John? John who?

Commissioned john Egbert plush, a super cutie! Complete with Clever Disguise and removable pipe for all kinds of fun! He’s got a wire skeleton for fully posing this boy in every which way he can be to escape his dads cakes.

Want a custom plush? Click here for a limited slot on my etsy store, only 3 left right now! (read desc carefully)

John has been completed! My mom brought home a huge thing of all coloured buttons along with a case of blue and a case of green ones and wow she’s great.

I’m making Dave right now but I don’t have the felt to make his clothes yet, I’m getting them this weekend. I’ll probably also start a spiderman plushie soon too for MAH BRO cuz she’s great.

After he’s done I’m gonna do the rest of the kids (beta and alpha) then work on the trolls (Areana and Meenah will probably be included as well as an EXTRA CHUBBY GAMZEE FUCK YES I should totally make and extra and send it to ph33rtehb33s) and maybe the cherubs? Idk I only really like UU but whatever if I have time at all I will.

I’m gonna be pretty swamped next year so they probably won’t happen very quickly. But I’ll do them because I seriously love how John turned out and he totes needs friends and I have an entire shelf for them to sit on.

So yeah. Just some things for you guys to look out for because I’m pretty boring otherwise.

Also a giveaway will most likely occur if I hit 25 followers, yo. I’ll probably have it be a plush doll of your choice (within my abilities) because this is the only thing I’m good at. Unless you -want- my crap art but why would you omfg.

Whew! Damaragrub is completely exhausted after all of the fun she’s had with her new friends. Time to curl up for a nap!


Aradiagrub squeaks hello to her wigglesister! She indicates that she’s been out and about through the timeline all day, dealing with c00l things like archae0l0gy, tasty f00d, and din0saurs.

Damaragrub offers Aradiagrub a sm00ch, but thinks they’ll have to catch up later. It’s naptime!

Aradiagrub nods and yawns. All of that timetravel she’s done is pretty exhausting and she could use a nap too.

In that case, Damaragrub is happy to snuggle up with her dancestor and share her blankie!

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A Cronus and Eridan scalemate plush! I COULD NOT LOVE THEM MORE. This was a PERFECT AND LOVELY Christmas present from my best sis, @akiralios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I was instructed to open early, so don’t come to my inbox waggling your finger at me. XP

Omfg though, aren’t they beautiful? You should follow her and love her because she is awesome. And she makes incredible plushies. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Best Christmas present. Now everyone else can envy over them. :D

4-H4! Terezigrub knew her K33N NOS3 smelled some T4STY 1MPORT3D CONF3CT1ONS under Damaragrub’s time blankie.

Terezigrub has to have some. Fortunately she has just the thing to barter with in her sylladex.

Despite a bit of a language barrier, the wrigglers quickly come to terms on a C4NDY TR4D3.


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