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Please tell me I wasn’t the only one freaking over Castile saying “Hey Assbutt!” I literally screamed jumping in my seat giggling!

And I called it! I knew Vince wasn’t going to last long! I called it when they first announced it. But tonight he gave me freaking chills man! Literally chills and I’m wearing a sweatshirt and sweats.

Another awesome episode! I was on the edge of my seat and laughing my ass off!

No More Secrets | Emma & Robin

Continued from here with @thiefwithacode

If it weren’t for Robin’s constant support and encouragement over the past eleven months, Emma was unsure how she would be able to cope with the heartbreak she received while dating Neal. Neal was her first relationship and she believed after years of having feelings for Robin, he would be the one person to make her open up to other possibilities. They had all these plans for their future after college graduation, but such plans were suddenly forgotten on Neal’s end because of her… 


Tamara, the one person she found herself getting along with in her class, ended up being the person who shared Neal’s bed on several occasions. Finding them together made Emma angry only to feel completely broken. Immediately she began blaming herself for not seeing it sooner, but Robin was there every step of the way. He was her shoulder to cry on, someone she could express her pain to, or just being there alongside her without expressing her pain in words. It wasn’t until a few months into her grieving process that she realized the man she truly loved was the very person who had been standing beside her. 

The realization scared her. Months she wanted to confide in him on how she felt, but losing Neal made her not want to lose that security. She was afraid to open her heart to love and it was an emotion she didn’t want to associate herself with. Her pain and worries grew with more intensity knowing the one year mark of catching Neal and Tamara together was fast approaching, so she was beyond thankful that Robin put together an outing just to lift her spirits.

While in the middle of a silly conversation about their jobs, Emma was caught off guard by the elevator giving out from under them. She gasped, falling forward only to welcome Robin’s arms keeping her in place. “Y… yeah, I’m fine.” She replied while turning her head in the direction where his voice came from. Despite the faint light coming from the doors of the elevator, Emma couldn’t see anything or anyone in front of her. “Are you?” The young blonde reciprocated his question while resting her hand on his chest. A faint smile reached her countenance upon noticing he shared the same heartbeat. Nerves on his end? Probably not. He could never fall for me.


It’s time…

Behold the majestic alicorns as they venture forth into the wilds to scavenge for confectioneries!

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Simply unrecognizable!

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And just like that we hit 15000 followers(!). (Suppressing celebratory screeching like a baws). :’] I truly have no words… well, maybe a few. ;) Thank you guys for expressing interest and support in this whole thing! I never would have thought that a silly sketch in the world’s most boring economics lecture would grow into one of the most fun series that I’ve ever drawn. 

All your asks are amazing, haha, and I really wish that I was a machine and could crank out a drawing for each and every one! I do my best, though, and look forward to what’s in store from here on in. These are an absolute blast to draw, and I’m glad you guys enjoy it as well. ^^ Thanks again!


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