A wolf dressed in home made clothes, did you make them on your own?
Did you google the instructions,
buy the needle and thread?
When you sewed together a
slaughter weapon,
that left dozens dead.

Were the bodies left strewn on the floor like the leftover thread you didn’t need?
Were you proud of your school projects, did they achieve A’s and B’s?

Is that how you knew how to make others bleed?

Only this wasn’t a science project,
to sit in circle time and show and tell
How you stole lives away and left their loved ones in hell.

I wonder how it felt.

When you held up your home made gift of terror and pain,
And tried it on,
made sure it fit the aim,
Did you smile in the mirror and celebrate your work?
What was all this worth?

Because now wolf,
you’re gone.
And your sewn together sheeps
clothing is no more,
For a coward can hide behind strength like the sun hides behind clouds in a storm,
But the clouds will always leave and sun will shine once more,

You didn’t win.

Your invention didn’t go unnoticed and granted you had your 15 seconds of fame,
Your face on my tv screen as if that’s what I want to see,
And not the victims names.

But you did not win.

You turned a concert into no mans land,
The music into death marches for the fans-

But wolf,
You did not win.

For they bleed blood but so do you and the difference will always conclude,

Your show and tell sent you to hell,

And we will survive,


of you.

Mercs flirting

pyrogothnerd submitted

Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts.

Spy: Usually goes straight for seductive lines. Slips in some French lines here and there.

Medic: Uses his deep voice. He knows it works. He knows people melt over that voice. Now, if he could just remember that surgery is a bad time to flirt… (“My, your pancreas is lovely.”)

Scout: Doesn’t really know what he’s doing, usually goes for pickup lines. He’s gotten better since “Expiration Date” though.

Heavy: Surprisingly shy, usually drops some compliments.

Engie: Pretty laid-back, his flirting is a bit subtle. Usually he tries to find something to do with the person he’s interested in, and uses it as an opportunity to drop compliments.

Demo: Fairly playful and energetic when flirting, but usually starts off by buying the person a drink. Will usually buy the person some flowers if he’s serious about it.

Soldier: Home-made gifts, usually the parts are gained from battle. We all saw that ear-necklace he made Zhanna…just wait til she gets the teeth earrings.

Sniper: Buys them a drink, waits for response before approaching. If they refuse the drink, it means no, unless they say otherwise. Tries to stay professional. Actually fairly reserved until he starts to get comfortable with the person he is flirting with.

Pyro: Tries to hand you some of their favorite things, will try to take you to the park…you get bonus points if you also enjoy burning things.



Saxton Hale: Shows off working out, brags about his adventures, tries to bond over beating up wild animals.

Merasmus: Hello? He has magic! He’s going to make a flower appear out of his hand, or maybe some butterflies. Heck, he’ll probably use his magic to make himself appear younger (and hotter), while he’s at it. That being said, take his magic away, and he hasn’t got a clue what to do.

Grey Mann: “Here is how this is going to work: I am a powerful man with a vast amount of wealth and I own a large company, and soon shall inherit another three (don’t ask me how, dear, now pay attention) By accepting my proposal, you will get in on all of it…” You get the idea: Overly confident and tries to use his wealth and power to win the person over. It must have worked, he has a daughter.

Nicholas Crowder/Old Nick: “Have you been Naughty or Nice?” (does eyebrow thing)

Ms. Pauling: Tries to start conversation, but gets overly nervous and giggly. She only ever gets one day off, she has not had a lot of time to practice.

The Administrator: Very blunt. If she wants you, she will tell you, and offer you one hour to decide if you are interested.

Even if you take it as being entirely platonic, the friendship between Robbie Rotten and Sportacus is the cutest friendship in Lazytown.

Sportacus understands Robbie better than anyone else, and willingly plays games with him even when they’re entirely ridiculous, and we slowly see Robbie start to accept the kindness of others and he learns to trust his friends. 

Sportacus doesn’t lecture Robbie when he sleeps during the day and even though Sportacus is still one of those people who can get a little annoying with his health advice, he knows Robbie is an entirely different person and part of Sportacus really enjoys playing games with Robbie, even though they’re mental games rather than sports. 

They still get annoyed with each other and have communication mishaps, because sometimes Sportacus is too damn loud and annoying and Robbie has trust issues from people never listening to him, but there’s always some sort of understanding at the end, and Robbie winds up opening up and confessing that he likes and misses his friends. 

But it’s also left entirely open to interpretation. We know Mayor Meanswell is in love with Bessie. But what do we know about Robbie and Sportacus? We know that, platonic or romantic, they care about each other enough that they choose to spend Christmas together. Besides Mayor Meanswell, there are two other paternal figures in Lazytown for the kids- Sportacus and Robbie. Robbie even shows up at birthday parties and tries his best to make Stingy a home made gift from the heart. Robbie goes out to play with the kids while Sportacus has a private heart to heart talk with Stingy.

