Types of gay characters
  • used as a joke
  • killed off for no reason
  • not canon, just baiting
  • evil filthy villain that must be stopped by the Heroes, all of which are heterosexual 
  • side character that’s presented as stupid and annoying, doesn’t contribute to the plot, and just drags the other characters down
"I love oil sands" activist defends using photo of "two girls kissing" to promote oil
A pro-oil activist is doubling-down on a controversial Facebok meme that promotes Canadian oil on the grounds that Canadians think "lesbians are hot."

A pro-oil activist is doubling-down on a controversial Facebook Post that promotes Canadian oil on the grounds that Canadians think “lesbians are hot.”

In fact, Robbie Picard, former leader of the Fort McMurray and Edmonton “I Love Oil Sands” campaigns, blames the backlash on “straight, middle-class white guys” and adds that he’s “going to go on the record and say that all lesbians are hot.”

This even as Facebook commenters are slamming the imagery as sexist, xenophobic and something that would be marketed at “17 year old boys,” while the group behind the “I Love Oil Sands” campaign is attempting to distance itself from the renegade Facebook page.

The controversy began Sunday when a Facebook page called the “Canada Oil Sands Community” published a racy meme of “two girls kissing” in an attempt to link “Canadian oil” to “equality”:

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“Homophobia” by definition, means “Irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals”

We cannot keep using the word homophobia as an excuse. Calling someone homophobic is saying that it is okay to feel and act the way they’re acting because it’s a disorder.

It is not fucking okay for someone to be able to hide behind a disease to just cover the fact that they are ignorant, close minded, and disrespectful.

There is no “being afraid of homosexuals. ”

There is only acceptance and ignorance. Choose one.

669) I’m pansexual and genderfluid. I was born female bit most days I am male or neither. I was born into a homophobic family with my luck. My dad thinks it’s funny to joke around about gays and all the jazz and I just go along, to scared to say anything. He also jokes that I’m a lesbian alot of the time and I agree. But he thinks I’m joking and I’m straight as a arrow. Woops, I have a great girlfriend and I told him I had a girlfriend but he thinks I’m joking. How is it even possible to come out the closet?

The sullen Democrat who just told the BBC’s correspondent that he won’t vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump because she’s “only slightly better than him” and “it wouldn’t make any difference” is quite the pure embodiment of straight white male privilege. It will be hellishly different for everyone else.

So my girlfriend and I started keeping a list of things people say to us when they see us (a lesbian couple) together in public:

“Make America great again”-guy shouting from car

“Stay strong you two don’t let nobody tell you who you love”-guy doing pull ups

“I’ve seen you in the city three times (to my gf)…do you wanna come dance with me?…this human right here do you recognize them as a human?” (I respond that yes she’s my gf and we walk away) “Ooh she’s got It! She got her I’m so jealous”-guy on the street after a music festival

“I love you guys. I would do it with you guys. I would have fun and so would you”-guy on the subway

“Is that your lezzie version of saying goodbye? Haha nothing wrong with that”-my uber driver

676) I am a closet genderfluid pansexual, all I’ve ever done was try to make my parents proud thats the reason i have so many hobbies (such as: photography, art, music, reading) but unfortunately I know in the end my parents will be disappointed in me because they are christians who are against such things (such as being gay, transgender, pansexual, asexual, lesbian, genderfluid) i wish i could confide in a friend but i don’t have any friends who would support me, i just wish i could be myself without disappointing my family.

On Sunday, efforts were made to turn Gays against Muslims by the same people whose hatred has hurt us both. On Sunday, the same politicians who fought strongly against gay marriage and LGBT civil rights used this shooting, at the expense of Muslims, to hypocritically condemn bigotry against gays. On Sunday, the same people whose hatred destroys the lives of gays exploited this shooting to do the same to Muslims. On Sunday, scripted “thoughts and prayers” were offered by the very same politicians who have offered absolutely nothing to prevent mass shootings from continually occurring.
—  Omar Alnatour, June 14, 2016

“…homosexual behavior onscreen, as almost every other defined “type” of behavior, has been cast in male terms. Homosexuality in the movies, whether overtly sexual or not, has always been seen in terms of what is or is not masculine. The defensive phrase “Who’s a sissy?” has been as much a part of the American lexicon as “So’s your old lady.” After all, it is supposed to be an insult to call a man effeminate, for it means he is like a woman and therefore not as valuable as a “real” man. The popular definition of gayness is rooted in sexism. Weakness in men rather than strength in women has consistently been seen as the connection between sex role behavior and deviant sexuality. And while sissy men have always signaled a rank betrayal of the myth of male superiority, tomboy women have seemed to reinforce that myth and have often been indulged in acting it out.

