These are some of my shrimps and they’re cute little guys. Just thought you ought to see them ‘cause they make me smile.

Have a great weekend!

holy crap i didn’t even know shrimp were like, something people kept as pets. that’s really rad! and yeah, they are kinda weirdly cute! you too dude!


Holy crap, it’s October….. oh well!

Here is a little progress on Finarfin and Fingolfin, because it’s Ben a crap day and I needed to show off the only thing working in my life right now, this drawing… I loved picking up the smudging technique with a Q-tip, which I haven’t done in years, and it really turns out great I hope! ☺️🌟

Instagram photo by Alicia Machado • Sep 30, 2016 at 4:56pm UTC
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It’s not at all germane to the conflict or the controversy—and in some sense, duh, she’s a former Miss Universe—but holy crap, Alicia Machado is a multi-dimensional hyperbabe. That she is standing her ground so strongly and eloquently against this maniac pushes it to the next level. Swoooooon.

velxur replied to your post “I started thinking about seven meeting mama higurashi and I think I’m…”

GOOD….hed absolutely cry and she’d mother the Fuck outta him. welcome to the family seven. SHE’D PROBABLY MOTHER SAERAN TOO IF HE LET HER. POST-ENDING OFC. (NICE…if u need any help finding dresses i can maybe shoot some ur way?? i know some cute star-themed dresses)

i CAN ONLY IMAGINE KAGOME TELLING HIM SHE WANTS HIM TO MEET HER FAMILY AND HIM BEING NERVOUS AS FUCK (even with the thought that a mother who raised such a kind person couldn’t possibly be like his) and him probably sweating 10x as much at how Saeran will take to meeting them. 

Probably changing his clothes 30 times, outfit after outfit, even almost thinking of going in one of his disguises until Kagome packs his maid outfit to appease him and tells him to get dressed please. The whole trip there he’s fidget and he almost completely bails when he see’s the shrine stairs (you know that boy had to have whined the way up -though still mostly out of nerves-). And then meeting her…  

How much she looks, acts… smiles just like kagome. His lip probably wobbles when he see’s her hug her children as they enter her home and she doesn’t even hesitate to include him and Saeran in the list. He just becomes this super happy, almost childishly happy, around her, wanting to help her with everything and wanting to talk to her a lot. Soaking up everything because this- this is what a mother is and now technically she’ll also become his. It probably drives him a little crazy that he can’t set up any cameras around the shrine to keep an eye on them because this family is his too now and he loves them so incredibly much; even Kagome’s crazy grandfather who keeps muttering about him probably being a demon with those yellow eyes of his. 

I just have soooo many thoughts about him meeting her family! Ugh! 

(Send me those dress suggestions ASAP please they sound perfect)

Holy crap, y’all. I reached my first follower milestone this morning, and I’m still kind of shocked hahaha. I don’t even know what to say. This blog has changed quite a bit since I first started it, but I’m glad you all stuck around. Thanks so much to all of you; you make my days brighter. 

But anyway, here are all the 24 blogs I follow. Mutuals are in bold i still don’t know how i ended up with mutuals tbh.

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Welp this was pretty short so I guess I’ll spill my feelings to a few of these blogs as well. 

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         let me start of by saying HOLY CRAP , i cannot believe what started as kind of a joke because i was ready for halloween a couple months back ( i think ) && now here we are ! i’ve only had this blog maybe like two months tops and i’ve received so much love for thackery binx —- it’s INSANE. i’m just super grateful that you guys love my smol cat son as much as i do.

       onto my spoopy biases ! here are just a few of the people i totally admire on my dash every day. some of you guys, i have not interacted with just yet, but i’d honestly  L O V E  to , so please hit me up & make my dreams come true !

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