We’ve pushed the limits of the all-new 2015 Honda Fit in a top-secret advanced driving course. See for yourself.


As I drove to work this morning I was going trough an intersection and literally saw my life flash before my eyes.  It was the most terrifying accident.  I was tboned by a man who was driving a truck and who ran a red light.  I was taken as a trauma patient to Memorial Hospital where a serious reality check hit me.  I was so thankful and so unbelievably lucky to be alive.  I truly have been blessed by an angel.  

Everyone who knows me knows I am not the religious type, but I think a disasterous experience like that changes a person.  Everything became so clear, and it definitely wasnt my time to go. 

Someone was watching over me.

But my review of a Honda Fit:

Side airbags saved my life.  The car as literally crushed in and would of crushed me, but those air bags were the life saver.  I would recommend a Honda to any one.  And  will seriously thank my grandfather for making sure the safety rating was a five star rating.  Life is precious.

Thank you for all your prayers <3