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I don't want to be a home wrecker I'm 16. And he doesn't love her or he wouldn't flirt with me or show me that he's available. I tried to move on but he doesn't let me. He doesn't wanna hurt my feelings and is not like he's a faithful to her when he does these things and when he talks to half of the population. I felt like a mess these two years and I think the only way to gain peace is by having a long good convo and that's it. Of course I don't want a relationship just solve things for my good

You already said he talks to half the population so that explains why he flirts and leads you on. He doesn’t care for that other girl and he definitely won’t care for you. I know you’re hurt but don’t bother with him. I would normally agree with having the conversation and gaining closure but I really don’t believe he will give you that. Sounds like you’ll just have my problems and bad feelings :( please take care of yourself.

And this is how we danced: with our mothers’
white dresses spilling from our feet, late August

turning our hands dark red. And this is how we loved:
a fifth of vodka and an afternoon in the attic, your fingers

sweeping though my hair—my hair a wildfire.
We covered our ears and your father’s tantrum turned

into heartbeats. When our lips touched the day closed
into a coffin. In the museum of the heart

there are two headless people building a burning house.
There was always the shotgun above the fireplace.

Always another hour to kill—only to beg some god
to give it back. If not the attic, the car. If not the car,

the dream. If not the boy, his clothes. If not alive,
put down the phone. Because the year is a distance

we’ve traveled in circles. Which is to say: this is how
we danced: alone in sleeping bodies. Which is to say:

This is how we loved: a knife on the tongue turning
into a tongue.
—  Ocean Vuong, “Home Wrecker”