Clean your mattress

Here’s a cheap and easy cleaner that takes like ten minutes plus drying time. It removed visible stains for me and also completely broke down any odor.

In a metal or glass container (or plastic if you don’t care about pitting it) measure out:

  • 1 cup (or 250mL) hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 tbsp (or 50 mL) baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate), and
  • ½ tsp (or 2.5 mL) dish/washing-up liquid.

Stir really well and put in a cheap spray bottle you don’t care about. Shake the bottle well and spray down your mattress. Shake the bottle between sprays to lessen the chances of clogging the nozzle with baking soda.

When you’ve sprayed down the entire mattress thoroughly, rinse the bottle immediately and spray hot water out of it to keep the nozzle unclogged so it’s useable in the future. Any cleaner left in the container will expand and harden. 

Let the mattress dry completely before replacing linens, or flipping it and doing the other side.

If you don’t have a protective mattress cover, it’s also good to vacuum your mattress a few times a year to pull up any dead skin cells, dust, etc. If your mattress is in bad shape, it’s really nice to spray down the bed, then spread plain baking soda over the whole thing and vacuum it all off once it’s dry. Using this spray alone once a week for a few weeks in a row adds up, too, for sad matresses.

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Hey, any idea how to get rid of a really bad fruit fly problem?

Start by getting rid of all the rubbish in the place. Every bit of it from every room. Check all food that’s not in an airtight container – if it’s starting to go off or if there are a lot of flies around it, toss it out.  All the way out – do not leave any bags of rubbish indoors/in your flat if you can help it.

After that, put any food that isn’t in an airtight container into one. Sealed plastic bags, Tupperware – it doesn’t matter. Until you are rid of the flies, don’t have any fruit etc. unprotected on the counter, even things you think might be hard for them to get into. Ideally, seal it up and stick it in the refrigerator, but just sealing it up is good.

Bags of potting soil are also a risk – Miracle Gro potting soil especially is known for bringing in gnats. Throw it away if there are flies around/in it. If there aren’t, put it in an airtight container.

Next, make sure all your dishes are clean. Until the flies are gone, do not leave ued dishes unwashed, even soaking, for more than half an hour. Wash them as soon as possible and make sure that when they dry, they aren’t leaving puddles of water anywhere.

When your dishes are all clean and your sinks are empty, pour boiling water or bleach down all your drains. Some fruit-fly-like gnats can live in the top part of your drains.

Check around the place for puddles of water or other spills. Under dishdrains, microwaves, electric kettles, houseplants, and coffee makers are likely culprits. Clean up thoroughly and dry as you go.

Next, check any houseplants you have. Are there a lot of flies in the soil or around the plant? If they seem to be coming up out of the soil, you can try gnat sticks (sticky paper made to stick into a potted plant to catch gnats). Or, much better, repot the plant into new, gnat-free soil, and throw away all the old soil immediately. If they aren’t hanging out near the soil but around the plant itself, you might try spraying it with neem oil every day for a week or two to keep them away.

Once you’ve destroyed all their possible habitats/food sources, the flies should die off pretty soon, but if you want to make that happen faster there are a few tricks you can try.

Fly paper doesn’t really attract fruit flies very well, but it can catch them by chance, so if there’s a particular place they’re bothering you, you can set some up there. 

You know that old saw about catching more flies with honey than vinegar? It’s not true. Cut a soda/water bottle just below it starts to taper and fill the bottom with apple cider vinegar, then invert the top and set it inside the bottom so there’s a narrowing access point to the vinegar. They’ll try to eat it and drown in there.

Another thing you can do is cut a lemon (or other citrus) in half and stick it, open side up, on a baking sheet in your oven with the door open. Turn on the oven light and turn off all the other lights in the house. In the morning before you turn the lights on, close the oven and turn it on. Hopefully the fruit flies will have gravitated toward the light and food and you can just bake them away – and make your home smell like lemony goodness at the same time.

These tricks will never work if there are lots of other places for fruit flies to hang out and get a free buffet, though. The biggest thing is to keep everything clean and dry and not leave any food accessible to them. Good luck!

