Whew! Damaragrub is completely exhausted after all of the fun she’s had with her new friends. Time to curl up for a nap!


Aradiagrub squeaks hello to her wigglesister! She indicates that she’s been out and about through the timeline all day, dealing with c00l things like archae0l0gy, tasty f00d, and din0saurs.

Damaragrub offers Aradiagrub a sm00ch, but thinks they’ll have to catch up later. It’s naptime!

Aradiagrub nods and yawns. All of that timetravel she’s done is pretty exhausting and she could use a nap too.

In that case, Damaragrub is happy to snuggle up with her dancestor and share her blankie!

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A Cronus and Eridan scalemate plush! I COULD NOT LOVE THEM MORE. This was a PERFECT AND LOVELY Christmas present from my best sis, @akiralios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I was instructed to open early, so don’t come to my inbox waggling your finger at me. XP

Omfg though, aren’t they beautiful? You should follow her and love her because she is awesome. And she makes incredible plushies. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Best Christmas present. Now everyone else can envy over them. :D

4-H4! Terezigrub knew her K33N NOS3 smelled some T4STY 1MPORT3D CONF3CT1ONS under Damaragrub’s time blankie.

Terezigrub has to have some. Fortunately she has just the thing to barter with in her sylladex.

Despite a bit of a language barrier, the wrigglers quickly come to terms on a C4NDY TR4D3.


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Huh, a mysterious package has arrived. i wonder what it is!

Damaragrub indicates it was something she ordered and wiggles over to claim it.

It’s the pet p0ny she’s been waiting for!

She’s g0ing t0 l0ve and care f0r and sp0il this ad0rable h0rnse.

But first, she’s sure Maplehoof needs some food after a long trip! Damaragrub has done her research and determined that carrots are a good food for ponies, so she has one ready to offer.


Latulagrub is sup3r h3ll4 3xc1t3d to have a new alpha troll grub friend around! She offers some high-fives, and then asks Damaragrub to join her for some r4d v1d3o g4m3z.

Damaragrub is intrigued, and decides to follow along. Latulagrub indicates that she’s been doing a lot of Animal Crossing lately, and wants Damara to make a town so they can play together!

The grubs skitter out to the living room to play!

Latulagrub suggests Damara set up her new town on the old 3DS.

They curl up together and get going! Damaragrub hopes that her town starts out with some fl00fy sheep villagers @0u0@.

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Kanayagrub has been hard at work on that M1ND BL4NK13 her Pyrope friends requested from her recently! Here Terezigrub inspects her work as she finishes up on the all-important mind symbol.

With the symbol done, all that’s left is the trim around the edge. This part requires lots of pins, which Terezigrub would no doubt appreciate due to their pointiness. Kanaya is fortunately adept at not poking herself in either the grublegs or the exoskeleton.

With everything pinned in place, the blankie gets run through the sewing machine. Kanayagrub makes a note to get a more appropriately wiggler-sized footpedal someday…