[2/3] « Les Touaregs sont des nomades, des commerçants de très très ancienne date, avant ils ne vivaient jamais dans les villes. Aujourd’hui je suis sédentaire, mais mon père est toujours nomade. La vie nomade est plus facile, tu vis avec trois fois rien, tu ne t’inquiètes pas pour rien… Aujourd’hui dans les villes tu es toujours inquiet : il te faut toujours de l’argent, toujours plus, toujours des choses dont tu n’as pas besoin. Mais avec les problèmes de sécheresse on perd beaucoup nos animaux, il n’y a plus de pluie, c’est devenu très très difficile de vivre dans le désert. Les changements climatiques nous touchent beaucoup ; chez nous c’est arrivé depuis longtemps. »

[2/3] “The Tuaregs are nomads, merchants from a very very long time ago, they never used to live in cities. Now I’m sedentary, but my father is still a nomad. The nomadic life is easier, you live with close to nothing, you don’t get worried for no reason… Nowadays in cities you’re always worried: you always need more money, always more, always things you don’t need. But with the drought problems we’re losing lots of our animals, there’s no more rain, it’s become very very difficult to live in the desert. Climate changes affect us a lot; in our country, changes have arrived a long time ago.”


TY: Before the debut, when I was young, I did many things that make me embarrassed and regretful. I still think of that. My head is full of it. I should have said this earlier but I was very young and immature. I didn’t understand others at that time. I’d like to apologise who was hurt by me. I will make up for it from on. I’ll have to do better to be more honorable and confident in front of the others who trust me. I’ll have to be better. I must be better. I shouldn’t cry like this. It won’t be easy for you to like me but thank you for liking me. For my members. Thank you for loving me and putting your faith in me. 

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옴므 형들 노래는 오늘 자정에 공개 되니까 같이 들어요
그렇게 노래가 좋다고 하더라고
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HOMME hyungs’ song will be released today at midnight so let’s listen to it together
I’ve heard it’s a good song

(T/N: You Come To Me is HOMME’s new song. HOMME are BTS’ labelmate)

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