Visiting Sharon Tate’s grave, Sunday, September 29th, 2013. It was a warm afternoon, quiet; it was a surprise to find it without any flowers or mementos I see around the likes of other famous graves, like Marilyn’s or Tyrone Powers.. No Sharon Tate, along with her unborn baby Paul,her sister Patricia, and her mother Gladys were together, quiet and by themselves, and I was glad to find them.
The top left picture is me, after saying a few words of thanks and hellos, the right picture is me lightly touching the marker and feeling the warmth from the sun across her name, and the bottom one is a curious pic my camera must have taken without me knowing it, but clearly capturing her name..

With so much love and respect to the memory and legacy of the incredible Sharon Tate..You are so loved, and never ever forgotten.

She Gave So Much

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Warnings: Emotional, little fluff, some strong language, mention of death
Word count: 2846 words
Song: Storm - Lifehouse
Summary: Reader pays a visit to the final resting place of her sister for the first time since her death. It hits her her hard, but Dean shows up to support her. Set somewhere Season 2.
A/N: Fourth imagine already! I wrote this a while ago and originally it were two different chapters which I merged. I hope you like it, let me know! English is not my first language, so feedback and reviews would be great! 

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With reluctance you enter the grounds of the Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego, California. A deep breath passes your lips as the car passes through through the gate and turn down the radio. It almost seems if your blue 69’ Camaro spurs softer, not wanting to disturb the peace on this final resting place. It always surprises you how peaceful graveyards are during the day. Most of the time you visit them at night to dig up a body to salt and burn, during those dark hours it’s about the last place you’d want to be. But under these clear skies the green hills seems like what most people would picture heaven to be. Different stones, crosses and statues indicate the resting places of ones who were lost. Angels watching over them, warm and comforting words on marble. And hundreds, hundreds of names. 

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