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How do you think the batfamily reacted when Mar'i was born? And if they acted well what was their favorite thing to do with her?

-Bruce was a proud grandpa at that moment; he was definitely a bit in shock because even though Dick is an adult now, deep down Bruce still thinks of the little boy who wore those god awful pixie shorts and who used to say things like “holy _____ Batman!” and now he’s a parent. But he’s over the moon when he first meets Mar’i because she’s so small and adorable. He loves taking her to the places where his parents used to take him so he can pass on their memories and he also will tell her stories about all of his kids.

-Dick was honestly the most emotional wreck anyone has ever seen. He couldn’t stop smiling because holy crap, that’s his kid. An honest to god living being that he helped make, which is totally crazy. And he loves to sing to her, because even though people think he can’t sing, he low key can and only a few people have ever heard him actually sing. He sings her lullabies that his mom used to sing to him when he was little. But honestly, he likes doing anything with his daughter

-Jason has a way with small kids; he isn’t a huge fan of babies but when they cry or are fussy, he’s the person you go to. So, even though he isn’t overly thrilled when he first meets Mar’i, he will help calm her down when she’s crying

-Tim is so awkward around small children so he doesn’t really interact much with Mar’i

-Damian hates other kids, especially babies, but since it’s Grayson’s child, he makes an effort to be nicer. He will usually try to get her to play with his several animals and make sure that she ends up being an animal lover like him. But Dick has forbidden him from giving Mar’i any sharp objects.

-Cass liked looking at Mar’i but she’s kind of clueless as to what you’re supposed to do with small children so she kind of just observes when other people interact with Mar’i just so she can see what she’s supposed to do. When she finally gets the hang of it, she likes to read to Mar’i

-Steph loves kids so she likes taking Mar’i on walks and playing games with her. Mar’i likes when they play dress-up, especially when her dad joins in and then she can dress him up in nice skirts and tiaras. Steph makes sure to take lots of photos.

-Alfred loves Mar’i and will often take care of her when her parents have superhero business to take care of. He loves to play her games that she makes up. She’s particularly fond of scavenger hunts so Alfred will hide things around the room for her to find and he’ll give her prizes after she finds all of the things.

If you guys play 5E D&D here’s a really fucking awesome app to try:


This is the free version, and it’s not super fancy looking but holy crap guys.  It has nearly everything, and if it doesn’t have it you can add it.  You can change things, edit things, add things, this shit even rolls for you.

It also can level up your characters, track spell slots, add spells and just try it if you play D&D.  The premium version has all the same stuff but future versions will be able to link players together and play as DM, but the free one doesn’t have ads or a pay wall.

And if you play 4.0 here’s a version for you

Here’s the premium version

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The skelebros (however many you are willing to take per ask) of your choosing have an SO that works in customer service. One day, while the skelebros are visiting/dropping by, a customer gets very upset and starts screaming at SO and their coworkers. SO ends up with a broken nose before security steps in. SO just resets their nose and continues about their day like this is totally normal.


Holy shit, not to beat a cliché line with a dead murder-child, but this asshole is about to have a bad time.  The minute they start screaming at his S/O, he tries to step in as a mediator (“hey buddy, why don’t you just chill out for a sec?”) but it doesn’t work very well.  When his S/O gets punched, Sans instantly has the asshole pinned to the ground with his hand on the customer’s back and his left eye glowing.  He’s using blue magic to pretty much keep the asshole’s face smashed into the ground (and he’s applying so much pressure that the customer’s ribs slowly start cracking), but he’s trying to be lowkey about his magical torture since he’s in public.    

As soon as the S/O pops their nose back into place, he looks up at the sick-sounding crack and just.. stares.  Security comes and takes the customer, and Sans barely even remembers to let go of his magic.  He doesn’t even hear the bastard that hit his S/O gasping for air now that they can breathe again.  No, instead, he’s looking paler than usual–which is impressive considering he’s made of bone.
“heh.. heh.. kid, we’re gonna have to have a chat, ok?”
And once he’s sure his S/O is okay, he’s outta there.


WOWIE!  That irate customer is speaking louder than Papyrus!  That’s impressive, but the tone is all wrong!  It’s.. confrontational.  That’s no way to speak to a customer service representative!  And Papyrus breaks into the middle of the screaming to tell the irate customer just that!  While he’s trying to instruct the customer in the proper ways to voice a complaint, however, his S/O ends up hit in the face!  What a turn of events!  Their nose is bleeding, and Papyrus is FREAKING OUT.  He doesn’t have time to reprimand the wrong-doer; instead, he’s instantly at his S/O’s side and jerking off his scarf to try to wipe away the blood, but..

But, then they just pop their nose back into place and try to brush it off.  Nope.  Papyrus doesn’t even miss a beat.  He’s still pressing that scarf to their nose, and “TIP YOUR HEAD BACK??  OR WAIT.. I THINK THAT’S WRONG??  NO, LEAN FORWARD MAYBE??”  Despite his S/O’s protests that they’re fine, he winds up pointing at the nearest human and demanding to know the proper first-aid for this situation.  If no one gives him an answer, he’ll just Google it himself.  

