WE HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS TODAY! Holy cow! That’s a lot of people. To celebrate, here is a photo of your gorgeous creator of the blog (on the left) and (on the right) me, the newbie/admin…. 😬
This was taken last year when we went to Disneyland together in all our Slytherin stuff!
If any of you have any suggestions on what to do for 10k, please suggest ‘em!


Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Yo, the song is wack and Sir-Mix-Alot should be pissed but how is that butt even possible? Mind blown!


THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! McFLY TOURING LATER THIS YEAR!!! #mcfly #tonightatlondonpalladium #holycow

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So, uh, yeah… It has come to my attention that I have gotten over 1000 new followers over the course of the past day… O_O
It turns out that this is largely due to fifth-dimensional (edited: thought it was someone else at first) posting links to my current work on a very old drawing that has been circulating for years, and I just wanted to say thank you for the credits. This is all very astounding, haha… I’ve never had many followers and this is such a surprise. But I appreciate every follower, old and new!! Thank you all SO much!!! <3

Tino, one of my colleagues, took this picture earlier today. It’s breathtaking. 11 years ago we started a company, with a vision about creating badass gaming peripherals, that we would want to use ourselves (still one of the highest benchmarks I know), and now there are warehouses full of our products. 

Boggles the mind. 

is it just me, or does that look like a Holy Cow that has something un-holy he is hiding?

Beer: Holy Cow, American IPA, 5.2% ABV

Brewery: The Alchemist, Waterbury, VT

Age: Unknown (maybe 3 weeks?)

Verdict: A wonderfully aromatic, flavorful session IPA

🔸General Comments:

It has been quite a while since I have had a Heady Topper. The shakes and withdrawals have all but disappeared and I have apparently been freed from the hold of the Conan yeast that had entered my body. However, the generosity of a fellow beer advocate has unknowingly caused me to slip comfortably back into a mode of dependance. The Alchemist has a way of absorbing into your pores and taking over your beer senses. At random times throughout the day, you get cravings for hops and have inane urges for beers at the most inopportune times. However, I welcome these symptoms. They are worth the trouble to be able to taste the carbonated nectar as it flows past the lip of the glass across my taste buds. It cleanses and purifies my senses. The Holy Cow residing inside the aluminum sanctuary, ready to baptize my palate and wash away all prior sinful actions of drinking Bud Light or Coors. It forgives, forgets and looks to take me in with open arms. The Holy Cow is my savior; it has rescued me from the darkness. I am born again as a walker in the light as opposed to a lurker in the shadows. I am, and will forever be, a craft beer advocate and speak the wonder of our religion and spread the preachings of our cause.

🔸A Little Background:

Well, now that I am a ‘Holy’ man, I guess it is time I spread the good word about this beer. John Kimmich states that this beer was one of the first his brewery ever produced. at around 5% ABV, it can be considered a session beer that resides in a world where the 7%-8& IPA is the norm. As with Heady Topper, this beer boasts an amazing aroma, soft hops body and an insane level of ‘drinkability.’ Well my friends, all of this and more is true of John Kimmich’s hoppy masterpiece.

🔹On the the Aroma!
In that classic Alchemist fashion, a quick sniff while it is still in the can leads to an onslaught of hoppy goodness. It is just so juicy. I do not know how Kimmich is able to extract SO many hoppy qualities from those little hoppy nuggets.
Bottom line: pine, grapefruit, grass, orange, faint malts

🔹On to the Flavor:
For a session beer, this can has a lot to offer the palate. Juicy hops, sweet citrus and drying grass/pine all meld nicely into a complete package.
Bottom line: bitter hops, orange, grapefruit, lemon/lime zest, grass, toasty grains

🔹On to the Verdict:
Well, this beer went by INSANELY fast. ‘Crushable’ is the only way to describe the drinkability. It is flavorful without tiring the palate, very aromatic and low in alcohol so a 4-pack is not a daunting task. Kids, believe the hype about everything that The Alchemist makes. There is a reason Heady Topper is one of the best hoppy beers in the world (not the best beer in the world as Beer Advocate states, however). Even though the market is becoming so saturated with IPAs and DIPAs, this is a staple and template for the style and forever remains unique in a market where uniqueness is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.



All we can say is Wow…

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