The Flames Buried Within the Ocean Floor | E I L E E N  B E L S E R I O N

‘And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones

Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs’

- Youth by Daughter.

Look who added something for that one series thing that I thought would never get more additions! wtf why is this series making a comeback into my life honestly it takes forever and i’m launching a ton of other series so why

I see Eileen as a tragic character, morphed into a reckless villian of high caliber by loss of emotions and empathy for others. Her sanity seems very non-existent to me sometimes, or at least, I like to think of it that way. I wanted to convey a bit of what I thought of her in the art. She’s very interesting and contrasting to my eyes and I really hope her character is not going to be fucked up development-wise. I need to see characters in raw emotions man.

The old art style called again. It wants its existence in my life back.

That’s all from me bebs. I will never know if this series is continuing.

So far from TFBWOF;

@acnomogia, @neato-ft@doginshoe and @baerandish. That one squad.

I recently commissioned @cocotingo for a bust of Nevena and… holy crap it’s gorgeous.
I think this is probably the image of her most like the one I’ve had in my head since I created her. I honestly cannot get over how gorgeous and perfect she looks. <3

Big thanks to @cocotingo for the commission, and being patient with my changes. If you get the opportunity to commission her, do it! :3

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Okay so. I am in pain. Major cramps hate being a female oh my god. Took my prescribed pain meds and they didn't work WOW THANKS MEDS. Could I get a he'd anon of what the Paladins + Coran and Matt would do for their s/o when they in this kind of situation (maybe it will put my mind off the pain..)

I feel your pain! I went through the same thing last week and I literally couldn’t even write! I hope these make you feel better, sorry I couldn’t get to them earlier!


  • He literally treats you like royalty, if you ever need anything at all he’s going to get it for you. He’ll probably already know what you’re going to need, so expect a tray of chocolates, a heating pad, and plenty of water by your bedside.
  • If you’re in a lot of pain then he will sit with you and hand you the heating pad in order to help ease the pain. He will also mention taking some painkillers or other medication afterwards so that it doesn’t come back as strong.
  • You’re going to get his jacket literally the entire week. If you ever get really emotional then he zips it up all the way to cover your face and that sometimes cheers you up. Also, it smells like him so it will most likely calm you down a bit. He will also be your shoulder to cry on if it ever comes to that.


  • He’s not quite sure what to do at first but he want to help because you’re obviously in pain. He will carry you to his room where he can keep an eye on you in case the cramps start up again. He will ask you what you need so many times, but if you’re in too much pain to answer then he’ll start playing with your hair to give you something else to focus on.
  • He lets you cling to him during particularly bad cramps and he will also just hold you if you need him to. He won’t say much because he’s not sure what to say, but he won’t leave your side no matter how restless he gets.
  • He will strongly urge you to take medicine, if you don’t or it doesn’t work then you’re going to be babied the entire time, not that it’s a bad thing, then you just get to rest while he takes care of everything you need to do so that you can rest and get your strength back.


  • He absolutely hates seeing you in pain and he will try to do anything he can to help you. If you’re having a certain craving or just want some chocolate then he’ll get it for you right away, you won’t have to wait long for anything as long as Hunk is taking care of you.
  • He insists that you rest to that you’re not exhausting yourself or having to take breaks from the pain. He tries to stay with you most of the time and he will always come right back if you need him.
  • He makes sure that your medicine either has a good flavor or not much of one so that it doesn’t upset your stomach. He wants to make sure that you’re completely comfortable the entire time and will cuddle with you any chance he gets.


  • She knows exactly what you’re going through and knows the best ways to help. She’s going to make sure that you’re away from others when you have bad cramps so that you don’t feel so overcrowded.
  • There is always a heating pad around at all times, but she makes sure that you don’t overuse it, it wouldn’t be fun to have burns on top of cramps. She  also will cuddle with you if you get upset or knows when to leave you alone for a little while if you’re angry.
  • She will cuddle with you and makes sure that you’re always in a comfortable position in which it’s easy to curl up from. She won’t judge you for most of your actions during this time and doesn’t mind it if you randomly want to cuddle with her.


  • He will literally cater to your every need. He will carry you anywhere you need to go and get you everything you need even if your cramps aren’t that bad at the time. He feels so bad that you’re in pain and he will try everything he can to help.
  • He will use his hand as a heating pad if you ask nicely, which is wonderful because he will massage where it hurts and it helps with the pain so much. He takes so much time out of his schedule in order to check up on you and make sure you’re comfortable.
  • He’s seen you doubled over in pain before because of cramps and he doesn’t want to see it again so he’s going to make you take some form of medicine. If it doesn’t end up working or if you outright refuse then he’s going to stay right by your side during the worst moments.