They parent together, even if they’re not entirely aware of it. Though, chances are, Sportacus is 110% aware of it, and Robbie would only admit it through actions and not words. The person Robbie goes to when he feels unsafe is Sportacus. Even when they’re at odds with one another, we know that they feel comfortable hugging, touching, and being physically close to one another. Even though I interpret them as having a romantic interest in one another, it’s just a really good relationship between two people who have entirely different lifestyles but still care about one another. 

hp ship aesthetics

ron and hermione~ silly hats. random road-trips. freedom. singing along to your favorite song when it comes on the radio. warm tea in cups clasped in mittens. scarves. sheer curtains. big, shaggy dogs. perfectly wrapped presents with bows. holiday wreaths. saving the box from fancy chocolates your s/o got you. pressed roses in shakespearean plays. pumpkins. laughing so hard your stomach hurts. fallen leaves that haven’t turned brown yet. what home feels like.

dean and seamus~ warm crackling fires. when you’re so happy you feel like you’re going to explode. fireworks. charcoal. sketchbooks with rough paper. bruises on fists from fights and necks from nights with no sleep. that moment when you finally get what you’ve waited for and wanted forever. strawberries. inside jokes. being a shoulder to cry on, and having one when you need it. cheering on your favorite team. low, intimate chuckles. anticipating something so much that you’re worried you’ll be let down, but then it’s even better than you thought it would be.

ginny and lunameadows. flowers in your hair. that bubbly feeling that fills you up when you can’t stop laughing. dancing in the rain with no shoes on. sunlight after the rain clears. skirts. orange cats playing with string. spinning in a new sun-dress. babbling brooks. patterned designs. exploring in the woods. sunlight streaming through treetops, making the ground look speckled. crying without knowing quite why. scrapbooks. the feeling right before the fall. 

ginny and hermione~ notepads. black notebooks and matching fountain pens. the smell of fresh broomstick wood. sweaters. holding hands and watching the red-orange sunset. the smell of freshly-mown grass. when a prank fails but you had fun with it anyways. movie ticket stubs. old books with yellowing paper, books that have stories of their own that have nothing to do with the words on the pages and that get thicker each time you read them. a new day after a bad week.

lavender and parvati~ secrets. giggling. knowing something no one else does. old clocks and pocketwatches. constellations that you see reflected in your best friend’s eyes as you star-gaze. chapped lips. cinnamon. honey in your tea. glitter and sparkles. hour-glasses. when you apply eyeliner just a little crookedly. diaries with locks, the keys to which have been lost. origami fortune-tellers. freshly-sharpened pencils. gems on manicured nails. those nights when you feel limitless.

harry and ginny~ going to a candy shop for the first time. ordering a scotch and downing it in one. bouncy balls. driving in a convertible with the top down and your hair flying out behind you. game nights with your friends, posting silly photos and videos of all your antics the day after and smiling to yourself. the exhilaration of a long-sought victory. sun bringing out natural highlights in your hair. ripped jeans. the rush right before a first kiss.

luna and cho~ blue flowers. blank sheet music with treble clefs. ravens. sunflowers. hairs standing up on your arms and the back of your neck. flowers kept in necklaces. soft drizzles. lying in the grass, naming shapes you see in the clouds. that feeling you get after cleaning your room. duct tape dresses. ribbons. making the heart shape with your hands. tree houses. communicating through a string with a cup at either end. collecting coins. fully-stamped passports. finding a way to be okay after everything.

neville and luna~ sun-showers. stained-glass windows with the light streaming through at just the right time of day. warm milk before bed. botanical gardens at night. the smell of pure vanilla extract. random compliments to strangers. giving your friends hand-made cards and home-made gifts that are actually good. daisies. holding hands on swings. polka-dots. the giddiness of first love.

james and lily~  whiskey that burns your throat. feathers. all-nighters, working down to the wire, with only coffee keeping you going. a windswept look. binge-watching a whole season in one night. getting sunburn at the beach. classic rock. strings of mini-lanterns. snow dulling rainbow christmas lights. leather jackets. winning a teddy bear at a theme park. dusty boxes holding mysteries. going to a midnight opening of the first film of your favorite book series.

remus and sirius~ adventures. black licorice. long, complicated words you only learned the meanings of so as to impress people at parties. firecrackers. the feeling you get when your friend tells a bad joke and you laugh at how bad it is. quills. gas-lights, new orleans style, with stands and everything. plaid. the smell of oak. oxford commas. that moment when you realize it’s all about to go to shit anyways so you stop caring and just laugh.

bill and fleur~ seashells. butterflies. windchimes. swans. a sense of belonging. cobblestones. piano. light illuminating dust dancing by the window. getting paint on your clothes. shiny golden plates. plastic forks. mugs from every place you’ve been. a lot of mugs. chestnut. laughing at yourself. love songs at three in the morning. jumping in puddles. when it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t need to be in order for it to be just what you need.

actualplanetpluto  asked:

Do you have any headcannons on any of Grantaire's many friendships?

Grantaire and Jehan have known each other since first year of university. They bonded over their Non Binary-ness (I won’t go into Jehantaire friendship on this post. you all Know)

Grantaire and Eponine have known each other since they were about 5 but when they were 10 Grantaire moved away and they lost contact. They bumped into  each other in the library at 3am and both screamed and promptly got kicked out. they didn’t care. many tears were shed.

