Concerning the Upd8

I liked Meenvris I really did. I enjoyed the ship but I want to say that I understand why it is Meenah broke up with her. One one level I agree with her and that is it would probably really tough to handle someone’s feelings like that- I also think she should have probably taken that into consideration when they were first dating. On the other hand I feel like Vriska not (Vriska) seemed like an easy out and also a convenient one; it gave her the chance to walk away while also doing what she originally wanted to do. We all knew that before Vriska showed up it was obvious what was going to happen. in short:

Things I Understand/ Appreciate

  • why Meenah broke up with her
  • the fact that she didn’t agree with Vriska’s trash talk

  • that in a way Meenah tried to do the whole “I can’t love you bc I’ll hurt you thing” as it gives more insight into her character
  • The fact that she cried and genuinely cared for her

Things That Irked Me

  • The timing of Vriska showing up
  • Vriska’s  hypocritical attackings/ abuse towards (Vriska)

  • The whole begging thing

  • The fact that this got to me

What’s interesting though is, I actually kinda feel less angry at Meenah now. I mean, she’s hurting too, and a part of me just wants to admit it’d be hypocritical of me to hate her for dumping (Vriska) like this when I’ve actually been in a similar situation as her at one point in my life. Maybe not ditching someone to hang around with somebody else but, the feelings themselves.

Like, let’s really consider her situation for a moment. She’s supposed to be like this badass ruler of Beforus or the troll race and had that ambition completely denied from her once her gang’s game session had failed. It was either die and live out the rest of eternity as ghosts or cease to exist. It might have even been karma running its course, considering she’s acted like an absolute ass towards many of the trolls, but even if she’s paid for her crimes already, Meenah is a girl of action. Like any version of Vriska or Serket, she likes to get shit done. In a way, you could sort of see it as her way of fueling her self confidence, because otherwise, life has no meaning, and those who can’t live up to take action aren’t worth being alive – which is an oddly fitting ideology given her title is the Thief of Life.

But there’s more to it, I think. Meenah isn’t just a complete sociopath. She’s a girl who can’t come to terms with her feelings or really showing herself openly to others because deep down she believes she’s a total loser in her own right, considering she wasn’t even able to become the badass ruler everyone expected her to be. She was harsh, she was reckless, and had no semblance of empathy towards other people because she is just as afraid of seeing her weakness in other people, which in turn, alienated her from all of her friends.

And Meenah realizes this.

She knows this is a problem, but she can’t really forgive (Vriska) for being what she considers “a loser” because she’s afraid of acknowledging her personal failure. Given Vriska’s argument, she didn’t make (Vriska) stronger in her eyes, she’s made her “weaker”.

It’s because they’ve given up trying that Meenah feels like she’s failed. Add on top of that, Aranea’s departure, thus leaving Meenah without a moirail, and that’s a devastating blow for someone’s ego. Although Meenah might not look the part, she really is just as fragile as (Vriska), if not more, because of it.

And so…

They break up.

It’s a shame too. I really think the ship still has potential to float and that one day these two might have a moment of reconciliation. It’s really just a matter of ambition, lack of communication, and self loathing getting in the way of the relationship and its potential for growth and empowerment.

We could also add the other Vriska as a negative factor into the argument considering her shameless act of emotionally manipulative aggression towards her alternate self was what triggered such feelings in Meenah to begin with, but I suppose it was inevitable, and should probably be reserved for another post altogether.