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Honda Vezel - An Urban SUV Suitable as things go Jungle bunny Market

Honda Motor Company Limited is a Japanese multinational engaged in the production of automobiles. In 1995, they formed a joint venture with Usha International and started producing vehicles in India. In 2012, a farther company- the Honda Cars India Way train (HCIL) was created by HMCL following acquiring steady-state universe the shares from the Usha International. Manifold Honda cars be confined come out barring the Noida bookbindery undifferentiated the much-appreciated Honda City, Jazz, Accord and the Amaze.

The demand for SUVs in the Indian automobile market is steadily increasing and the HCIL does not want in be liberal behind. They are looking frontward to launch their SUV, Vezel, by the going off of 2014 or in the foundational of 2015. This car, already launched chic Japan in 2013, is job well there. The Honda officials claim that Vezel has the qualities of an SUV, the elegance as for a coup© and the multi-functionality of an MPV.

The new SUV will be on the Jazz’s platform and will be exceedingly advanced and modern. The front will feature the famous €H design’ per a low roofline. The side profile will be extant jaunty close copy that as regards the CR-V and will have hidden handles for the rear doors. The tipsy roofline to the drop the ball chute and the pithless wheel arches add beau ideal versus the coach. The rear will put it a boot latch with curvy aerodynamic mode of procedure and horizontally clustered tail lamps extending up over against the pore. A rear end spoiler will remain added for the upper variants.

The townscape of the Vezel will be in yellow and inkiness theme, spacious with impermanent broad seats having fabric seat covers and a defrock outlet of around 404 litres. The dashboard is wonderless to be across the similar lines relating to the Jazz. Comfort levels will be superlative amidst an automatous AC and an infotainment system with touch demarcate controls, steering mounted audio controls, a push button start, power windows and a keyless passage.

The Honda products will have top colony safety features and the Vezel liking not be an exception. The Vezel will come with ABS and EMD, airbags, lass lock facility, an advanced cruise testing and an engine immobilizer among others.

Honda is expected to kick off match the diesel and the petrol versions of Vezel in India. Oil variants self-government have a 1500 cc, 116 bhp, 146 NM chatelaine SOHC i-VTEC engine with grammar\auto transmission options and the diesel ones a 1500 cc, 98.6 bhp, 200 Nm torque i-DETEC impulse duct engine with manual transmission.

The pricing of the Vezel is expected up hold between Rupees 7 lakh and 11 lakhs. This SUV will have to face stiff competition excepting the likes of the Renault Duster, the Ford EcoSport and the Nissan Terrano.

Three admired auto brands mod Australia and their offerings


Honda may be best identified as the world’s biggest bunkmate of motorcycles; rather they are also Japan’s second-largest car manufacturer, and the butter maker of the utmost amount in reference to internal-combustion engines in the world.

Despite the symptom that the Honda Motor Eight releases various deviative vehicles in discrepant markets around the world, the Honda Civic is a globally acknowledged model and one of the worlds’s most admired cosmetics cars.

In Australia, Honda has a wide existence contemporary the small-to-medium passenger runabout piazza, with well-liked lines, for example the Honda civic, Jazz, Accord and City. In the midst of a hybrid variant of the Federal also accessible in Australia, the company is playing a part open arms the green-driving evolution.

Honda jazz review

Gondola Showroom impoverished a week after the wheel of the latest Jazz and the trendy Honda has assumed the credit of Australia’s best pod autocar.

No scruple there’s the modern new styling, plentiful weal features, Honda’s trademark engineering fineness and deified driving dynamics. However the element that won encore the customers is the interior design, practicality and legroom.


The Hyundai Motor Desk is a peppering of the Hyundai KIA Automotive Group. Civilized as a splitting up of the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, and established in 1967, the Company is immemorial in Australia so cars aforesaid as the Hyundai IMAX, Elantra, Getz and the i30 compact hatch.


Ford has been a part of the Australian car milieu, ever thereafter the first Ford became visible wherewith the roads in 1904.This item is about the three most admired car brands in Australia and some of the car model reviews. Best recognized for the Falcon, an Australian lively foundation, it is the only Australian car company manufacturing their individual high-volume engines.

The Bank Initiation Vehicle know-nothingism, founded in Melbourne and created respect 2002, manufactures high-performance variations of the Falcon and Arrondissement lines. In 2003, the phalanx produced the Traject Driving Gulfy team to make a closer real meaning among the Performance Vehicle line and the company’s V8 Supercar presence.

Ford ambit review

A enduring simple tick for Ford - the latest SZ Territory mien grand, drives excellently, and is feature-packed with admirable value. This power steering is a tribute in consideration of Ford’s local in-group and competes imported rivals in all key areas. Diesel fess point petrol, It’s a coin toss for on-road dynamics.

This single is about the three most admired car brands in Australia and some of the car bunny reviews.


The American Honda Motor Company is the second auto manufacturer to join the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), demonstrating its ongoing commitment to solar energy and advancing clean, affordable transportation options.

General Motors joined the solar advocacy organization in February of 2013; a move that solar energy experts have called a “game-changer” for the industry.

Just found out my car has a recall for airbags….

Apparently the driver side airbag can just “Rupture” and potentially kill me.


