Homies UNITE

  • -starts playing Homies Unite-
  • Mom: uuuh nuuu... Mommy don't liek dis song.
  • Me: Okay! I'll play a different song! -smirks-
  • -plays Nobs 4 Lyf-
  • Me: How about this song?
  • Song plays and I sing along: ImmortalHD bitches, you got some love show me! I'm the coolest motherfucker watching My Little Pony! And it's all for the Nobs, cause that's my fucking job! Go ahead and like this song or I'll call a fucking mob!
  • Mom: Skylar! That is not a Lady-Like Song!
  • Me: Welcome to Tumblr.
Hey Homies, Wanna see a sweet game and maybe even help back it up?

My friend Pbat and his crew are making a kick ass rhythm  like game! 

You can check it out here

There’s even a demo where u can actually play it before backing it blindly!

So if you get a chance check it out and if its not too much to ask reblog this so other gamers or just people interested of this idea can check it out!

Thanks Homies!


Imagine Carisi having a crush on you but you’re dating Dodds

Our Smiling Carisi (x)

r e q u e s t  b y  a n o n s

You smile at Mike and excuse yourself.

“Hey Staten Island,” you say. Carisi smiles from ear to ear just by hearing your voice. He’s been surrounded by violence all day and hearing your voice dissipated everything.

“Whatta’ you up to?”

“Gonna drop off some sweets for Noah in a few. Want some?” Sonny moves to sit on his desk and didn’t pause in his answer.

“Can’t say no to your baking” Seeing you is mostly why he agreed, but your baking is the cherry on top. “How ‘bout lunch?”

You look up at Mike who’s eating his food with gusto. You bite your lip awkwardly.

“I’m sorry Fordham but I’m actually having lunch with Mike right now. Raincheck?” The mere mention of his name dragged Sonny’s smile down into a frown. Sonny never forgets that you’re dating Mike, but oh how he wish you’re with him instead.

“'is all good. Can’t wait to see you. Drop it off later?” You smile and agree.

“Yeah!I have to go now. See you later, Staten.” You hang up and give Mike your attention again. He smiles at you and offers you a breadstick

“Homies Unite!!” Inktober for 19/31, it’s been awhile since I drew Sly so here ya go:3

I’ll be sending this out to whoever who wants it for free, internationally, so just drop me an ask by 31 October and I’ll choose a random person:) Remember to keep your ask box open and be willing to tell me your address so I can send it to you:3

I started bawling my eyes out when I found out Sly was retiring from The Creatures but unfortunately nothing is permanent. He is and will always be my hero! He has helped me through all the shit that i’ve had to deal with alone but in the end I will support him all the way through the end

Homies!! Make sure to get ready for tomorrow! [8/9/14] 

Stuck In Your Radio’s new album “Better Late Than Never” drops on Spotify, Amazon, Google, Itunes, Potato and the list goes on and on! Make sure to have your money ready cause this album is freaking amazing!! Keep a eye on Sly’s twitter for the exact time and HOMIES UNITE!!

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