Fictober Drabbles - Day 17

@crossedbeams​ beat me to it, but here’s my take on @carrie11​‘s fox slippers fic request (which I tied into the @stoickovic​ prompt of the day: “Family”)

They spend the night at Maggie’s that Christmas Eve. Scully thought nothing could be harder than last year, when Mulder was missing and she had no idea whether he was even alive. But no, this year is harder.

William is obviously too young to know the difference, but Scully knows precisely how unfair it is that they can’t all be together. Families should be together at Christmastime.

She’s nursing him on the couch when Maggie brings her a small, wrapped package. “It’s silly, but I saw them in a shop and thought…”

Knitted fox slippers.

She smiles through her tears.


one thing and another with the busy world
where even breathing is hard
what if i said they were why
you and i became distant? 

mfw finding out that I did not put in the second set of recolors in that I did into my mods folder… whyyyyyyy?!

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Guess someone’s gonna have a good birthday ;)

I had a blast drawing this!

Please do not repost

Ok, so I feel like a lot of people have already sensed that this boy ain’t our boy, Shiro, but I wanted to add my two cents as to why. Aside from the obvious quirks and the whole BLACK NOT ACCEPTING “SHIRO” thing…

1. Project Kuron = Project Clone ehem… so there’s that

2. In the time between Shiro’s disappearance and “The Journey” episode there is no way for his hair to grow that long that quickly. 

3. I’m sure a lot of people originally saw that weird sequence in the beginning of “The Journey” as a hazy dream/hallucination as “Shiro” walked down the hallways and then sees this

But what if, now bear with me, that wasn’t a hallucination/flashback…



“So stop making that face at me…”