean, what the hell are you doing?”

“Fireworks, Sammy! We needed a better view of Independence Day,” he grinned happily. The last time he’d gotten to enjoy fireworks was in 1996, a really long time ago in his book. Flicking his eyes to the angel next to him, Dean saw delight and confusion mix on his face. A green firework lit Cas’ face and highlighted the stubble on his jaw. The next one, a blue one, brought out Cas’ eyes that were shaded in the dark of the night. ‘Fuck, he’s beautiful,’ Dean thought as he dropped Cas’ hand when he became painfully conscious that he was still holding it. He shuffled his feet awkwardly and looked at Sam. His kid brother was smiling wide as the explosions made his face glow. Even his ridiculously long hair flowing in the wind made Dean happy– Sammy seemed happy for once in a long ass time.

Sam could see the blush on his brother’s face, even in the light of the fireworks. He nudged Dean, “Just kiss him already, idiot.”

Dean’s eyes widened. “Dude, no.”

“Dude, yes,” Sam rolled his eyes. “I’m sick of the eye fucking,” he added. Dean looked mortified and Sam couldn’t help but laugh that he’d finally been the one to put that expression on his brother’s face rather than vise versa.

Dean glared at Sam, mentally killing him repeatedly. Honestly, he’d rather the geek find out about Rhonda Hurley before he found out about how Dean felt for Cas. Sam smirked at something and Dean went in the defensive when a voice intruded on his thoughts, 'So it’s true, what all the angels and demons agreed on. You love me.’

Dean blanched when he recognized the voice: it came from the angel behind him. Shit. He’d forgotten that Cas was a fricking angel and could get in his head. That’s probably what Sam was laughing at now, the tall fucker probably invited Cas into their conversation.

'Wrong. I’m an angel, you ass, I have good hearing,’ came the voice again.

“Sonovabitch,” Dean growled. Sam looked beyond amused and the older hunter couldn’t bring himself to turn around and face his angel.

“Do it,” Sam whispered, then turned away. “I’m gonna go get some beers. I think we’ve all earned it,” he announced and began trudging down the hill. 

'Look at me, Dean.’

“Dammit, Cas,” Dean muttered when he met the angel’s eyes, “I’m sorry you heard that.”

Castiel shook his head slightly. 'Don’t apologize for your feeling, Dean.’

“You’re a damn angel of The Lord, man. I shouldn’t have feeling like that for you,” he dropped his gaze to the ground. “I understand if you’re weirded out or something.”


“No what?” Dean lifted his eyes questioningly. 

Then Castiel’s hand was cupped under Dean’s chin, pulling the hunters lips to his own. Dean hesitantly brought his own calloused hand up to the angel’s cheek and brushed it softly against his stubble. Their lips melded together in a perfect fit of chapped lips and stubble against stubble.

Sam walked back out of the bunker, beers in hand, and was climbing the hill again when he saw his brother and the angel finally kissing each other. Sure it was awkward, but at least now they had it in the open. Behind them, a red firework exploded in the shape of a heart and Sam couldn’t help but laugh at the cliche, cheesy coincidence.

Why I'm not worried about Cas/Hannah

I logged on to a dash full of hate when I finished the episode tonight. Yes, I saw the preview for next week. Yes, I saw Dean kissing someone, and Cas kissing Hannah.

And no, it’s not the end for Destiel.

So what if Dean and Cas kissed other people? Dean is still blissfully unaware that Cas is in love with him, and probably hasn’t even admitted he’s in love with Cas to himself yet. Cas, on the other hand, is feeling human urges and needs, and can’t exactly go to the person he loves, because he doesn’t think Dean will reciprocate.

Guys, it’s a romantic trope. The two people in love hook up with other people because they’re unaware the other cares for them. Relax, and look at the positives of tonight’s episode and the preview.

  • The showrunners named a character Collette, whom we know is the name of the woman who saved Cain from the mark, and who has been compared to Cas numerous times. They wanted to remind us that Dean still needs saving by his own Collette.
  • Dean has a dating profile, which could be just a way to track down suspects in a case, or he could honestly be looking to settle down.
  • Cas is human enough to want physical companionship, though I do believe he and Hannah are going to realize it’s a mistake (and seriously gross from my perspective because, hello, siblings).
  • Dean calling the preppy guy Izod, then physically touching him, something Sam didn’t do at all throughout the episode. Izod was a popular brand for preppy and rich kids into the 80s, and it’s odd that Dean would know that, since we have always assumed he wasn’t into fashion. But in the same episode, he corrected the Izod guy’s assumption of the material of his shirt. Not that being male and liking fashion automatically makes you gay or bi, but it’s an interesting topic for the writers to have Dean discuss, especially given the stereotype that goes with it.
  • The horny older woman calling Dean and Sam gay. Yes, it was meant to be derogatory. But coming fresh off an episode where Dean’s sexuality and relationship with Cas was explored in Fanfiction, it would surely catch the attention of even a casual viewer. Why mention it at all unless you want attention called to it?
  • The suit of armor. Look, every scene in a show is planned out, down to the length of time. Shows have limited time to tell a story, so every part must be important for it. Wanek does a beautiful job including props and background materials that are relevant. So why waste show time having Dean screwing around with a suit of armor? Because it tells us something. It tells us that what someone looks like on the outside isn’t what they really are. Dean even opened the headpiece to look inside. It’s a suit of armor: from the outside it appears to be a soldier, a toughened warrior. But open it up and what’s inside isn’t what you expected. Maybe I’m reading too much into that particular scene, but Sam was upstairs at one point as well, and he didn’t touch it.

