“I just don’t get it. Kim Kardashian blew a black guy and now she has her own show. I have blown EIGHT black guys and I still work at HomeTown Buffet.”

i was trying to explain why i support gay rights to my stepmom in hometown buffet, and one of my arguments was, “the bible says a non-virgin marrying a man should be stoned, so targeting just gays is unfair here.” and this bitch from another table walks over and says, “thats the old testament, it doesnt count.”

and i accidentally said “bitch i will stab u.”

long story short i am no longer welcome in hometown buffet.

31 Days of July

Describe your perfect summer evening…

As of now…the evenings I’ve enjoyed the most have either been feeling so drained of energy from an awesome workout that I would sleep like a baby (in my fluffy blanket) OR laughing the night away with the best friends I’ve ever had. 

Today marks 1 month from the beginning of change. I was actually surprised when I looked at my calendar and saw the 12th! I knew I could make it this far but the feeling of actually being here IS AMAZING. IT only keeps me pushing knowing that there is an end and that others have made it before me. Imma push like I’ve never pushed before.

Just 2 days ago I went with my group of guys to Six Flags…we figured that the food was wayyyy to expensive to buy in the park. So we chose to wait until we left to eat dinner. OF COURSE we would choose something along the lines of Hometown Buffet for dinner for 19 grown men. When we were eating one of us started to mimic everything he heard anybody say including laughs…so he laughed at someone’s laugh…then we laughed at his laughing…then we kept laughing at the laughing…and so on and so on. I know for a fact that we were on some kind of sugar high from all of the carbs we had for dinner. Imagine not having anything to eat the WHOLE DAY, technically hiking for the majority of the day (walking Six Flags), and then having dinner…..all those laughs were amazing!