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After spending the minimum amount of time required for a stroke patient in the hospital, Elice’s mom was sent home, and Elice was faced with a tough decision. “I could let her go to a nursing home, or I could take care of her.” Elice went with door #2, and the hospital just went along with it. Apparently, you don’t need a degree certificate to care for a disabled loved one. Hell, you don’t even need a CPR class. Gumption, moxie, and just the right amount of crazy are all it takes to become medically responsible for an entire human being.

“No training, no lessons, no resources to learn more,” says Elice. “It was, ‘Here’s the 15 medications she needs to take and the times she needs to take them.’” And her situation isn’t exactly unusual. “I have a friend [who] gave birth to a child with a very severe genetic anomaly. This genetic disorder is so rare that most babies who develop it miscarry … the hospital sent them home with equipment, two days of training, and a list of medications. Imagine the terror. You do it because you don’t trust anyone else to do it.”

Which brings us to the crux of the situation: Roughly one-third of all nursing homes were cited for violations in 2001. Surveys show an astounding 44 percent of the residents say they have been abused, while a terrifying 95 percent say they have been subjected to or have witnessed neglect. This is why Elice put her entire life on hold to make sure her mother wouldn’t be put in the same position. Keep in mind that compromising by bringing somebody into the home to take care of them isn’t without risk, either – you still wind up with plenty of tales of neglect, medication theft, and plain old fraud, via billing for work they didn’t do.

5 Weird Realities When Your Sick Mom Is Your Full Time Job

If you’ve been with me a while, you know that I have hip and back problems.

As you can imagine, things like moving furniture are difficult for me.

That’ where Super Sliders come in.

(I just figured out what happened to my original rainbow window film post….an entire block of text disappeared when the video rendered in the wrong spot and had to be moved… It happened again in this post, but I caught it this time.)


These are great and do make the job much, much easier, but they don’t magically make moving furniture a breeze. You do need to be able to lift one end of the piece you want to move, preferably while standing on one foot. I’ll explain that, later.

I bought this four pack of large, oval-shaped sliders for carpet years ago at Walmart. They’ve helped me shuffle furniture from one room to another upstairs, move the couch and heavy tables downstairs to clean under them, and move heavy work-out equipment around in the basement.

I wanted this moved to a specific spot. It’s heavy, though. I can lift it, but I can’t pick it up well enough to move it because of it’s odd shape, poor balance, and overall bulk in addition to my bad hips and back. It’s just awkward. So I lifted each corner and pushed a slider under with my foot.

That made it possible to push with one hand while trying to film with my phone in the other hand.

I had to put the phone down to turn the equipment around, so no video of that. Once it’s in place, lift each corner and remove the slider.

Now it’s where I wanted it, turned the way I wanted, and I was able to do it mostly by myself despite my disability. I had to have my husband lift it up to put it on the rug. If I had some hardwood sliders, I could have done that myself, too.

Like I said, I have this 4-pack of ovals that I got at Walmart. The price is about the same. They’re pretty good for just about anything that has 4 feet. I think these were designed specifically for couches which tend to have larger feet.

If you want to move things across hard floors of any kind, you need a different type of slider.

For about $20 you can get a combo pack which has a lot of different sizes and shapes for both hard and carpeted floors.

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Long-time lurker, first-time caller: If a character is injured (involving blood loss and infection) and unable to eat, but can drink (nausea, exhaustion, etc) what would you recommend they consume? Thanks your blog is first-rate!

If they’re having nausea, they should probably start with a few sips of clear liquids (like water, jello, broth, gingerale, sports drinks, rehydration drinks like pedialyte or homemade). These will get them at least somewhat hydrated and provide simple carbohydrates for all the energy their body is using to fight infection/heal. If they can take clear liquids without too much nausea/vomiting, then work their way up to full liquids (like milk, pudding, pureed soup, custard). These provide necessary protein and more complex carbohydrates.

Commercial nutritional beverages (AKA therapeutic protein shakes) are also available under brand names like Boost and Ensure, and can often be purchased as store brand as well. Many come in both clear and full liquid varieties and provide protein, calories, vitamins and minerals, simple and complex carbohydrates needed for healing. Here are several recipes for homemade therapeutic protein shakes.