no but the fact that the game takes place in homestuck canon means that mystery girl and deer troll and every other character in the game died when sburb and sgrub destroyed the universes. we haven’t even met them yet and they’ve already died, in canon. i congratulate hussie on his outstanding achievements in the field of being a mothefucker

To all the people wondering how the Homestucks are already cosplaying the new character

Here’s a list of things Homestucks always have on hand:
-clay or foam for troll horns
-an infinite number of plain black shirts
-fabric paint
-grey body paint
-seriously like a fuck ton of paint
-hella rad coolkid shades
-a scarily obsessive fandom
-it’s a fucking cult I swear
-we’ve been on indefinite hiatus for a fucking long time
-you’ve seen the sprite edits and gifsets
-needless to say the Homestucks are fucking crazy
-btw when the game comes out


SBURB Development video 01.

Yes, I am creating Sburb! Feel free to send me ideas/comments.

I apologize for the whatsapp/facebook sounds. I’m a dumbass and I forgot to turn these off. Also, my english is quite rusty. Sorry!

And yes. Multiplayer is in.