Grantaire, Feuilly, Combeferre and Jehan have a book club where they find books with increasingly weird and specific titles. 

Grantaire loves home made gifts because they like having projects and they care DEEPLY about their friends. They once made a steampunk bowtie for Courfeyrac and he cried every time he saw R for a week

Grantaire and Enjolras’ friendship starts as rocky but actually they start going out for coffee and they get on wildly well as friends. Grantaire taught Enjolras how to cook and now when they cook together it is honestly like clockwork. They never argue and they are never in the way of each other its actually quite beautiful to watch.

Grantaire and Bahorel are the extroverted messes who need each other desperately. They have been arrested together more times than seems reasonable. They have a game where they just go “do you wanna know how i got this scar” in a joker voice and point to a scar they have and the other has to come up with the most ridiculous story they can think of.

Grantaire and Marius got on weirdly really well really quickly. Everyone was still mulling Marius over when Grantaire walked in arm in arm with Marius speaking rapidly and excitedly in German. They had inside jokes before anyone else had even had a full conversation with Marius (courfeyrac excluded obviously)

Home Made Art

Are your walls looking a little empty? Art can be pricey so why not make your own. Here’s a few ideas you can try at home!

These canvases have been created using push pins. Simple idea but very effective.


This love heart was created using corks. Very cute.

Draw your design on each canvas and using a scalpel blade carefully cut out. Making each slightly different is more appealing. Just like these.

This heart was created using pieces of paper cut into triangles and joined together. This is a great idea for teenage rooms, renters or dorm rooms. You can simply blu tac the paper onto the wall for easy removal.

These canvases have been created using gold paper and a hole punch!

Head to your local hardware or paint store and pick up an assortment of paint chips/ paint samples. Using a butterfly hole punch, punch out the paper and arrange your design. Frame it and you’re done!

Scrabble pieces make great art. Either randomly displayed or spelling out your favourite quotes, words or names. Put them in a neat frame and display.

Using nails, wood and string this art creation is actually quite cool.

A great use of lace doilies. This would look cute for the inside of a tray or notebook covers.

Cover a wreath frame in string lights and paper doilies. Great for Christmas or all year round.

Framed branches. A very simple and quick way to jazz up an empty wall. You could even try spray painting them. 

Fringe Yarn Art. Created using a combination of polyester and cotton yarn. A very pretty wall hanging.

Another gorgeous example of coloured paper/ paint chip samples and hole punches. Choose your colours to suit your space. 

So there you have it. A few DIY art creations that won’t blow the budget to have your empty walls looking pretty! 

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

The Light And How It’s Perceived

Or: astronomy lessons with Pearl and (Tiny) Steven. Again. Happy Scabbard-versary, although this turned out a lot more fitting for a Space Race-versary.

Additionally, the very first Steven Universe fic I ever wrote contained a running theme of Pearl making small to-scale spaceship models. A (very fluffy) callback seemed appropriate. ~2100 words

The Light And How It’s Perceived

The situation, after her conversation with Greg, was quite clear. Garnet and Amethyst were away on a mission, and Steven was coming to stay over the weekend.

He was a somewhat-less-tiny tiny human now, thankfully significantly more in control of his own biological processes, and Pearl, although still nervous when left alone with him, was quite sure she could handle at least this much.

Admittedly, it was also… well - flattering, gratifying, and appeasing, the way his entire countenance lit up upon seeing any of the three of them approach, the way his grin grew to seemingly impossible proportions whenever he was told he was going to stay the night with the Crystal Gems (nobody could whisper it with quite as much awe as he could), as preparation for one day when he’d move in with them for good. Pearl couldn’t remember the last time someone had been so purely happy and so honestly delighted just to see her, just to be in her presence-

Or, well, she could, but then, she’d also thought…

“Pearl, look!”

Steven was running towards her and straight into her increasingly melancholic thoughts, providing a most welcome interruption. Clasped tightly in his small hands, but still held out in front of him as if the length of his arms would noticeably lessen the time it took for the item in question to become clearly visible to Pearl, was a plastic box of colourful pencils. It was a vivid red-pink and covered with glittery star-shaped stickers, some of which were - Pearl’s eyes narrowed - already peeling off. Steven didn’t seem to mind, however, and his smile, missing front tooth and missed ice-cream smudge and all, was contagiously bright.

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anonymous asked:

What are your favourite names for a boy or girl? What's the most special gift you've ever given or received? What is the one book/movie that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? What outfit makes you feel like you can take on the world? Hope you're having a spectacular day <3

Names I like: Atticus, Parker, James, Zacharias, Ezekiel, Scout, Maisie

Most special gift: The home-made gifts that my best friend and I have given each other. Anything personalised is always the most touching. Having a couple of songs written about me was very special too.

Book: Harry Potter, Mindy Kaling’s and Amy Poehler’s

Movies: Now And Then, It Takes Two, The Parent Trap, The Best of Me

What makes me feel like I can take on the world: a good workout, my music, a good outfit, new travel plans or just a good old fashioned positive attitude 

Hope you are too, sunshine!! x

persephonah  asked:

lotte,,,my gay icon,,,,,, my idol,,,,,,,,pls share some eposette hcs i need them

My dear kat, for you - anything.

