Who would play the role of Heather Sinclair in your ideal world?

Find out Charlotte’s pick as she grabs a spot on the couch today with Adamo:


Fiona: Mom, I’m in love with her..and she’s a girl.

Mama Coyne: Oh..ooh, okay.

Fiona: I never felt like this about a guy, any guy, ever. I know now that I never will. Are you shocked? Are you disappointed in me?

Mama Coyne: OhFiona Celestine Arabella Coyne, All I want for you is to be happy no matter who you love.

Fiona: Why do I have to love her? We can’t go anywhere.

Mama Coyne: Oh sweetheart, love is never easy.

Fiona: I just don’t want to go back to how I was. Angry, lonely..drinky.

Mama Coyne: This week I learned that you are stronger than you or I ever gave you credit before.

Fiona: Just because I sat in a court case?

Mama Coyne: You can handle this.


Please excuse my lack of actual point in any of these paragraphs. Most were written between 2-4 in the morning when I got to thinking about graduation and how I didn’t want them to go. I basically cried while writing these but to be honest I don’t really care. I’m attached to these characters and I hate that after this week we won’t get to see them anymore.

Sav Bhandari. I was hooked on this kid the moment he appeared on the show because of that dark swoopy hair. I thought it was absolutely adorable that he’d never been kissed (though it killed me that it was with Mia) but the eventual start of Sanya made up for that. To this day I still want to smack Sav for never telling his parents about Anya at first or even after they momentarily got back together during the pregnancy scare, especially after he openly admitted to being with Holly J and they were okay with it even if she wasn’t Muslim. I loved how supportive he was as a big brother to Alli despite the drumming situation with Drew. Throughout his seasons on Degrassi we see him grow up a lot. He’s become less and less strict about his religion because he’s gotten enough nerve to loosen his parents up about things. He’s learned how to confront them and they’ve learned to be more trusting of both of their kids. But one thing for sure is that he’s always been such a sweetheart. He continuously tried to get Anya back when they first broke up and was more than willing to be there 100% when she said she was pregnant after what they’d done in the limo at prom. Even after Savvy J happened (what WAS that?) I hope there’s some sort of interaction between Sav and Anya before or at graduation. It’ll give me that one glimpse of hope that Sav hasn’t completely forgotten about his first love.
“Can you shut your drunk ass up for one second, please?”

Holly freakin’ J. Oh god, she annoyed me to no end when she first was on the show. But, just like all of the bitchy girls, I grew to love her.. maybe just because she hated Mia as much as I did. Or maybe because she was the sister of the infamous Heather Sinclair who we’d heard about since season one. It wasn’t until the Free the Children Freedom Fast that we realize Holly J isn’t actually a robot and has feelings. Of course her bitchiness shone through on different occasions but you couldn’t help but to feel for her. She loses Anya as her only friend. She gets a hate group made by Alli on Facerange in which hundreds of people joined, causing her to almost be cyberbullied out of Degrassi. Then she’s held at gunpoint by a guy she went to Lakehurst with and has to watch him shoot the “idiot hero” she’s in love with. OH, DOLLY J. I think Declan was the best thing to happen to Holly J. It’s very obvious that she was a completely different person when she was with him. I loved watching their relationship develop and watching her change into the person she is now. Their breakup was really difficult to watch because I thought they were perfect together. I thought they were going to be happy at Yale after they graduated and everything would be okay. But it’s Degrassi.. that can’t happen. She still has her moments but she’s much more friendly to everyone and is as strong-willed as ever. Even through her kidney problem and finding out she was adopted she can still manage to hold a smile on her face and be hopeful of her future.
“This is New York Holly J, bitch!”

Last but not least, Anya MacPherson. I don’t know why she is one of my favorite characters in the history of Degrassi but I don’t ever question it. She just is. Even though I loved Holly J, fuck, I felt SO bad for Anya throughout season seven. I never understood why she would want to be the shadow to her, always dressing like her and having no thoughts of her own. But at the Free the Children fasting event I was so proud of her. First she got payback for Holly J trying to ruin Sanya but then the next day at school ends their friendship because she’s tired of being put down. “Why do you always treat me like dirt?” “Because you let me.” are two lines that stick out to me in the entire history of Degrassi. You see how vulnerable Anya truly is and ugh I just wanted to give her a hug. I won’t touch on Sanya again since that’s what the majority of my thing about Sav was, even if they were perfection. I love how nerdy we find out she is when she goes LARPing and she doesn’t give a damn what people think of her when she admits to doing it. I think from here on out we just see Anya being hurt time and time again which I personally think sucks because I hate seeing her cry or being used. My heart pretty much shattered for her when she found out about her mom having cancer but she eventually got through that and everything seemed to be going fine for her, despite the hopeless crush on Dr. Chris. But the freaking cocaine. UGH. I seriously wanted to scream when I found out my baby Anya was the one to do cocaine. I wanted to shake her and slap her and tell her everything would be okay if she didn’t get into University because she had the rest of her life to do that. It killed me to watch her break down like that again. I’ll admit the army is a weird path for her to take but I’m so proud of the girl she’s become and couldn’t be happier that she’s not the same naive girl we first met. I hope she kicks ass in the army and Owen won’t do anything while she’s away to break her heart again because I’ll have to break him.
“You’re all about to die, and you don’t even know it.”

“When we leave Degrassi, we will take friendships that will last a lifetime.”