Like the other kids on The Simpsons, Bart worships Krusty the Clown, but he barely tolerates his own oafish father. That’s why Creator Matt Groening originally intended to reveal that Krusty was Homer all along, moonlighting as a beloved children’s entertainer, while somehow hiding it from his family. This wasn’t some passing notion – there’s a reason the two characters look almost identical aside from the hair and makeup. It was supposed to be an elaborate joke about Bart and Homer’s relationship. Bart thought his boring old dad was lame, when in reality he was a misanthropic were-clown that entertained children all across town.

5 Bizarre Early Versions of Iconic Characters


Simpsons/Butterfinger Commercial, “I’ve Been Robbed” - (September 30, 1993)

I absolutely LOVE how animated and cool the Simpsons looked in the early Butterfingers commercials. I wish they kept this kind of animation style for the show, it’s super appealing and fun to watch how bouncy everything is. They were also incredibly funny, I wish the commercials we fast forward now were as funny and entertaining as these.