My best friend megvord​ is still a magical pumpkin carving wizard. 

If you’ve ever wondered what an Instragram of Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart would look like carved into a pumpkin…this should give you a pretty good idea.

Last year, Megan carved this pumpkin for the Nerdfighter pumpkin contest. This year, she wanted to do something even more complicated. I think she definitely outdid herself with this one. I tried to convince her to make a post on her own blog with these pictures, but she just mumbled something about ”tradition” and refused. So I’m going to show off her crazy-amazing pumpkin skills for her.

This pumpkin took Megan 14 hours over two days, but you can enjoy the whole carving experience in 10 minutes by watching the making-of video, here.

Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart are twins

they are the male/female versions of each other:

they have the same natural hair color and blue eyes

from San Francisco

they are the same height

glasses thing

similar fashion sense

both take sexy bed selfies

both did this and are inspirational icons (also look hot in formal wear)

oh and they are both hella gay.

therefore they are the same person #clones

When I took this photo at the Portland #NoFilter Show, I heard someone in the row behind me quietly, breathlessly, whisper “God. She’s so beautiful.” 

And it was perfect because as I focused in on this shot, I was thinking the very same thought. I’m certain the whole room paused, for one fleeting moment, in admiration of her beauty, and her talent, and the goodness she imparts in our lives. 

(More photos here)