Only true convention veterans will remember

Yaoi paddles

Praying your parents don’t see anything weird when they’re dropping you off

Yelling “buttscratcher” and at least 10 people yelling back.

Org XIII cosplayers as far as the eye can see

“The Game”

Free Hugs


The banning of Glomps

The paranoia of cosplaying Sauske, Naruto, Sora, or Riku because you know someone has a Yaoi paddle and they’re watching your ass like Wile E. Coyote watches the Roadrunner

Homestuck invasion

Not being able to cosplay or enjoy One Piece without some asshole screaming the 4Kids theme at you

Cat ears

Seriously how did Yaoi Paddles stick around for so long? You would never get away with that today. You’d probably go to jail for that behavior

no but the fact that the game takes place in homestuck canon means that mystery girl and deer troll and every other character in the game died when sburb and sgrub destroyed the universes. we haven’t even met them yet and they’ve already died, in canon. i congratulate hussie on his outstanding achievements in the field of being a mothefucker


Have some Hive Swap marker art of the main characters!

Had to get these guys out of my head, all the love for them I swear. I’m so excited for Hive Swap I feel like I might pee myself or anything. ANYWAY…

There’s a total of 4 pictures (maybe 5) I want to do… so this is only half of it. These two pictures are to show them in there natural habitat. Again this is all headcanon/speculation stuff for fun so quote me on nothing.

Drawn with Prismacolor Markers and Copics. 

Joey and Jude

Joey, I swear, is me. She’s loves Snes games (particularly the ones that all came out around 1994). She loves the Highlander movies, which star Christopher Lambert… my childhood crush >.< SHHH. She’s also been described as feeling alone… which I bet is why she does such extra curricular things like Tap and Ballet. I didn’t take Tap or Ballet… but I wanted to :( because I kept myself really busy since I basically got ignored at home.

So here she is playing some rental games with Jude, I haven’t decided if she’s playing Super Castlevania or Super Metroid, as both were quite ‘scary’ back in the day. Earthbound is sitting beside her in an open casing from an ancient civilization called Block Buster.

Jude is totally freaked out, and he also inherited his blanket from a certain Grandpa. Thought this would be cute… Other things are scattered about, I won’t describe all the small details.

Xefros and Dammek

So, going back to the post I made about Xefros and Dammek being in a band, here they are practicing in Xefros’s garage. Can you tell? They’re actually singing a specific song, but to anyone who can read sheet music, forgive me because I might have made some mistakes for sure. Also Xefros has got a pimpin’ ride lol. I imagine Dammek borrows it a lot to pick up dudes ;o. As for Xefros, there’s a poster of a model in nude pose that he is a huge fan of. He even was able to get that one autographed. I also wanna point out I totally ship XefrosxJoey so having a boy crush on a Aqua/Tealish blood seemed to point a little to a cute crush he might get on Joey (who will have the same eyecolor as her text). And yes this means I ship DammekxJude… those pictures have yet to be made though.


Do you hear me What Pumpkin!? GIVE!!!