Eponine goes on a trip around the world once cause she needs to get away and she’s come into some money. She sends Cosette a postcard and a teabag from every place she goes.
- the postcard for general updates and words of love
- the teabag so that Cosette can make herself the same cup of tea Eponine is having so they are connected.
Cosette hangs the postcards on little strings above their bed so she can look up and be reminded that Ep is safe and happy and on her way home.

Eponine felt super guilty when they started dating bc she could never pay for good gifts like Cosette could. Cosette promptly bans gift buying and they only do home made gifts now.
If they want to buy eachother something it is always discussed to make sure it remains guilt free.

Eponine was a beer drinker before she met Cosette. Cosette made it her mission to bring Eponine round on sparkly cocktails. (Was it an excuse to share a load of cocktails with Eponine? Cosette denies all charges.)

Lol if you think Eponine didn’t have a “changing my major” moment when they first slept together you are DEAD WRONG.

(ily kat i hope this is ok!!!! Xxxxxx)


Solid Lotion Bars!! 

So, I fell in love with the solid massage bars at Lush over the last few years but it made me wonder how easy it would be to make my own. I had a friend do this recently and that made me want to try as well. It’s so easy anyone can do it! Basically fool proof, not hard and saves a million dollars! Kidding, not kidding haha! So here you go, lets get right to it!!


15-20 prep time

1-2 hours cool time depending how warm your house is haha


- 1 Part Bees Wax

- 1 Part 100% Pure Coco Butter

- 1 Part Coconut Oil

Any Essential Oils you want to scent your bars


- Cheese Grater 

- Muffin Tin

- Double boiler or bowl and pot that fit inside each other

- Spoon to stir

Directions: Take your 100% pure coco butter (the hard stick kind) and grate it with your cheese grater. I used two sticks and that made about 1C of coco butter bits. Place those in your melting bowl. Take the same measurement (1C for me) and add it to the melting bowl. Then scoop out the same measurement of Coconut Oil and add it to the bowl. Adjusting your coconut butter is where you can decide how soft or hard your bars are. If you want them to melt more easily add a tad bit more coconut oil and vice versa less oil to melt more slowly and a harder bar. 

After all of the solid ingredients are in the melting bowl go ahead and place it on top of your pot of water. Turn on to a medium-high heat, watch the bubbles so they don’t boil over or get into your wax mixture. I basically didn’t worry about stirring or anything until the wax is almost all the way melted because if you stir too soon it will cool off what is warming and you want it all to get to a fairly high temp to melt it all. If some wax gets on the side of the bowl and starts to harden again, just scrape it off and add it back to the melting portion. 

Once it is all melted and mixed thoroughly turn off your heat and add in your essential oils. I used a mixture created by a local wellness company that encourages relaxation. You can choose your essential oils for scent preference or for their healing properties you get to decide. 

Once your oils are stirred in just pour your mixture into your muffin tins. My 3 cups created 6 full muffin tin bars. You can use small muffin tins or any fun holiday shape molds you find. Once they are all filled just let it sit out at room temperature to solidify. I just left the house and ran some errands. When I came home they were solid. Don’t pop them out too quickly, you want them to be solid all the way through. 

All I did to pop them out was turn the tin over onto a towel and press the bottom of each individual muffin and each popped out with ease. I think a good non stick muffin tin helps with this. 

My bars have sort of a speckled look to them on the bottom because some of the Vanilla resin that I used settled to the bottom. I love this look but yours may be different. I hope you enjoy them!! Let me know what scent combos you come up with and if you found any helpful hints for these!!


anonymous asked:

11 Liam Dunbar ?? Pls & thank you!!

#11 - Liam Dunbar

*I hope you enjoy!*

Word Count: 514
Request: 11 Liam Dunbar ?? Pls & thank you!!
Prompt: “Look! A conveniently placed mistletoe.”
Warnings: mention of depression ; mention of family death

You let out another small sigh, wishing you had gone with your original decision of staying home. Instead, somehow Lydia had convinced you the only way to spend a holiday was partying and getting black out wasted.

Yet here you were, sitting all alone on the foot of the stairs, barely taking sips of the girl’s ‘famous’ holiday cider.

“Keep sighing and you’ll end up making Rudolph depressed.” A voice spoke from next to you.

Looking over to see the familiar Liam Dunbar, you gave a sad smile.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. “Not a fan of the holidays?”

“Not really. My dad, Stiles and I usually spend it sulking and watching home videos. My mom’s favorite holiday was Christmas. She swore she loved nothing more than getting dressed up in ugly sweaters and opening our home made gifts for her. But personally, I think she was just in it for the cookies.” You smiled, remembering how excited both you and your older brother would get when noticing the cookies you had left out for the white bearded man had disappeared.

“As anyone should be. Holiday treats are the best.” Liam agreed, grinning.

“What about you? You’re looking quite festive.” You spoke, noticing the holiday sweater and antlers he wore.