Once his S/O is proper taken care of, he finds the person responsible in the custody of security and gives them the lecture of a lifetime.


Oh hell no, this jerk-off is not about to speak to his S/O like that.  Their stupid customer service job be damned; Red is getting involved.  He tries to be heard over the yelling (“hey, who the hell do you think you are?!”), and when he sees the asshat start to swing at his S/O, Red blocks it with a bone.  Who cares about using magic in public?  They better know who they’re dealing with!  The customer breaks their hand on the bone and screams, but..

“oh..  shit!”

He miscalculated that magic bone and the edge had ended up hitting his S/O in the nose.  He’s instantly sweating and just stares at them with empty sockets for a moment.  He hurt them, he hurt them, and now they’re going to leave, he doesn’t deserve them, he’s trash, he’s worthless, boss was ri–

And then they just set their broken nose and shrug it off like it’s no big deal.  He’s shocked, but let’s face it; his S/O is tough, and that was super hawt.  He may spend the next couple of weeks being super apologetic and extra-protective, but he’s also way more handsy than usual.  And I’m not saying he licked the nose-blood off that magic bone, but yeah.  That’s a thing that totally happened.


HOW DARE THIS INSIGNIFICANT PIECE OF SHIT TALK TO HIS S/O LIKE THAT!  WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO TALK EVEN LOUDER THAN SOMEONE AS GREAT AND TERRIBLE AS PAPYRUS!  Ol’ Edgy is furious, and before the irate customer can even shout another insult toward his S/O, Papyrus is on them, beating the crap out of them.  I lied when I said that UT!Sans gave them a bad time.  Oh no, compared to the way Edge is wailing on them, Sans just gave them a minor inconvenience.  In fact, Paps doesn’t stop until his elbow hits something behind him, and he hears a sharp gasp.  Slowly, he turns around, his grip on the customer going lax.


He’s busted his S/O’s nose.  He’s horrified and pissed off at the same time.  If they had just LET HIM HANDLE IT then NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED and he wouldn’t be feeling all of this stupid guilt.  Luckily, his S/O sets their nose–but of course anyone that dates him would have to be tough enough to handle something like that.  At least, that’s what he tells himself.

Paps ends up carted off by security for assaulting two humans, but he intimidates them into letting him go.  Then, he promptly lectures his S/O about how they didn’t handle the situation well, but still ends up spending the next week guiltily buying them gifts and taking them out to any restaurant of their choosing, even if the food is greasy.


He doesn’t handle this situation well at all.  He thought he was doing a good job!  When the customer started yelling, he tried to bring peace by inquiring why they were so mad and “THE MAGNIFICENT SANS WOULD BE HAPPY TO ASSIST YOU, IF YOU’LL ONLY CALM DOWN!  I MAY NOT WORK HERE, BUT I’M HERE ALL THE TIME VISITING S/O, SO I’M CONFIDENT THAT I CAN–”  He breaks off in a gasp when his S/O ends up with a broken nose.  "WHAT.. WHY… WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!“  

He starts crying on the spot.  He doesn’t even mess with the irate customer, but if Papyrus is around, then his brother is sure to handle it.  Instead, Sans focuses on his S/O, going to them and trying to gingerly touch their nose.  When they pop it back into place, he flinches.. but they don’t look in distress anymore, so his tears start to dry up.  "ARE.. ARE YOU OKAY?  DIDN’T THAT HURT?  DO I NEED TO TAKE YOU TO A HOSPITAL?”  Nope, they assure him that they’re fine.  He gives them the most excited, adoring look.  "YOU’RE AMAZING!  HOW DID YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT?  CAN YOU TEACH ME?!  WAIT.. I DON’T HAVE A NOSE LIKE YOU DO.  HMM.. OH WELL!“  

Blueberry still spends the rest of the day clinging to his S/O.  It was a traumatic experience, and he’s going to need some serious cuddles to get over it.


He watches the entire scene play out from the chair where he was half-napping while he waited for his S/O to get off work.  Irate customer?  Part of the job, nothing they can’t handle.  He’s not concerned… but as soon as a scuffle breaks out, and he sees the blood, he’s across the room with a speed his S/O didn’t know he possessed.  Yep, he straight-up teleported in public.  The customer ended up slammed into a wall in the same instant, and the blow to the back of the head knocked them out.  But, he’s not concerned about that; he’s concerned about his S/O’s bloody nose.

He grabs their chin, examining the crookedness of it up-close and hisses through his clenched teeth.  "damn, i think it’s–”  But before he can finish that statement, they pull back and pop it back into place.  He jerks at the sickening sound, but the way he’s staring at them is careful.. analytical.  They assure him they’re fine and brush it off as no big deal, but he grabs their chin again, urging them to meet his gaze.  

“the fact that you did that so well.. like you’ve done that before.. well, it scares the hell outta me, honey.  if this is something that’s been happening, you need to tell me.”

