The funny thing is, you’re only making lesbians, bisexuals, and pansexuals mad because you’re insinuating that sexuality is a choice and all lesbians hate men.

Oh, and I love that hypocrisy about penises and men there. I’ll remember that the next time you complain about women being reduced to nothing but their boobs and vaginas.

Marginalized groups have always been shown in a shitty light by the media. This is to make people believe that the members of these groups always act this way and it is damaging as hell! They show poc as ignorant and obnoxious, they show strong women as man-hating and ugly, and they show lgbtqia people as promiscuous and always making sexual jokes! The media does this to not only keep their image of these people going strong but to brainwash victimized people into believing they have to be that way to be considered part of those groups.

Talking to my mom on the phone while online

Mom: Ellen Degeneres is great, but its such a shame that she thinks she’s gay

Me: *Shamelessly flirting with girls* Yeah I know

Mom: Its so sad what must have happened in her childhood to make her like this

Me: *Switches to some Swan Queen fanfic* It really is

Mom: Homosexually goes against nature, why can’t gay people see that?

Me: *Goes on Tumblr and gets that low-down tickle while seeing naughty pictures of women* I have no idea

If somebody does not understand your stance and wants to understand it then it is your job to educate them.

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate straight people because not all straight people suck please don't say that just say you hate dumb people or ignorant people

“not all straight people” I honestly don’t have time for that. If you are THAT offended by me complaining about tons of people being extremely homophobic then clearly you’ve done something similar to warrant that feeling of offense, because why else would you feel the need to even send this to me?  Being politically correct when it comes to dealing with people like that has never got ANYONE ANYWHERE. But notice how I said I hate straight people like twice and already people are up in arms about it? How does it feel to be singled out for your sexuality? How does it feel to be identified as NOTHING other than who you love? How does it feel that people think because a character is gay it’s RUINING A FRANCHISE AND MAKES A GAME COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE, YOU DON’T SEE ANY GAY PEOPLE SAYING THIS ABOUT EVERY SINGLE VIDEO GAME ON THE FUCKING PLANET THAT HAS STRAIGHT PEOPLE AS THE PROTAGONISTS, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY INBOX WITH THIS MESS

Dear Homophobes,

You saying someone cant be gay is like ordering lunch meat. You tell another person that because you don’t like something, they cant ether. Like if someone likes bologna. I don’t. It would be like me saying someone else cant order bologna, just because I don’t like it.


Don't let the people on this site stress you out!

Don’t explain racism.
Don’t explain sexism/misogyny.
Don’t explain poverty.
Don’t explain opression to these people because they will always make up their own “opinions” on the disadvantages you face everyday.
You are not their teacher.
You know the truth behind how the works, let them stay ignorant.