“Eh, to be honest,” he started, “I’m not really a fan of it either. My dad left around Christmas time a few years back. My step dad loves it though, so my mom and I usually get all dressed up for him.”

“I’m sorry.” You frowned, feeling bad for the kind hearted boy, knowing how hard it is to lose a parent.

“Don’t be, both my mom and I are a lot happier now.” he smiled.

“Well,” you sighed lifting your drink, “to being alone on Christmas.”

“You’re not alone. I’m here.” He countered.

“Okay,” You started, a small smile visible on your features. “To not being alone on Christmas.”

“Now that I’ll drink too.” He grinned, lifting his glass to meet yours.

You were brought out of your conversation by the sound of your brother calling your name, signalling he was ready to leave.

“Well that’s my cue.” You sighed. “I’ll see you later Liam.”

“Wait!” He called. “I uh- I just happened to notice, we are- well we’re kind of under the mistletoe.” He rambled, his confident attitude slipping away.

A slight blush crept onto your cheeks as you noticed the green plant dangling from the ceiling.

“Well would you look at that, a conveniently placed mistletoe.” You whispered. You weren’t sure if it was the liquid courage you had consumed throughout the night or your new found holiday spirit, but you soon found yourself kissing the teen boy. Liam was quick to react, both of his hands finding your waist as he pulled you into him. After pulling away, too soon for both of your likings, you grinned, turning to walk towards your flabbergasted brother, leaving Liam in a breathless haze.

“What was that?” Stiles asked, glancing from you to the still shocked werewolf barely 30 feet away.

“Nothing.” You smiled, making your way to the awaiting Roscoe the jeep.

Christmas was for sure, one of your new favorite holidays.

X Christmas Headcannons

- Back on Earth, Elma loved it when it snowed on Christmas, and she misses the snow when it comes to Christmas in New LA.

- Lin always insists on putting the star at the top of the tree, even though she can’t reach it. She also has a very firm belief in Santa Claus.

- Irina is terrible at giving gifts, as hard as she tries, and will end up giving people stuff she bought the day before.

- Gwin eats a lot of the food at the Christmas feast and is the one to get sick afterwards.

- Doug puts up most of the decorations in the barracks, likely curses a lot when he’s putting up the lights (“WHY IS IT THAT WHEN ONE GOES OUT, THE REST GO OUT”)

- Lao surprises Lin with a few heartwarming gifts, remembering how he and his family practically worshipped the holiday back on Earth.

- L is very confused and intrigued by Christmas, probably tries to sell Christmas decorations and such while wearing a very tight elf outfit. Says “HO HO HO” every five seconds.

- Yelv wears giant ugly Christmas sweaters, and attempts to get everyone else to do the same.

- H.B. participates in all of New LA’s Secret Santa projects, trying to outclass everyone else by giving the superior gifts.

- Phog and Frye spend Christmas together next to a fireplace and under some blankets with hot chocolate - though, Frye’s is spiked.

- Alexa sets up her Skell to make a Christmas fireworks display on Christmas Eve, one of the most dazzling fireworks shows the city has ever seen.

- Hope is the best gift giver and always makes home made gifts for all of her close friends.

- Celica learns about Christmas and makes flowery Santa hats for her and Rock. Rock helps to put up the massive Christmas tree in the Commercial District.

- Murderess doesn’t give gifts and almost disregards the holiday, but if you happen to catch her off guard you might hear her humming Christmas carols.

- Nagi makes every BLADE take off on Christmas to celebrate and walks around dressed as Santa Claus, with Vandham donning a red nose as Rudolph.

- Bozè doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but he always makes sure to appreciate the Christmas carolers that come to his place.


- Cross completely misunderstands Christmas (amnesia and all) and wraps themselves up as a present to give to one of the other characters.

punkpoemprose  asked:

Happy teacher appreciation week! You're making a huge difference in the lives of your kids <3 Glad to see they're giving you some love!

This week always warms my heart, like getting free food is always fun. But what I really love is the cards and home made/thoughtful gifts. These tiny humans change my life as much as I hope I change theirs very day. Thank you, doll face.

25 Headcanons of Christmas

1.  The annual Vongola Christmas Gala is taken over by Tsuna after his 18th birthday.  He’s pretty sure that the real reason Timeteo is retiring is because of this one event.  It’s the one gala held per year that all the people in the Vongola alliance are invited to.  It’s also one of the greatest headaches Tsuna’s ever had the misfortune of being anywhere near.  

2.  Gokudera spends months planning his Christmas presents.  Each one has to be perfect, this is down to the little bows that are placed on each one.  He goes through a lot of paper, tape, and ribbons.  Wrapping presents for him is an almost week long event.  

3.  Yamamoto and his father do Christmas together every year, so either he’s going to Japan or his father comes to Italy (after he moves there permanently).  The younger kids always look forward to Tsuyoshi’s coming, since he has the best candies and presents of all time. 

4.  Ryohei dresses up as Santa and Kyoko as his elf and they go to children’s hospitals together during the Holiday season.  (The Vongola make sure that every child in every ward will get a gift from them)

5.  Lambo and I-Pin try to build a bigger snowman than the year before.  They keep records of how big it is and the other guardians always get in on it.  

