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Finally, A Real Netflix For Comic Books Is Here

If you’ve moved from single comic issues to reading them digitally, you know it can still be kind of pricy. But the online ebook service Scribd has just announced it’s added a massive comics library to its service, allowing users to read all the comics they want for one monthly fee, beginning today.

The monthly fee is $9, and they get new comics a month post-release.

But the best part?

“One feature we’re excited about is what we’re calling the "binge button,” which allows readers to advance to the next issue or volume in a series without having to leave the reading experience to search for the next installment. We love those moments when you’re immersed in the world of a series and devouring issue after issue. We designed this feature to facilitate exactly those kinds of moments for our readers.“

This is a platform that understands its audience.

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