As many of you know, I’ve been working closely with @kittcrusaders , a NPO #rescue that saves #cats and #kittens from high kill shelters, provide much needed medical care, food, and placement in furever homes in Southern #California over the past year. We continue to work hard to get the word out and to help get more donations and it is run 100% on volunteer time, especially now that #kitten season is upon us. Please consider donating, volunteering, or even adopting a cat from us and help us save lives. Even one dollar or share helps make a difference.

You can also purchase this signed photo and 100% of the proceeds go to #kittcrusaders. GO TO THEIR LINK IN THEIR BIO or http://www.kittcrusaders.wix.com/kittcrusaders

Photo by @brandinrackley
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Help a Mentally Ill latinx leave their abusive home

My name is Lou, i have 23 years old, im mentally ill and i live in a pretty abusive home.

Until now, i was able to manage living like that, it was bad but i was able to manage it, but the things have changed.

A couple of weeks ago, i had this big argument with my mother, and she gave me two options, I can start to act like she wants (That means leaving culinary school, acting ladylike, repressing my sexuallity and agreeing to have a gastric bypass surgery) or i had to leave.

Of course, since i don’t have were to go, i accepted to act in a more acceptable way.

At least until i am able to get enough money to leave forever.

And if i were alone, i would leave right now, living in the street is better than this.

But i have a dog, Miranda, who is the only reason i’m still alive right now and if i did that i couldn’t take her with me.

I could live like that, but the thought of getting gastric surgery terrifies me beyond measure.

I might be able to delay it until august of this year.

That meas that i have less than six months to save enough money to leave.

I will mostly need money to cover basic stuff like the apartment deposit and rent until i can find a new job.

So if any of you can donate even one dollar, i will be forever grateful!

Here is the donation link!

And if you cant donate, please, reblog and signal boost this.


That sounds like a good plan, buddy.

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Dad that ships Johnlock

Okay another personal story that I just realized I never posted about…

My boyfriend and I were home for New Years, visiting around with family. On the 4th, we went out for sushi with his dad who we haven’t seen in awhile.
After lots of conversation, he asks my boyfriend, “Why is your hair so dark?” (His hair is usually dyed pink)
I blurt out, “He was Sherlock for Halloween, I was Watson! Did you see the pictures?” (I said this not knowing if he was familiar with the bbc show)
When he shook his head and looked incredibly curious I immediately showed him the photos on my phone, and my boyfriend asked, “Have you seen Sherlock, the BBC one? It’s amazing.”
His dad replied, “Yeah! I love the show, and holy crap you guys are perfect…”(as he’s looking at the photos)
And he just stares at me for awhile and he asks, “Did you see the Victorian special yet?” -I told him we were going to see it in theaters the next day, then he said we would love it and that he watched it on New Years as soon as it came out.
So like I’m trying not to completely freak out about this new discovery and I’m not paying attention to the conversation, but he was somehow talking to my boyfriend about Moriarty, then he praised us for our cosplay again and said “John and Sherlock’s relationship is possibly the most interesting in all of television, I absolutely love it.”
I couldn’t keep a huge grin off my face and we exchanged a knowing look and I was trying not to scream and he said, “It’s just perfect, what they’re implying and what they’re doing with the show”, and I somehow choked out, “yes” and proceeded to stuff sushi down my throat because I wasn’t capable of carrying on a conversation about this in a calm manor.

Anyway this was an amazing moment.

Speaking of the Flowey PTSD/panic thing, I was thinking of him initially joining Frisk in school and, due to staying underground by himself for a little while before Frisk brought him home, him joining the class some time into the school year and being the “new student”. He isn’t too sure what to think about the situation until he gets the traditional “Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” and Frisk carries him up front in his flowerpot so he can greet himself.

Except, Flowey sees all these human kids (and maybe some monsterkids, but mostly humans) staring him back and goes uncharacteristically quiet, and just,

Frisk speaks up on his behalf by explaining that he’s not used to being around so many people and thus he might be shy, so that they can get Flowey out of the situation, not realizing what made him so nervous (it’s all the humans staring him down).

anonymous asked:

How does it work when a Lord Paramount like Tywin or Jon Arryn is given a long term royal appointment (Hand, Master of Coin, etc). Do they have someone back in the Westerlands or Vale running the show for years on end? Does it harm their relationship with their vassals if they're not considered 'present'? Or are they just expected to make trips back home as often as possible?

As often as possible is a bit much, but frequent trips are a part of the deal. Tywin very much commuted between King’s Landing and Casterly Rock (especially since his wife wasn’t welcome at Rhaella’s court after a point) and even “worked at home” for about a year. 

But in the main, there’s two things you need - one, a strong castellan to rule the roost back at home and keep your bannermen in line, and two, lots of patronage both in terms of employment but also as invitations to come hang out at court, so that you can bring your bannermen to you. 

And that’s the kind of push-pull thing about long-term jobs. Yes, it means you’re away from home, but it also means you have lots of royal goodies to hand out, which means your bannermen have more reasons to be on your good side. 

anonymous asked:

Hi there, I'm looking for a daddy!kurt fic, I've checked the tag but it doesn't seem to be there- basically Kurt & Brittany went this teen pregnancy during Kurt's straight phase, resulting in Kurt becoming a single dad, years later he runs into Blaine while he & Santana work at a diner. One clear detail i remember is Santana getting jealous & trying to force the child to call Brittany mom (he'd been calling them Aunts before) and Brittany giving Blaine the right to adopt by the end. Help please!

