• STRONG BAD: Ow, my pension. Oh, hello, my good man. Just taking my two sons, here, who are home from college, to see their first triple R-rated movie.
  • COACH Z: Hey, Pop, can I borrow the Vorlvo?
  • BUBS: Dad, Trina and I are moving in together.
  • STRONG BAD: I'll deal with you two later! Heh heh. Kids that are old enough for me to be in my sixties. What're you gonna do?
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Labor Dabor in the highest goldang quality you’ve ever seen it

  • HOMESTAR RUNNER: You know how I've always dreamed of being my own boss at the doughnut factory!
  • MARZIPAN: No, since when?
  • HOMESTAR RUNNER: Why, just last night! I dreamt that I was a French long-jump champion with eight wooden legs!
  • MARZIPAN: And...that made you want to start a doughnut shop?
  • HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yes sir! Like I said, it's a boyhood dream of mine.
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