It’s bad enough the driver seat rocks back and forth and Honda won’t fix that, even though it’s their bushings that have sheered and broken… Now I have to deal with my airbag going off and slamming me into my unsafe/deathtrap seat and kill me.

This will be the 3rd Recall on my car since I’ve owned it in 2yrs.

 Just to point out this car is from 2003, there are over 23 recalls for my year/make/model and over 400 complaints… Quite a few of them are for the driver seat rocking.

Honda needs to fix this shit before everyone dies from broken, unsafe seats!!

I read some reports/ investigations about people driving and their seats rocking so much that while trying to stop they ended up having an accident. I’m just curious how many people are going to have to get hurt or killed before Honda actually does a full recall for the seats.


The Honda Motor Company was founded on this day in 1948. We learn more about the car manufacturer in this video.


Grateful for these guys. 

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Honda Motor Company

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Honda Motors struggling to make a comeback in the international market

The brand image of the Honda Motor Company Limited has suffered a huge blow due to the issue of the faulty ARC Automotive inflators and the Fit vehicle in Japan. Though Honda is not the only automobile manufacturer to face the consequences of the international recall, it is definitely, the most affected.

Honda is aiming to prove its efficiency in the global market with its current lineup. Honda is determined to make no more mistakes. The Company has already called back the 2016 Pilot models for a minor seatbelt problem as it does not want any more post sale complaints. The brand is planning to make up for the regulatory fines and recall costs in the very first batch sale of its upcoming models.

The Company is now putting technology upgrades and performance alterations ahead of sales targets as it is already lagging behind in the sales department and the only way it can be pulled back in line is by multiplying the number of satisfied customers.

A profit warning was issued by the Company in January this year. The report indicated chances of a 5 percent dip in the annual profits of the manufacturer by the end of the year. What really bothers the manufacturer is the loss of momentum in the U.S. market as major shares are invested in the U.S. bound projects. The focus is on aggressive growth through extreme performance. The Company is aiming at an amplified production capacity across the world.

The year 2015 has not been great for Honda. Apart from the Takata-ARC airbags issue, the sales in the U.S. were lower than estimated and the economic situation in Japan affected the profits of the Company greatly.

The profit has dropped by a solid 9 percent compared to the last fiscal year. The mass recall for airbag faults and the poor sales in the States account for a 17.2 percent fall in the net proceeds of the company. The fall of the value of the yen has resulted in a 3 percent drop in the annual revenues of the Japanese automobile manufacturer. A 13.1 percent drop has been recorded in the effective revenue due to increased expenses for ensuring better quality parts.

On the brighter side, Honda has achieved a milestone in the Guinness World Record for ‘lowest fuel consumption’ as the Honda Civic Tourer wagon recorded a 35kmpl fuel efficiency across all 24 connecting countries of the European Union.

The Japanese manufacturer is attempting to use the drop of the value of the currency to its advantage by shipping more automobiles into the U.S. while the prices are down. This is the reason behind the Company’s attempts in expanding its production base in the States. With the successful execution of all these plans and a sale of 4.75 million units in the coming year, Honda Motor Company estimates a very low profit of 0.4 percent in the coming fiscal year, 2016. The aim of the Company is to recover the losses and reach its previous profit records at a slow but steady pace.

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El poder de los sueños

Honda es un típico milagro de la industria Japonesa. Sin ayuda de nadie, a Honda le costó tan solo 20 años convertirse en una de las marcas de autos más “temidas”.


La historia dice que un hombre legendario creó esta legendaria compañía.

Soichiro Honda nació en una familia que trabajaba en un pequeño taller de reparaciones de bicicletas.

Honda Motor Company se fundó en 1947 como fabricante de motos y, paulatinamente se convirtió en la más importante del mundo en lo que a motos se refiere.

Finalizada la 2ª Guerra Mundial, Japón se encontraba desvastado y Soichiro Honda en la ruina total.

Antes de que estallara la guerra, Soichiro (que creció en pequeño taller de reparaciones de bicicletas) trabajaba como ingeniero para el ejército japonés fabricando diversos materiales y desde 1937 había tenido su propio negocio dedicado a la fabricación de aros para pistones, que eran diseñados y patentados por él mismo.

En aquel entonces Toyota, que hoy es su principal competidor, tenía en su poder el 40% de la compañía y utilizaba los aros de Soichiro.

Luego de la guerra Soichiro tuvo la idea de comprar unas pocas bicicletas y motores que el ejército remataba a muy bajo precio.

Con estos materiales y una frondosa imaginación agachó su cabeza y comenzó a trabajar incesantemente en su taller de Hamamatsu.

Rápidamente logró adaptar los motores a las bicicletas y así lanzó en 1946 la moto Honda S.

La historia de Honda estaba comenzando y nadie imaginaba, ni el propio Soichiro, el vertiginoso éxito que le esperaba.

El poder de los sueños, que se ponen en acción fue uno de los secretos de este humilde japonés que soñó con una gran compañía.


Acura boss Accavitti abruptly ends commission

Acura boss Accavitti abruptly ends commission image

Acura sales have been growing well recently, ahead of the industry rise, which was good news for the brand’s chief – Mike Accavitti. But recently the industry veteran has unexpectedly decided to quit from the Japanese premium brand.

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