6.  Everyone thinks that it’s Kusakabe who buys Hibari’s presents for the others.  And they’d be right to a certain extent.  Hibari tells Kusakabe what to buy.  

7.  Mukuro is the shit who makes sure that mistletoe is hung everywhere in the mansion but still manages to never get caught under it unawares, he somehow always manages to be under mistletoe with whoever he wants it to be.  

8. Xanxus does not do the holiday season at all, reminds him too much of his family and the like, however, those times he’s somehow convinced to go to a holiday gathering, people might be able to notice that he doesn’t try to bait Timeteo as much as he usually does, and that some of the bite in his tone is missing.  

9.  Squalo is the one they use to cut down the Christmas tree when they find it, because “why bother dragging a saw/axe out here when you already have one attached?”

10.  Levi wears ugly Christmas sweaters unironically.  

11. Lus is all about the Christmas season (the one Varia member who really is, much to his display), and will have Christmas music playing starting the day after Thanksgiving and spends as much time as he can baking cookies and pies for the rest of his family. 

12. Most of Bel’s Christmas memories are from horrid balls with his royal family.  And seeing his brother always get the better gifts.  He enjoys his Christmas’ most when he’s out on an assignment.  

13.  You can often find Fran just sitting and watching the snow fall.  He actually finds it incredibly peaceful (something that’s hard to come by when you’re surrounded by the Varia).  

14.  Byakuran loves Christmas, the sweets, the shopping, the festive mood.  He’s at every Christmas party, and loves giving out gifts.  He changes his ringtone to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” for the entire month of December.  

15. Kikyo is the only one in allowed to do the Gesso Family Official Christmas Tree.  It’s always elegant and sophisticated.  However, there’s a private one just for the guardians that he’ll let everyone go crazy on.

16. Zakuro can make the absolute best hot chocolate.  He gets a special brand of chocolate always makes it in milk and adds some special spices, no one’s been able to figure it out to this day, but it’s widely agreed that is the best.  

17. Bluebell spends hours agonizing over her Christmas day dress.  An annual family picture is always taken and she wants to make sure that she’s dressed to impress. 

18. Daisy’s bunny was his one Christmas present that he can remember from before his time in the mental institute.  No other present he ever gets will compare to it.  (Despite Byakuran’s best efforts)

19. Fon is the person for home-made gifts all the way.  

20.  Colonnello has spent the last three Christmas’ working up the courage to propose to Lal.  It hasn’t happened yet, but he’s sure he’ll get there eventually.  (Spoiler: this year on Christmas, Lal proposes to him.  He cries.  )

21.  Reborn likes to tease Lambo by giving him a box of coal before the actual present. (Lambo kept falling for it a whole lot longer than he’d like to admit)

22.  Verde actually likes eating fruit cake.  Speculation is, he doesn’t actually really taste anything he eats since he’s too focused on science.  

23.  Skull does charity shows all of December.  

24. Viper is the very definition of Scrooge.  Don’t tell anyone but Mukuro, Chrome and Fran have come up with a plan to do the “ghost of Christmas’ past, present and future” on him.  (When asked, the other two will say that it was all Mukuro’s idea).

25.  Dino goes crazy during Christmas.  Gifts have to bought for everyone, and he insists on personally picking out each person’s.  All of the guardians and their full families will get gifts, along with all the Vongola guardians, Reborn and Squalo.  (He tried doing it for the entire Varia, but Xanxus threatened to shoot him so he stopped that…)

Coming of Age Day 2


Sasuke’s hand smacked the bald man’s shiny head, causing him to turn. Seeing her chance, Sakura dropped the cup in her free hand and gripped his wrist that had a hold on her tight enough to hear a quiet pop. Just as the man opened his mouth to yelp in pain, Sasuke smacked his hand over his mouth. Sasuke stood at her side, his grip tightening on the man’s face. “Leave,” Sasuke hissed. “Before I let her rip your arm off.” Sakura squeezed his wrist tighter.

The man nodded in shock, and he and his accomplice hurried away with their tails between their legs. The two of them watched as the scared men scrambled away. Sasuke then turned his attentioned to the pink-haired girl who had her eyes on the ground, saddened.

“Are you okay, Sakura?” he asked.

Sakura squatted on the ground and looked at her fallen anmitsu. “What a waste,” she sighed.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and pulled out his wallet once more. This time, he walked over to the booth to buy it for her as Naruto and Hinata rushed over to her to check if she was okay. As the trio squawked at the events that just happened, Sasuke looked at the little cup full of spoons and grabbed two.

“I did enough to scare him,” Sakura admitted sheepishly. “I didn’t want to hurt him too badly, otherwise I would have ended up taking care of him in the hospital.” Naruto guffawed and Hinata giggled.

Sasuke handed Sakura a brand new cup of anmitsu and she took it happily. “We’ll see you at the ceremony,” Sasuke told the couple, and they nodded. As they parted ways, Sakura gulped a spoonful of the sweet snack and sighed happily.

