Hondo City Law

The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle; A Dredd fanmix From the 80s ‘till now: Part 1.5 Interlude for the spin off Scripts. Below are the strips, the songs, and the characters associated, this will include Hondo City Law, Judge Anderson’s Dance Mix, The Low Life and Shimura.

Part 1

(Hondo City Law/Aiko and Shimura battle Touka) Carpenter Brut - Mandarin’s Claws

(The Low Life/Nixon’s Metal Fist) Noir Deco - Escape with Snake Plissken

(Shimura/Ronin Judge) Mitch Murder - Power Move

(Hondo City Law/Think Bad Thoughts Junko) Satellite Young - Sniper Rogue

(Shimura/Versus the Dragon Lord) Mitch Murder - Enter The Fury

(Shimura/The Network) Protector 101 - Fighting Spirit

(The Low Life/Nixon And Frank) Robert Tepper - Angel Of The City

(The Low Life/Frank’s Task/Aimee’s missing) Atrey - DArk Prince (Fatal Cut)

(Hondo City Law/Inaba/Toughes Girl in the Department) Freeweights - Lightweight

(The Low Life/Dirty Frank/”Justice”) Street Cleaner - Skyline

(Hondo City Law/Shimura, Inaba and Dredd VS Stan Lee) d.notive - Streets of Passion

Bonus! Judge Anderson’s Dance Mix!

Robots With Rayguns -Change of Heart

Robots With Rayguns - Bedhead

Robots With Rayguns - Sugarbaby

Love De-luxe - Here comes that sound again

Vivien Vee - Remember

Nanidato - Disco Lady

(When Anderson Thinks of Mikhail) 80s Stallone - The End

Groovy Godzilla - Space Dandy

Mystery Skulls - Freaking Out

Castle Carousel - +1

Fat Larry’s Band - Act like You know

Whispers - And the Beat Goes on

Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Chanson - Don’t Hold Back

Vitalic - Poison Lips

Vitalic - Second Lives