There’s a whole story being told here, fandom. It isn’t just about a kiss. I’ll never understand why some of us are so quick to analyze every glance between Dean and Cas and KNOW there’s something there, but see one kiss and think all hopes are dashed.

Relax, enjoy the story. Everyone has to have some mistakes before they end up with the right person. Otherwise, how would they be able to appreciate them? Don’t let one kiss, which we don’t even know the story behind yet, erase everything else the writers and set designers are telling you, and have told you, about Cas and Dean’s feelings for each other. We’ve seen it.

We’ve all seen it. Have some faith. And, at the very end of the last scene in the last season, it turns out we’ve been queerbaited, then we can complain, THEN we can get angry. Not now. And never toward the actors, who are just doing their jobs.

As for the Cas/Hannah kiss? Well, what’s one kiss when you compare it to everything we’ve seen between Dean and Cas?

Set my heart racing

Prompt from captainswannl29:  I want to seeeee…casual gym encounters that lead to an unspoken but fiercely competitive rivalry.

Oh, Krystal, this is what happens when I write a prompt after drinking too much.

A little bit of Captain Swan AU at a gym that borders on (if not crossing completely into) crack!fic.  I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not.

Killian sits down in the uncomfortable looking chair opposite the sleek minimalist desk with a huff. “Is this really necessary?”

“Unfortunately, it is, Mr. Jones,” the other man replies. According to the Storybrooke Fitness name tag pinned to his crisp polo shirt, this poncy pretty boy is apparently ‘Sam’ and an assistant manager. “Since there was an injury involving our gym’s equipment, we have to make a report to submit to the insurance company.”

Killian sighs and scrubs a hand down his face in annoyance. “Very well then, let’s get on with it.”

Sam nods and shuffles some papers on the desk until he finds the proper form.  He picks up a pen, and looks up at Killian.  “Okay, Mr. Jones. For insurance purposes, please tell us what happened in your own words.”

Killian leans back in his chair and crosses his arms over his chest. “Well, to begin with, she started it.”


Emma hobbles to the indicated chair in an identical office two doors down from where Killian is presently being interviewed.  “I promise I have no intention of suing you guys.  Can’t I just sign a release or something and go home?”

Her pleading eyes and plaintive tone go unheeded by the muscle-bound gym manager - ‘Dean’ according to his name tag. “I’m afraid not, Miss Swan.  You were on one of our treadmills when you hurt your ankle, so I’ll need to fill out this accident report for our insurance provider.”  

He smiles at her in what she supposes he thinks is a charming manner, but she’s had her fill of attempted charm today, and just wants to get the hell out of here.  “Fine,” she huffs. “Let’s get this over with.”

Dean nods, his pen poised over the officious paperwork.  “Alright, Miss Swan, just tell us what happened in your own words.”

“Well, to begin with, he started it. Wait.”  Emma pauses, leaning forward in her chair suddenly and pointing an angry finger at no one in particular.  “Did that jackass tell you I started it?”

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Fresh Start

Request: So I was wondering if you could do a fic about a girl in high school who is told that her parents died while she was in class, and she has no relatives, so she lives on her own for a while. But then Dean shows up and tells her that the deaths were supernatural, so she helps him solve the case…(rest spoils it)

Pairing: None, Sam and Dean are like older brothers

Word Count: 2159 (holy fuck)

Warnings: None

Tagging: The Pond @spnfanficpond

A/N: You have seen my extreme fluff in Family of His Own. Here is the opposite… extreme angst. Also, I am going to be a beta reader, so send me an ask and I will be more than willing to read your writing and edit!

Okay guys…Enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

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Is Sam too selfless?

I got a submission from the amazing @keiuolari​, who addressed the problem of whether Sam’s selflessness and self-sacrifice may be doing him more harm than good. This paragraph really hit home (full message and my rambling response under the cut):

[I]s there such a thing as being too accepting, too understanding and accommodating? Where’s that line, between giving unwavering support because you’re a strong, selfless, amazing person, and giving unwavering support because you’ve decided that you just don’t matter as much as your brother? 

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