4www y3ssss!!! Latula has been waiting so long to get her little grublegs on this game. And now she gets to fire it up while her friends all crowd around…

Hey, where did her wiggler friends go?

Hmm… Kanayagrub seems enthralled by a New Localized Source Of Illumination That Outshines Her Own Natural Luminescence. This will surely be useful for her detailed sewing work!

And Terezi is off in the kitchen inspecting some FR4GR4NT H3RBS and the rest of the bounty from a recent shopping trip. She’s clearly daydreaming of delicious CURR13S to come.

As for Aradia… who knows where and when she’s gotten off to. And since she’s a timewiggler she’s probably less excited about a new game that she’s seen already.

Oh well… no point in waiting up for any los3rz, there’s a r4dg4m3 to play!!!


A Cronus and Eridan scalemate plush! I COULD NOT LOVE THEM MORE. This was a PERFECT AND LOVELY Christmas present from my best sis, @akiralios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I was instructed to open early, so don’t come to my inbox waggling your finger at me. XP

Omfg though, aren’t they beautiful? You should follow her and love her because she is awesome. And she makes incredible plushies. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Best Christmas present. Now everyone else can envy over them. :D


Hey! I take commissions on these! If anyone’s interested just send me an off anon message for prices o: 

  *edit* I got the computer I needed! Thank you everyone!!!! Sorry about all the ‘commission me!’ posts/reblogs but my Mac is from 2008-9 and it’s Breaking Really Fast and I still need a new computer if I’m gonna be doing any art in the future. All funds from this go directly to that, and I’m almost half way to the goal! I need about 6 more commissions to reach the goal!

Each one is roughly 9 inches, posable, and flexible. I can also make lil props like glasses, weapons, etc. (Credit to Xagave for taking the Cronus pictures)

The base price is $60, and any extra cost is for fabric/materials/shipping, and how complicated the character is. I’m accepting from any fandom, and OCs as well!

Terezigrub helps out with the PR3PWORK for dinner. She’s especially excited about what we’re making today - chicken jalfrezi. Her extensive research tells her that “jal” is derived from a Bengali word for “spicy food”, and she’s quite sure that “frezi” means “for Terezi”.

And soon enough it’s mealtime! Terezi sniffs deeply and enjoys the wonderful curry aromas. Time to dig in!

She can’t help but start by nibbling on the FR3SHLY B4K3D N44N.

It doesn’t take long for a hungry grub to polish off the meal. D3L1C1OUS!

She only has one small suggestion for next time. She isn’t going to grow up to be a fire-breathing dragon without some help, you know!

Damaragrub has been around for a few weeks now, and it seems like she’s fitting right in! She finds all of her friends have gathered on the bed, so she wiggles up to join them.

Damaragrub squeaks excitedly to greet everyone! They reply in kind.

Soon enough a grubpile forms, as is wont to happen when many wigglers are around. Curling up with your friends is always good!

Damara is happy to offer her blankie to the pile, to help everyone be a bit warmer and more comfortable. Yes, it seems like by now she’s been fully accepted into the group!

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