“Thank you, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura hummed, then caught sight of the second spoon in his hand. Sasuke followed her gaze and froze nervously, causing the spoon to fall to the ground. “So clumsy today, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura giggled. She scooped up a spoonful of the anmitsu and held it up to Sasuke. “You wanted some?” Sasuke’s face grew hot and he remained frozen, so Sakura brought it closer to his mouth for him to open up. When he did, the taste of the sweet jelly filled his mouth and he chewed it slowly. “One of my favorites,” Sakura said, grinning.

The ceremony was in another thirty minutes, and the twenty-year-olds had to make their way to the center of the festival to take their seats before the others arrived to view. They made their way slowly to the ceremony area. Sakura would eat a spoonful and give Sasuke a spoonful of the anmitsu. Sakura couldn’t help but prolong her gaze at Sasuke when she would hold the spoon up to his mouth and study the way he seemed to shyly inspect the jelly before letting the spoon feed him. He would always chew slowly, as if feeling every bit of the jelly and tasting every bit of the sugary treat.

When they finally arrived at the large seating arrangement, she threw the empty cup and spoon away into a trash bin and turned to Sasuke. “I guess it’s separated by gender,” she said, motioning to the chairs that had everyone’s names on them. “I’ll see you after the ceremony?”

Sasuke nodded as Ino called to Sakura to come meet her over at a chair next to her. Sakura rushed over to her blond friend. As Sasuke saw her walk off, a bandaged arm draped around his shoulders heavily. Naruto looked after Sakura who joined Ino and the other girls. “So you two are an official couple, huh?” he asked slyly. “Everyone saw you being fed by her, you know.”

“Shut up, loser,” Sasuke sighed, and the two of them joined the other men sitting on the opposite side.

Kakashi was leading the ceremony and talked about the strong generation that was before him. His speech made Naruto and Sasuke doze slightly until the war was mentioned. The two of them perked up when Naruto’s name was mentioned and the crowd applauded him excitedly. Naruto raised his hand in acknowledgment and wiped a dribble of snot that made his way down his cupid’s bow in shock. Hinata giggled as Sakura and Ino felt slightly embarrassed for him.

When it was time for the gifts to be presented, the women went first. When Sakura’s name was called and she walked onto the stage to be handed a certificate of bravery, given only to the shinobi who fought during the war, and a small wrapped gift, Sasuke watched her confident walk. Her parents could be heard above the applause hooting and telling her to look their way. However, when Sakura gave her sensei a hug and pulled away to look at the crowd, her eyes landed on Sasuke’s. Their gaze lasted a fraction of a second, long enough for Sasuke to feel something odd in his chest take control of his heart. She gave him a shy wave before she made her way down the steps, her furisode sleeves billowing as she walked.

When it was the mens’ turns to go up to the stage, A huge applause resonated for Naruto, the hero of the great war. Not long later was Sasuke, who received the polite applause from the general public. But erupting from the crowd were his friends from the Academy, the Konoha Ten, and Sakura’s parents. Sasuke looked across the crowd in surprise and caught sight of Sakura again who had the brightest smile on her face as she was clapping until her hands hurt. He bowed to Kakashi and made his way back down to his seat.

When the final man walked across the stage, Kakashi closed the ceremony officially and welcomed everyone to watch the village fireworks that would take place within the hour. Sakura and the girls were all caught up in taking pictures together with their elegant furisode before urging all of the boys to join in on their photography sessions. Sakura’s parents grabbed the cameras and excitedly snapped and flashed pictures of the former Rookie Nine, now all together after so many years.

Tenten and Lee gave everyone their own presents as congratulations: small boxes wrapped in silver paper that they told them not to open until the end of the night when they get home. “Specialized gifts made just for you guys,” Tenten said. She then gathered everyone’s gifts and stored them within a scroll so they didn’t have to drag their gifts around all night.

“Fireworks!” Choji exclaimed. “Do you think I have time to run and grab some fishballs, Shikamaru?”

“You might as well before the line gets any longer,” Kiba answered for him as he ran his hand through Akamaru’s long fur.

“I would like some, too,” Shino spoke up.

“It’s settled, then!” Ino hooted, leading the way to the stall where they were selling fishballs.

The friends walked together with Choji as they dug through their wallets and clutches for money. Sakura slowed her pace so she could walk next to Sasuke and pushed a few strands of hair out of her face. “That was a lot of fun,” she commented, looking up at Sasuke.

“Your parents are very kind,” he said thoughtfully.

Sakura’s voice caught in her throat as she turned to look at her parents who were chatting with Ino’s. Sakura only smiled before saying, “They like you, Sasuke-kun. They really do.” The cold air sent a chill down her spine, and she tried to hide her hands within the sleeves of her furisode to no avail. Sasuke noticed her shivers and held out his hand to her. She looked up at him in confusion at first, then began to feel her face grow hot. She placed her cold hand on his warm palm, and he wrapped his fingers around hers. Warmth radiated from her now. The two of them walked to the booth together, following their friends.

When they had all bought their cups of fishballs, the group had noticed the couple in the back that was now holding hands, but said nothing. They merely glanced back giddily as they made their way to the hill where the fireworks would be best seen only to discover that the hill was horribly crowded with what looked like the entire village.

