So last night, I decided (with the help of Izzi )  to make a Spades Slick plushie =D Then, in the light of the recent update this morning, with SlickPaint becoming canon, I made a little Ms. Paint plushie for my Slick 83

So here you see Spades Slick with his life sucking parasite looking excuse of a hat, and Ms. Paint, who I love a lot wow

They’re both made of felt, except for the pink part of Ms. Paint’s skirt/dress and her hood =D 

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I used this pattern because I liked it and stuff


someone asked for one million pictures of the horuss plushie at some point, and i had access to an actual camera today, wowowow!  so i did a little photoshoot with him :33  i have him sitting next to aranea on the shelf to show how much better at plushie making i am now than when i first started last winter ;u;

he’s made mostly of fleece, but there is some flannel too for pieces i couldn’t find fleece in the right color for.  he stands up and sits down, though his head is really floppy cause his of the goggles and the ponytail and stuff; i had to reinforce his collar with cardboard.  i will put wire into the next plush i have issues with

the goggles are made out of a box of wheat thins and some seran wrap because i wanted to check “make steampunk goggles for a tiny man out of a box of wheat thins and some seran wrap” off of my bucket list.  i haven’t figured out how to make his belt buckle yet cause it’s too small to cut out of fabric :(

he’s far from perfect but i sort of made him in like three (fun filled) days so???  i will count him as a success