HOMME - Dilemma

Namjoon helped producing the song😘


homme’s new song “Dilemma” is out!! show love and support :)
our baby, namjoon, helped out with the lyrics

160830 BTS’ Tweet

RM과 방시혁피디님이 작사작곡한 옴므 형들의 딜레마가 발매되었습니다! 이 계절과 잘 어울린다고 생각해요. 많이 들어주세요!

HOMME hyungs’ “Dilemma” which was composed and written by RM and Bang Sihyuk PD-nim has been released! I think it fits well with this season. Please listen to it lots!

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans


TY: Before the debut, when I was young, I did many things that make me embarrassed and regretful. I still think of that. My head is full of it. I should have said this earlier but I was very young and immature. I didn’t understand others at that time. I’d like to apologise who was hurt by me. I will make up for it from on. I’ll have to do better to be more honorable and confident in front of the others who trust me. I’ll have to be better. I must be better. I shouldn’t cry like this. It won’t be easy for you to like me but thank you for liking me. For my members. Thank you for loving me and putting your faith in me.