ski jumping hills in summer - a little gallery

as some of you might know, i have been travelling a lot this summer. whenever i went to a place near a ski jumping hill, i made sure to visit it. there’s something sad about hills in the summer, something missing without snow on them. but i love how they are shining in the sun nonetheless.

i want to share some of the photos i took - memories i made - with you.

1. planica

in june, after finishing school and graduating, i went to croatia with my family. it was wonderful there - i love being by the sea. on our way back home, we took a stop by planica and i was overwhelmed by how huge the venue there is. seeing all these beautiful hills next to each other was definitely a special experience. of course i also left some coins there - well, who can resist a nice t-shirt and some badges?

2. trondheim

as a present for my graduation, my parents gave me a trip to my favourite country - norway. i am beyond grateful for that huge opportunity and i was at my happiest while there. after touring the north of the country for a while (at a minimum temperature of seven degrees celsius), our route took us back south through the beautiful fjells and fjords. the first hill we stopped by was granåsen. it was a beautiful day and i couldn’t stop smiling all the time. when i went up the stairs, i also caught a glimpse inside the wardrobe of the young ski jumpers who were training that day.

3. lillehammer

of course we couldn’t miss out on the olympic stadium in lillehammer. the whole venue is still very well taken-care of and it is even possible to go up for a panoramic view - which, naturally, i did. the way up took a while because the lift was going at a pretty low pace, but that way i was able to enjoy the wonderful view even longer.

4. oslo

my personal highlight was the holmenkollen hill in oslo. it fascinated me not only because of it’s beauty, but also because of all the technical subtleties. the entrance to the ski musuem (which is by the way really interesting) also includes a lift to the top of the hill from where you get a breathtaking view over the oslofjord.

ski jumping hills in summer are not as pretty and magical as in winter, but it’s still a special experience to see some of them in real life. i am grateful for these opportunities and happy i could spend some time at these beautiful places.

all photos are taken by me.