Last Exit To Springfield 1#

Why this is considered one of the best Simpsons episodes ever. 

It’s the whole point of this thing: Despite their grandiose plans, a dog wanders in and outsmarts Burns and Smithers without the dog even realizing it.

Just like how an idiot like Homer wanders in and outsmarts them without Homer even realizing it. 

Spoilers of The Simpsons episode “Mother Simpson.”

You know what one of the saddest moments in TV history is? The ending to this particular Simpsons episode.

After finally being reunited with his mother after years of believing she was dead, a series of uncontrollable circumstances, that I won’t go into detail here, causes Homer’s mother to have to leave him again, presumably forever.

This scene is so well put together, and just really hits you with emotion. The music, combined with the visual of Homer just sitting on the hood of his car, thinking of his mother, is just so powerful to me. It really is an impressive thing that the writer’s have done here, especially in a typically humorous, and mildly crude comedy.

This is hands down, one of my top 10 Simpsons episodes of all time.


George Harrison’s animated guest appearance on The Simpsons, season 5 episode 1, “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” a spoof on The Beatles. It first aired in the U.S. on 30 September 1993, and in the U.K. on 3 October 1993. (Photos: Fox, unspecified)

Homer: “Then came the greatest thrill of my life.”
George Harrison: “Hello Homer, I’m George Harrison.”
Homer: “Oh my god. Oh my god! Where did you get that brownie?”
George: “Over there, there’s a big pile of ’em.”
[Homer makes gleeful noises and eats brownies]
Homer: “Oh man…”
George: “Well, what a nice fellow.”
* * *
[George seeing The Be Sharps performing on the roof]: “It’s been done.”
* * *
“Over the years, guest appearances by musical superstars - from Tony Bennett to Elton John to three of The Beatles - have left the producers star-struck.
‘We met George Harrison. We were recording it from the outside and we went in the room to shake his hand. And he goes, “You just want to get in the room to shake my hand.”'” - USA Today, 10 September 2014
* * *

“When you meet them and you don’t talk about the Beatles, they get really happy. We did talk about the Beatles, but I also mentioned one of [George Harrison’s] solo albums [Wonderwall Music], and his eyes lit up.” - Matt Groening, Paley Festival, 15 March 2007

* * *
According to the episode commentary on the season 5 DVDs, George arrived at the recording studio in L.A. by himself without any entourage or bodyguards, and seemed - according to Matt Groening - “pretty glum” and unenthusiastic regarding questions about The Beatles. But after Groening asked George about Wonderwall Music, he “perked up,” since the album wasn’t particularly one he was often asked about. Groening ranks George’s guest appearance as one of his favorites because George was “super nice” and “very sweet” to the staff.

Some clips of George’s appearance are on YouTube:
Clip 1 (Courtesy of user kcjones1025)
Clip 2 (Courtesy of Victor Hugo Ortiz Hernández)

Like the other kids on The Simpsons, Bart worships Krusty the Clown, but he barely tolerates his own oafish father. That’s why Creator Matt Groening originally intended to reveal that Krusty was Homer all along, moonlighting as a beloved children’s entertainer, while somehow hiding it from his family. This wasn’t some passing notion – there’s a reason the two characters look almost identical aside from the hair and makeup. It was supposed to be an elaborate joke about Bart and Homer’s relationship. Bart thought his boring old dad was lame, when in reality he was a misanthropic were-clown that entertained children all across town.

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