No matter how that conversation goes down, he’s miserable and racked with concern the rest of the day.

𝖘𝖎𝖑𝖛𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖊𝖑𝖚𝖗𝖚𝖘 𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖘 2!

Holy crap guys, it’s been 2 years since I started up this blog and I honestly have never had a better time anywhere else. I sincerely want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making this blog work! I know Nid’s happy to be here and so am I, and this cat won’t be leaving you guys alone anytime soon. Thank you guys so much for making wonderful memories for me. I’m busy studying so I can’t work on any giveaways or whatever, so here’s a follow forever from me.

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I’m sure I missed a bunch of people cause I’m a forgetful little shit :’D But thank you guys so much for being here with me through these two years. If you guys aren’t on this post and wanna talk more, let’s talk! My IMs and inbox are always open for IC and OOC interactions alike. Let’s look forwards to another amazing year together!

♡, Silver

I ran with the “Wednesday Night Hills” group and holy crap, I had my butt kicked. There are some crazy good runners in this group. I did an alternate route with several people who ran more at my pace and we didn’t do near as many hills as the hard-core group. But everyone is so encouraging and I’ll definitely be going every other Wednesday! I wish I could do every Wednesday, but work doesn’t permit that. I want to steadily improve and get back in shape. It’s one of those things where I may not feel like going, but if I push myself, I’m grateful that I’ve gone.

(I also love my new shoes! They’re amazing!)

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holy crap thank you as a korean i literally rolled my eyes so far back reading that anons message LMAO english is literally a universal language like if u dont know a certain language then you speak english its legit everywhere whereas korean is a minor language and used by non koreans mainly to accesorize the language and sound cute or whatever so yes it is infact That Deep so @ last anon ๊บผ์ง€๋ผ ใ…‹ ๋„ˆํฌ ๊ฐ™์€ ํ•ด์™ธ ํŒฌ๋“ค์ด ์ œ์ผ ์งœ์ฆ๋‚œ๋‹ค๋‹ˆ๊นŒ^^

akshakdjj when i saw your ask for the first time i caught the korean part first so i was all shocked like why do you speak informally to me?? but i read it again and saw the “@ anon” part lol. my native language is somewhat not widely known too so i get frustrated when people (or some movies) use it carelessly without proper knowledge, and also it bothers me when people add random english words mid-sentence while talking in my native lang too 👀 (why isn’t there any eyes rolling emoticon…)

So I started watching The 100 on Friday...

And it is now Wednesday and I’m all out of episodes!

Holy Crap! It’s been a while since I watched something that hard and fast. I am apparently all in!

Do any of my other followers watch it? Do any of you also ship Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane ( @lala-kate I’m looking at you!) Any fic recs?

I have so many feelings!

How am I supposed to wait for more episodes???

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Hello! I just wanted to stop by and say I only just started reading TLATB like yesterday and I can't stop reading. I'm just about to ch 36 & holy crap, I've just felt so many emotions throughout this crazy story. ps- you're amazing <333

Thank you so much! It was a labor of love ❤️
(One I might maybe finish one day??)


Cosmos - 8B00-0039-FA9D


This town was so freaking adorable. My secondary character Yin went to the town and I really liked how she was able to walk around in between trees and not be constantly stuck in some spot or have to backtrack to a main path a lot. I like more open towns where you can wander on and off the paths and this one delivered really well in that regard. 

The fireplace being placed in the middle of the room actually gave me a really nice idea for one of the houses in my town. Yin looks rather evil in the shot with the light bulb above her head as if she’s plotting something sinister. 

That. Freaking. Bathroom. …..(loved it)

I’m guessing due to the hacks made in the town the bridge was able to be placed horizontally and holy crap did it make that little area look amazing. Yin played a lot in that area. I think it’s one of the better picturesque areas of the town.

The beach was also really well done. I normally skip beaches in towns, but this one was very nice and fun to be on. I actually went to the beach first and spent a fair amount of time there. 

I honestly think this is the first town I’ve visited that’s made me *almost* wish I could do hacks. But I am lazy and and know I never will, but it’s rather impressive that town made me want to consider it. Usually I just admire what hacks have been done and that’s that. 

All in all it was beautiful and fun and it played 6 am music, which is the best. 

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This really isn't a question but I would like to declare my love for you and your writing skills. God I am in love with "call me, beep me" and I can't believe it is completed like holy crap it was so good I forgot I was on the last chapter. Thank you for making this wonderful fanfiction and I hope you will have a good day!!! (now im totally going to binge read your other fanfics)

thank u friend!!!!! this is so kind “ψ(`∇´)ψ i hope u have a great day/night too xoxo

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I mean I admit I have issues with the off-model stuff, tho only when it's shot-to-shot in one episode so it's kinda jarring, but other 'n that? Enjoyable show, it's pacing is as good as it can be for 11 minute episodes telling a longer story, and we're like over the shoulder of a 14 year old growing up. I can agree that holy crap, the critical blogs are too much. Sorry your 'standards' aren't being met, but they're trying to cater to a wide audience.


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