“In celebrating maleness, the rendering invisible of all else has caused lesbianism to disappear behind a male vision of sex in general. The stigma of tomboy has been less than that of sissy because lesbianism is never allowed to become a threatening reality any more than female sexuality of other kinds.” -The Celluloid Closet

As I’ve pointed out before, misogyny and homophobia/heterosexism have always been intertwined and inseparable. 

Now that I’ve at least begun addressing white LGBT racists, here’s something for cishet people of color: 

You are not exempt from homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, and misogyny simply because you aren’t white. I am so sick and tired of seeing LGBT people of color expend great emotional and academic labor to defend and rally for cishet people of color who’d rather spit on them than support them back. White people didn’t invent homophobia/transphobia/misogyny. White people didn’t invent patriarchy. Colonialism didn’t invent those systems of oppression either. 

All major nations and societies are heteropatriarchal, and all of them are homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic. Don’t say things like “racism is worse than homophobia”. Don’t say things like “x people are more homophobic than x”. You all let our communities get away with being disgustingly homophobic, which leads to men like Omar Mateen - who was both homophobic and antiblack - killing 50 black and Latinx LGBT people. I’m not going to tolerate that. Don’t say things like “x nation invented homophobia”. All you’re showing me is that you’ll get angry when people say bigoted things but you’ll allow your communities to say homophobic things and mask it as criticism of racism/imperialism. That is selfishness and disingenuousness at their finest. 

Solidarity is not a myth at all, and I firmly believe that solidarity that comes from a sincere place of love exists. But as it stands right now, cishet people of color are as homophobic as white LGBT people are racist. No one from either side wants to admit that, of course, just like no one wants to admit the high rates of violence LGBT people of color face for being both LGBT and not white. How women of color face racialized misogyny, how trans women of color face racialized transmisogyny. LGBT people of color face racialized homophobia/biphobia/transphobia. The black lives matter movement was founded by three queer black women; so many of the feminist activists who have done work are black lesbian women; and it’s trans women of color who bear the brunt of violence. 

Do better.

If a politician says they support “traditional family values”, guess what! That’s just a term for being against any type of family that isn’t a nuclear cisgender heterosexual family. And if a politician says that they want this country to return to being a “Christian nation” guess what! They’re talking about theocracy and they don’t know or refuse to acknowledge that America has never been a Christian nation. And if you support any of these terms, you’re most likely ignorant and/or a bigot and need to do more research and gain some fucking tolerance!

so far during the RNC
  1. Steve King claimed that white people have done more for civilization than non whites
  2. Melania Trump plagiarized a speech from Michelle Obama (that’s symbolic)
  3. Trump campaign denies that they plagiarized Michelle’s speech and cites a quote from my little pony 
  4. Alaska yells at Paul Ryan for miscounting their votes
  5. Milo gets his twitter account deleted for abuse right before his gaysfortrump event (haha #FuckMilo)
  6. Chris Christie lead a witch trail 
  7. Stephen Colbert took the microphone dressed as Caesar and claimed that he was starting the hungry for power games and then was escorted off stage but not before he said “I know i’m not supposed to be up here but let’s be honest neither is trump”
  8. RNC security tries to cover up a No Racism No Hate sign with an American flag (symbolic again)
  9. RNC got slammed when Paul Ryan took a selfie with interns, it was just a sea of white people and DNC responded with pictures of their interns who were more diverse 
  10. Donald Trump was announced with “we are the champions” playing which naturally pissed off Queen 
  11. the Internet lost it because  “We Are the Champions” is sung by Fred Mercury, a Bi man who died of AIDs in 1991 and Trump’s VP thinks HIV/AIDs funding should go to conversion therapy 
  12. Laura Ingraham did a Nazi salute for .5 seconds which could have been a mistake (hmmmm)
  13. Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump and was booed off stage (fuck ted cruz though he’s worse than Trump but damn that took some balls)
Republicans support conversion therapy in their most anti-LGBT platform ever
Republican delegates neared approval of a platform that is staunchly conservative in matters of gender, homosexuality and marriage.
By Jeremy W. Peters

The Republican Party is about to approve its 2016 platform, and their proposed draft takes a stronger stance against LGBT rights than ever before. 

Among many other backwards views on social issues, the platform says:

  • Marriage equality should be overturned with a constitutional amendment
  • Judges to be appointed (ahem, SCOTUS) should be advocates for “traditional family values”
  • Parents should have the right to put their LGBT children through conversion therapy
  • States should be able to dictate which bathrooms trans people use
  • Kids who have one mom and one dad are less likely to be drug addicts or “otherwise damaged” 
  • Religious principles should guide lawmaking: “man-made law must be consistent with God-given, natural rights”

Please do not vote Republican in this election. This platform could literally mean life or death for LGBT youth, transgender people, and so many others who will be targeted – strategically and legally – for being who they are.