That’s this one:

It’s Not Just Me

Kurt is 21, has a dead end job in a diner in Lima, and a four year old at home. What happens when Blaine comes in the picture?

~life update~
  • today i had blood drawn and it took the phlebotomist three tries to get the vein so now half of my arm is black and blue and i can’t straighten it without wincing :-) :-) :-) 
  • sunday is valentine’s day and you are all my valentines
  • but also i’m going to the huntington w my best friend and getting some champagne and having a wander around the gardens
  • i am very tired and i spent my friday night working, but on the plus side i’m gonna get #paid 
  • i get to go back home to rhode island for spring break this year!!
  • been dealing w some shit but i promise i’m going to get to your asks as soon as i can!
  • the undergrad english majors at my school have put together info sessions with grad students which is super cute and also going to be ~post–grad advice in real life~~ 
  • i need to start thinking about paper topics, which is very [theater masks emoji]
  • it’s 9pm and im gonna put clean sheets on my bed, take a hot shower, and read until i fall asleep :’)

160206 Subin Instagram Update

오늘도 넘 넘 고생했어요…♡
컨디션이 방전되서 벅찼는데..
울 달링들이 힘내라는 응원소리에
덕분에 잘 마쳤어요!♡
사랑하고 또 사랑합니다!
조심히 들어가구 설날 맛있는거 많이 먹구 오셔서 포동포동한 모습으로 보기!!

Today also, we worked so hard…♡
My condition has become discharged, so I am overwhelmed..
But our Darling give me strength in their cheers
Because of you I have finished well!♡
I love you and I love you!
Go home carefully and eat a lot of delicious food for New Year. I will show a plump appearance!! It’s a promise!

Musings and ramblings the first

I’m not convinced that there’s any mental state, oddity or normality, disability or diversity or aligned with society, that can’t actually be a spectrum.

You can have mild OCD or you can have intense OCD. You can have a panic attack once in your life or you can have them constantly. (I’ve had two panic attacks in my whole life, both around the time when I was being mistreated at home, about ten years ago. I’ve never had them since.) You can have eating disordered tendencies without having a full-blown ED. You can have occasional hallucinations or you can have persistent, daily ones. Dissociation comes in many flavours, and you can be aware of it or not. You can be mildly or intensely socially competent, good at numbers, empathic, procrastinating, impulsive, worrying, decisive.

Autism is a spectrum. Gender identity is a spectrum. Not saying these things are disordered or related! But as an autistic, genderweird trans person I feel comfortable saying that they are, in large part, likely based on our brains. (And a lot of non-typical brainness can overlap. Gender identity can be influenced by BPD or autism, for example. So can sexuality and romanticism. So can social anxiety and depression.)

I just… I don’t think I’ve ever come across a brain, an internal experience, that if it appeared in an intense version didn’t also appear in less pronounced versions. And yes, you can measure some of these things on a scan, you can look at a brain on an MRI or whatever and say, “yep, that brain has depression”. But it’s also not like there are only two types of brain state, Depressed and Healthy. You might be able to measure a case of deep depression, but can you tell where “healthy” ends and “depressed” begins, on a borderline (no pun intended) case? It’s largely subjective and self-reported: if it’s affecting your life negatively you ask for treatment, if it’s not you don’t. But I’m not convinced that every point on either side of that line organises itself into a neat little category of “depressed brain” or “non-depressed brain”.

So when people say things like “you can’t be multiple, because DID is A Serious Condition that ruins lives! It’s horrible and traumatic and everyone who has it wishes they didn’t!”, I think… has anything else ever worked like that, ever? When people say that there’s either “normal” functioning or the “extreme rare case” of clinical lycanthropy, where, yeah, sure, we monitored the brain states of a couple of people who felt like they were shapeshifting and they were unusual, but it’s not like most of you special snowflakes have that rare condition… I think, but brain states are spectrums.

And just because something is usually caused by one thing doesn’t mean it can’t occur for other reasons if the right neurons are tripped. Having a stroke can affect your sexuality, but I’m willing to bet most gay people aren’t that way because of a stroke. So when people say “but multiplicity only occurs because of trauma!” or “but supernumerary phantom limbs only occur in people with strokes!”, I think… what’s your evidence? It’s pretty hard to prove a negative, and I’m seeing a lot of anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

People have incentives to believe that mental states are binary, just like they have reasons to believe that genders and sexualities (look at all the anti-bi “pick a side!” arguments if you don’t believe people have a strong emotional investment in this) are binary. It makes the world look neater, it lets you deal with people as groups, and if you’re prejudiced it lets you know whose side you’re on. But I don’t believe anything in nature, with all its randomness and mutations, divides that way.

And sure, I’m not saying that there are never fakers. Someone was asking on my dash recently whether identities can only ever be measured subjectively and internally, and if that means there’s no way to say that someone doesn’t have an identity or experience. And I don’t think that’s quite true, even if we should be very cautious about judging other people’s claims of that, because we’re likely trying to pattern-match to what we think a “real” X is like. I think there is a thing that it is like to have an experience or identity, and people can be wrong or lying about whether they have it. But by and large, the problem with “Tumblr kids claiming every identity under the sun” seems to be far outweighed by the problem of people who are trying to be heard about these liminal experiences, these brain states and identities and ways of being that don’t fit into a neat category, and aren’t being taken seriously.

Isn’t that what smashing binaries is all about?