Boy-Scoutz ‘N the Hood [S5 E8] (dir. Jeff Lynch)

Earlier in the episode Bart imagines Homer’s presence on the trip to be a nuisance that makes him look bad but in reality Homer’s poorly considered idea to “Relax and let the current take you back to land”, almost ends up getting him, Ned, Rod and Homer himself killed. Of course, we aren’t in any danger of seeing that actually happen and Homer’s penchant for Krusty Burgers rectify’s his mistake.

Alternative Titles for the Iliad

1-Hello Naughty Trojans it’s Murder Time

2-100 Times a Therapist was Needed

3-This War Really Wasn’t Worth it

4-Fight Club but it’s just Achilles

5-Patroclus Didn’t Deserve this

6-Things Historians Pretend aren’t Gay

7-Nothing Means Anything we’re all Going to Die

8-Hector Gets his Ass Handed to Him

9-There is no Heterosexual Explanation for This

10-Fuck it up, Achilles

11-Someone is Responsible for this but not Helen