It’s definitely a positive thing that all these sexual predators in Hollywood are getting outed, but I hope we’re also prepared to make the connection between these allegations and exactly why so many former child stars end up dead or institutionalised before they turn 30. These are not unconnected phenomena. Like, I realise the whole “former child star meltdown” meme is a comedy goldmine, but maybe some awareness of what we’re really laughing at?

Quick question for you all:

Last year I wrote a feature-length lesbian screenplay which incorporates many subtextual themes much like you’d find in BBC Sherlock. It’s about a closeted college dropout finding her 15 seconds of internet fame after her small role in an independent film went viral and it follows her struggle to gain more work in the Hollywood film industry afterwards. Expected to fit Hollywood’s normal role for a woman, she’s careful not to out herself in the process, but selling her soul becomes exceptionally difficult after she’s hired to work alongside a beautiful bisexual choreographer. My screenplay “Set the Record Straight” includes a fresh perspective of compulsory heterosexuality and the blurred line between female romance and friendship.

No death, no rape, only pining and happy endings. 

Would any of you read it if I published it to Amazon?