Please help my transgender pal!!

His dad won’t help him pay for college, now that he came out as a boy. He makes fantastic plushies and art, and is taking commissions. Please donate or commission him asap!!

PLEASE help him!!

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If you can’t donate, please reblog so others can see!! Thank you!!


Well there’s a lull in the action, so here are some pictures of our little gang of babies.

Kankri looks like he’s in the middle of being epically trolled by Terezi, while she metaphorically gives him rope to hang himself with.


Hey! I take commissions on these! If anyone’s interested just send me an off anon message for prices o: 

  *edit* I got the computer I needed! Thank you everyone!!!! Sorry about all the ‘commission me!’ posts/reblogs but my Mac is from 2008-9 and it’s Breaking Really Fast and I still need a new computer if I’m gonna be doing any art in the future. All funds from this go directly to that, and I’m almost half way to the goal! I need about 6 more commissions to reach the goal!

Each one is roughly 9 inches, posable, and flexible. I can also make lil props like glasses, weapons, etc. (Credit to Xagave for taking the Cronus pictures)

The base price is $60, and any extra cost is for fabric/materials/shipping, and how complicated the character is. I’m accepting from any fandom, and OCs as well!


Lil’ Seb Plushie for Cosplay Purposes

Those glasses were the most fun to make, I swear. This is also the tallest plushie I’ve made since Beyond from Katamari Damacy. I realize now I’ve made a lot of robot/robot themed plushies. They’re always so streamline and fun to make! Well Lil’ Seb will be off to his new home at theluckythief’s house soon!


The John Egbert plushie I made for my best friend’s birthday! I absolutely love how this little guy came out. I have improved so much since I made her a Jake English one last year. He and his cute little boxers will live happily ever after with lookingatthepieces :) Plushies aren’t usually my medium but I’m so stoked about this one that I’m now planning another Jake for her, and a Dirk for myself!


So! It’s time to show you new photos from my last photoshoot!
Homestuck again, Jade Harley, dress of Eclectica.
Actually I have 48 squiddles, but, unfortunately, I don’t have any picture with all of them. Yet :‘D 
It was hard, but I did it! 
All copyright with fandom and character belongs to Andrew Hussie.
Costume, wig styling, make up and squiddles by me.
Patterns by this wonderful girl: [x]

And a few more photos:

External image

External image

Jade Harley | Photo | Processing