me re -watching merlin
  • Merlin 1x01:arthur is a royal pain in my ass omg i do not care if he dies, i will even help kill him!!! lol
  • Arthur 1x01:merlin is so stupid omg he is the worst i don't need a servant boy father pls
  • Merlin 1x02:omg valiant is going to kill arthur!!!1!1 i have to save him or he'll die.
  • Arthur 1x02:father i trust merlin with everything even if it means defying a fellow knight on the word of my servant boy
  • Merlin 1x04:arthur no omg do not drink from that cup beynard gave you, it is poison, i will drink it and nearly die for you!!!
  • Arthur 1x04:merlin's life is not worthless father and i will make a super dangerous and long journey to find the cure for merlin's recovery whether you like it or not!!!
  • Me:that went from 0 to hella gay real fast

People against gay rights be like: “It’s a man loving another man.” “It’s a woman loving another woman.” “It’s wrong!”

And I’m just here like: let me think about your arguments. Hmmm *taps chin* it’s a human being loving another human being… *gasps dramatically* how could I have been a supporter for the loving of other human beings?! *rolls eyes and walks away*

Here let me tell you something about my country:

at 7 February 2015 Slovakia held referendum with 3 questions:

1. Do you agree that only relationship between man and a woman should be called marriage and no other relationship ?

2. Do you agree that people of same gender should not be able to adopt children ?

3. Do you agree that schools can t teach children about sexual education or euthanasia if their parents disagree with it ?

This was followed by months and months of hateful campaign telling people how unnatural and disgusting homosexuals are, how children has it clear and want mom and dad, how children would be laughed at if they had parents of same gender, every homily in my local church was just about how inhuman homosexuals are and how everyone should take part in referendum and vote 3xYES for brighter future of our kids. Leaders of this propaganda was (sadly) church and alliance to protect family = they were handing out flyers, making billboards, TV adverts and were using other ways of inciting people against gay marriage.

 Even thought Slovakia’s economy is pretty shit we still had 6 millions Euro to organize this kind of movement. 

I personally was so sceptic as everyone i know have different opinion as i do, and my country is full of homophobic and racist people, so i assume this referendum would end as total win of traditional family supporters.


I found out that here are much more good tolerant people as i thought who supports human rights and i am so happy i was so wrong about people.

As we all know referendum is not elections so you have to have 50% participation or else it s gonna be invalid. AND GUESS WHAT ?! ONLY 21% people came there to vote that they are against gay marriage. Not even quarter ! There are just 21% of homophobes in here and they are mostly old people as statistic shows that only very little percent of young people participated and voted in referendum! There is still hope.

My country just  said that human rights are not something they would vote about and refuse to ban rights for marriage and kids for homosexual couples and im so proud.