i just remembered eridan ampora wears a cape. he’s wearing a goddamn cape. he’s a SEADWELLER. have y’all ever tried to swim with a cape on? it’s like dragging a heavy ass blanket behind you. this asshole tires himself out swimming in his home for fashion. oh my god.

hi this is my new davekat baby ive just been calling him kidd. hes rlly loving and p loud but he deff has shy bouts and tens to be rlly clingy w his dads. his eyes are sensitive x2 combo so,,,

he likes tying on capes and zoomin around the house like hes flying ?? how cool is it that his dad can fly ??? wow ???? and his other dad is so so smart wow ?????? he loves them sm

a brand spanking new aradia theory

Moments after the kids create tons of children and travel 5000 years into the future, Aradia arrives on the scene. She looks over the sea of babies, and rolls her eyes gently at the mess her friends left behind, and how she, as a maid, has to clean it up

She becomes absolutely CRUCIAL to the reconstruction of civilization. She raises the children with whomever else is on the planet, teaching them the better parts of troll civilization, and also recounting what she knows of human civilization, stuff she’s heard from the human ghosts in the bubbles. She also tells them legends of their Creators, fantastical stories that will be told from generation to generation

She raises each kid with love (though she has a particular fondness for Aradia Jr) (Long Live Aradia Jr), but eventually, they turn into adults. As their communities flourish without the need for Aradia’s help, she slowly disappears into the shadows.

Generations grow and die, but there is always one consistent: Aradia is there. Though people see her as nothing more than your average young adult troll, she is always helping from the shadows, making sure that civilization doesn’t crumble. There are odd rumors of a troll with red fairy wings disappearing into the clouds, but everyone attributes that to being myths

By the time the ‘creators’ finally roll around, Aradia is onto much bigger things. The ghost realm is hard to manage, as people always die, but Aradia’s been helping ghosts her entire life, and she’s not stopping now

By the time she welcomes her old friends to the world they built, she doesn’t look a year older than the rest of them. She’s just as energetic and passionate as she’s always been, but in her quieter moments, she has the soft wistful smile that someone only with 5016 years of wisdom would give

In her youth, aradia was into archeology, and history. Now, in this new world, she IS their history, whether they know it or not