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Peace will win
And fear will lose
There’s faith and there’s sleep
We need to pick one please because
Faith is to be awake
And to be awake is for us to think
And for us to think is to be alive
And I will try with every rhyme
To come across like I am dying
To let you know you need to try to think

google gave me a christmas miracle

friends. family. something has just happened to me that is so totally wild i’m still reeling from it. this is the sort of story that you look at and you think is made up for notes. this is the sort of story you hear happening somewhere across the country and never happens to you personally. this is wild so i need you to hold in there okay.

  • rewind to like two weeks ago
  • it’s finals week
  • every day is a mountain of pain
  • i’m slogging through Absolute Misery 
  • 12 pages done on a paper that’s worth enough of my grade that 2 people in my class call it “the paper of pain”
  • the paper of pain 
  • my laptop is an old crotchety tin can who chugs and has a black bar across her screen bc of a loose cable 
  • i can’t afford a new one i’m a student who survives off of scholarships
  • her low whine is sort of comforting
  • i try to text above the keyboard, bc hubris is humanity’s true sin
  • i have shaky hands
  • the phone plunges like a meteor towards Tin Can
  • in that moment i swear we were infinite 
  • at contact, the computer winks out 
  • included below is image for proof of my Ultimate Misery
  • Student Shut Down Mode Activated
  • [brief period of serious introspection]
  • when capable of coherent thought, open chrome
  • lives again my document. in full. 
  • nothing is lost
  • not a word
  • is this how Frankenstein felt? suspended between life and death, beyond the realm of the physical, deeply ingrained with the cycle of life as a whole? at once fully one with the universe, and, yet, apart?
  • i am touched on a level that is so deep and personal that i think a rib snapped 
  • i heard angels. i forgave sinners. i knew the truth about area 51. it was all so clear from up here
  • so i decide to write a thank you note to google. 
  • i was raised very polite so this was important
  • “where do you write an email to google?” i type into google
  • google email unsurprisingly leads to google.mail
  • finally decide after hunting through several options that i was going to post in the open. where everyone can see. bare my soul. 
  • luckily i do that on the internet a lot
  • so on a help forum i ask where the heck i can find the email to thank the docs team. this is important. it is my Quest.
  • i explain in the post why this is important
  • post included below
  • in about a week, i get an email (not included, bc i have not asked permission, and i’m not rude)
  • email says basically “your post is funny and we would like your home address” 
  • i would sell my soul to you, google, if it is my home address you want, it is my home address you shall have
  • mysterious, yet friendly, command to “watch your mail!”
  • i finish finals week
  • i come home to a package
  • from: google inc.
  • for the second time, i cry bc of google
  • follows is the pictures of my new chromebook
  • happy holidays guys. 

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