Naruto pointed up at a tall building and the group of youth ran to the roof and took their seats along the sloped tiles. When they looked down, tiny specs of light from the lanterns could be seen swaying in the darkness. Sakura kicked off her shoes and settled herself on the edge of the roof to let her feet dangle. Sasuke took his place next to her and the others crowded within their teams or with their significant others.

And now we wait, Sakura thought.

Akashi Seijuro Head Cannons

Actual baby



·       Most animals respect Akashi but never truly warm up to him with love and affection. Akashi pretends this doesn’t bother him.

·       Akashi is especially good with horses, but most dogs growl at him and cats tend to run away.

·       Nigou was the first dog that didn’t shy away from Akashi and that secretly means the world to him.


·       Fleece jackets

·       Chalk on a blackboard

·       Fancy stationary

·       Scent-free soap

·       Elaborate, ornate wood carved statues and weird knickknacks

·       Ugly-ass, home-made Christmas ornaments

·       Color-coded closets

·       The food pyramid

·       Chapped lips

·       Finding an awesome rock and giving it to someone you love

Quirks / Irks

·       Akashi has a ton of joke books hidden under his bed.

·       Akashi is terrified of his foot or leg falling asleep when he is in public.

·       Akashi always eats an orange and green vegetable every day because when he was little his mom told him it was a law.

·       When he was little, Akashi would always draw the ugliest pictures but the teacher and students always said his pictures were amazing.

·       Akashi thinks home-made gifts are the best and would literally melt if his S/O made him anything ever.

·       Akashi doesn’t like big, open spaces; they make him feel small and nervous.

·       Classical music puts Akashi to sleep almost instantly.

·       Akashi hates when people leave out pieces of chalk that are too small to write with.

Love / Affection

·       Akashi’s first crush is someone exactly like his mom and at the time it doesn’t weird him out at all.

·       Akashi will never let go of his S/O’s hand first, ever. Even if he is cooking or doing homework and it’s kind of ridiculous.

·       Akashi is the Emperor of Awkward Hugs.

·       It’s true Akashi would put his S/O on a pedestal. He would actually think they are the greatest person who has ever lived.

·       Akashi is lousy at productive arguments with his S/O. He never wants to have a disagreement in public, but is still puzzled sometimes in private when his S/O explains their feelings to him.

·       Akashi wouldn’t hesitate to let his S/O know he thinks they are making a bad decision, but will always let them try anyway.

·       Despite basically owning every space he occupies, Akashi wants his S/O to make him feel safe and wanted wherever they are.

·       Akashi will probably think his S/O is the funniest person on the planet.

Emotions / Feelings

·       Akashi gets emotional when he sees families in the park together.

·       It doesn’t bother Akashi anymore when he tries to make a joke and his teammates all fake-laugh.

·       Akashi thinks he is in general, a lot sadder than his other side.

·       Akashi gets especially sad or lonely around holidays.

·       It would take a very long time for Akashi to be comfortable enough to bring his S/O to his mother’s grave. But once he does he will always be glad he did and it will probably be one of the best days of his life.  

Imagine Thor asking you for help with a mothers day gift...

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Thor: I need your help it is urgent!

Y/N: What is it?! Is Loki attacking again? A giant robot this time? Do I need to assemble the avengers?

Thor: No not at all. I heard about Midgard’s mothers day, and I want to partake in the festivities. I need help finding a gift for my mother, but what can you give to a queen that she does not already have? 

Y/N: Really? *Chuckles* Well, when all else fails flowers are good, and maybe you could make her something. Home made gifts are a lot more heartfelt than fancy material objects.

Thor: Would that be enough? That seems small compared to so many riches. 

Y/N: Trust me it doesn’t have to be fancy to appease your mom. I’m sure if you give her something you put a lot of work, and care into she will love it no matter what you make her. 

Thor: All right thank you for your advice. Would you do me the honors of helping me make her a gift?

Y/N: Sure thing big guy. Follow me, and we can go online to look up ideas on what to make.

anonymous asked:

klaine: i’m a florist and you keep buying flowers from me and what do you mean it was my fault we didn’t get together earlier you were buying flowers i assumed you had a lover au


Klaine Bingo: Earth

Blaine has never been one to buy flowers.

Most of the time, he brings home-made gifts to people inviting him for dinner, and his mother has a whole garden of flowers–the only time he brought her flowers was when he came back from Keukenhof and bought her bulbs of tulips.

But ever since “Edelweiss” opened in his street, Blaine has a sudden willingness to offer flowers to all the people in his life.

A little bouquet of daisies for his barista on a particularly rainy day.

A large bouquet of peonies and freesias on the day of the opening of Sam’s kindergarten school.

An array of potted hyacinths–blue, pink and white–for Tina’s birthday, complete with a bag of fresh soil.

A bouquet of ranunculus for the old lady who sells red bracelets at the entrance of the subway because … because Blaine is running out of people to buy flowers for, and he can’t have too much of them in his apartment–it’s a nightmare to clean, and he gets sneezy when he buys too much of it.


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