THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! McFLY TOURING LATER THIS YEAR!!! #mcfly #tonightatlondonpalladium #holycow

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So, uh, yeah… It has come to my attention that I have gotten over 1000 new followers over the course of the past day… O_O
It turns out that this is largely due to fifth-dimensional (edited: thought it was someone else at first) posting links to my current work on a very old drawing that has been circulating for years, and I just wanted to say thank you for the credits. This is all very astounding, haha… I’ve never had many followers and this is such a surprise. But I appreciate every follower, old and new!! Thank you all SO much!!! <3

WE HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS TODAY! Holy cow! That’s a lot of people. To celebrate, here is a photo of your gorgeous creator of the blog (on the left) and (on the right) me, the newbie/admin…. 😬
This was taken last year when we went to Disneyland together in all our Slytherin stuff!
If any of you have any suggestions on what to do for 10k, please suggest ‘em!