rose is a great character because she’s easily one of the most intelligent characters in the whole cast and yet she’s such a fuckin dumbass

like who looks at a bunch of lovecraftian dark gods that are literally called the Horrorterrors and immediately decides “yes, i can trust them, these are an ally”

The GAME OVER timeline had a lot of badass events, but the most badass of all werent the ones that involved fighting.

It wasnt Jade and Jane being evil

It wasnt Aranea trying to take over the session after her time as a booknerd

It wasnt Brainghost Dirk ripping her soul put of her body

It wasnt Jake defeating Jade in his Hope bubble

It wasnt Terezi attacking Gamzee in a fit of fury

It wasnt  even Kanaya sawing him in half

It was Dave and Karkat and Jake sacrificing themselves knowingly for those they love. It was Roxy appearing at the last minute and mastering her powers, not to fight, but to save her daughter. It was Terezi pulling a dagger out of her body and pressing forward despite all that was lost, pushing John to raise a middle finger to the universe, because no, fuck you, this is not acceptable and we will not stand for it.

It was John playing a song that represented  the life, death, and future of all those fallen.