Visiting Sharon Tate’s grave, Sunday, September 29th, 2013. It was a warm afternoon, quiet; it was a surprise to find it without any flowers or mementos I see around the likes of other famous graves, like Marilyn’s or Tyrone Powers.. No Sharon Tate, along with her unborn baby Paul,her sister Patricia, and her mother Gladys were together, quiet and by themselves, and I was glad to find them.
The top left picture is me, after saying a few words of thanks and hellos, the right picture is me lightly touching the marker and feeling the warmth from the sun across her name, and the bottom one is a curious pic my camera must have taken without me knowing it, but clearly capturing her name..

With so much love and respect to the memory and legacy of the incredible Sharon Tate..You are so loved, and never ever forgotten.


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Let my prayer be set forth before
thee as incense: and the lifting up of
my hands as the evening scarifice

Holy Cross Cemetery
Waco, TX

Mamiya 645 Pro TL / Sekor 80mm f1.9 / Ilford HP5 Plus

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