  • He’s not quite sure what to do with periods because Altean’s don’t have the exact same thing. He tries to help the best he can though and he’s willing to learn for the next time.
  • If you ask for anything he won’t ask why until he gets back with it so that you don’t have to go longer in pain. He will get you the best Altean medicine he can give you so your cramps will almost go away.
  • If for some reason the medicine doesn’t work then he will stay by your side and will wait for the pain to subside. He won’t ramble as much as he usually does because he realizes that you might want to rest some. He makes sure that you’re comfy and that he’s always nearby if you need anything.


  • He feels you physical pain emotionally. It hurts him so much to see you in pain and he tries his best to comfort you anyway he can. He gives you the best comfort food you could ask for everything is light on your stomach and so you never have to worry about getting sick on top of it.
  • He will take you out stargazing if you can’t sleep at night because of the pain. He wants to take your mind off things and even if that doesn’t work then the night breeze may still feel really good.
  • He will feed you your medicine as if the spoon is a space ship if you refuse taking it yourself. You can’t help but laugh and he uses that to his advantage. He won’t leave until it takes affect and even then he will never be gone for long,

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An hour has passed...

Holy crap what a tonne of messages, I was watching Jojo then Naruto and passed out, I’ll post it now. Some notification buzzed my phone lol. 

Cover: Mavis and Plush Toy Zeref

When you start anything, you’re alone. That’s the time when you need to trust in yourself more than anything else. Then you get other people to start to notice what you’re doing, and that’s when it starts to become easier. If you have this burning passion to do something, it doesn’t matter what it is so long as you believe in it. And that burning passion will start to catch fire and the fire grows bigger and bigger until other people begin to notice that ‘that guy’s on fire.’ They’ll either be like 'Oh he’s gonna burn himself to the ground’ or they’ll be like 'Holy crap he’s onto something.’ One person believing in yourself is all it takes to start snowballing down to this incredible plateau of something that you can create out of nothing. You have to start by believing in yourself.
—  Mark Edward Fischbach @markiplier

You know who is stunning? Michelle Obama. I mean, look at her, she’s, like, perfect and he’s so lucky to have her… I mean, he’s a good catch too, I guess, but, come on, LOOK at Michelle. You know who else is beautiful? My roommate. I don’t get why she doesn’t want to do Ok Cupid, I mean, she’s amazing, guys would be falling over themselves to date her. She’s so smart and she has such amazing, beautiful hair… What do you mean, straight girls don’t think about that stuff… no, no, I’m unfortunately Straight as an Arrow… I mean, you know who else I love? Stephen Colbert. He’s… really funny! So, obviously I’m straight, obviously. Holy crap, did you see Rachel Maddow at the thing the other day? She is….so….so….adorable, god, I wish she was my friend…in a totally straight way.

Imagine Anne and Ryuji bumping into Yusuke and Pego while the two are hanging out and they notice the boys being flirty with each other and Anne and Ryuji are like

Ryuji: I can see what’s happening.
Anne: What?
Ryuji: And they don’t have a clue.
Anne: Uhhhh
Ryuji: They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line,
Ryuji: Our trio’s down to two.
Anne: Ryuji what are you talking about we have four members you’re just jealous and really bad at math.

And Anne and Ryuji just spends the rest of the time following and watching Pego and Yusuke while Ryuji’s trying not to freak out over losing his best friend and Anne is intently watching her friends be really gay eith each other (while “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” plays in the background)

WOAH I found the airbrush! Geez, it took me long enough. well here’s Senti! Although this is really weird, giving the bio of a cross before my main cross. Oh well.

Age: 22

Height: 5′2″

Division: Interceptors

Class: Galactic Knight

Voice: Classic (I mean come on, it’s Fiora)

Loves puns, and blurts them out whenever she thinks of one

Has an obsession with toast with jelly on it

Really likes hugging nopon

Can almost always be found next to Penta, with some minor exceptions

Will tickle people whenever she feels like it

Doesn’t have a Skell because she prefers to be in the heat of battle

Likes: Penta, running around continents just for the views, non carbonated drinks, puns, nopon, sleeveless shirts, kids

Dislikes: Reviving Penta when he uses Offensive Stance at a bad time, carbonated drinks, sitting in a skell for an extended period of time, when Penta uses their pet names in front of people

Holy crap!! I don’t know what happened but I was just laying here and my head just kinda felt clearer all of a sudden and the world suddenly felt real and I don’t feel temporary anymore like!!! Out of nowhere I stopped disassociating and my depression muted???? What the fuck!?! I mean don’t get me wrong this feels amazing I feel like I have substance for the first time in months but!?!bit was literally a split second change- instantaneous. What??? Does that happen???

I mean I’m sure it’s going to wear off but damn thIS IS GREAT FOR NOW

I have never seen anything more attractive in my entire life, and I think I’ll be the one getting cardiac arrest today, holy crap. *sharp inhale*


“ ✨ Am I too handsome for you, my angels? ✨ ”

Apologies, but I cannot change my fate. Look into my eyes longer, perhaps you’ll someday grow immune to my spell.