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Hi! So CoHF it's mentioned that faeries don't allow other faeries to address them by their real name and I was wondering how that works? Like what's the point of someone having a name that nobody uses? And is there a reason behind that? Also in the interview you recently posted, you said that faeries aren't immortal. So is time going differently in Faerie the reason behind them being centuries old eventhough they're not immortal or is it some magic they have to perform or smth?

“The name is the thing, and the true name is the true thing. To speak the name is to control the thing."— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Rule of Names

The idea that faeries do not allow others to call them by their “true names” is part of faerie folklore (which is why you will also find it in, say, Holly Black’s faerie books.) From the Wikipedia entry on True Names:

According to practises in folklore, knowledge of a true name allows one to affect another person or being magically. It is stated that knowing someone’s, or something’s, true name therefore gives the person (who knows the true name) power over them. This effect is used in many tales, such as in the German fairytale of Rumpelstiltskin: within Rumpelstiltskin and all its variants, the girl can free herself from the power of a supernatural helper who demands her child by learning its name. In the Scandinavian variants of the ballad Earl Brand, the hero can defeat all his enemies until the heroine, running away with him, pleads with him by name to spare her youngest brother. In Scandinavian beliefs, more magical beasts, such as the Nix, could be defeated by calling their name.” 

The point of the name that isn’t used is the power vested in it. You can use it, just as it can be used against you. You can demand entrance using your real name, or a hearing in front of the King/Queen, or rightful ownership of a thing. Kieran isn’t Kieran’s true name; “The Seelie Queen” is obviously not her real name either. Kieran is however still his name, it’s what Mark calls him and what everyone calls him. Kieran Hunter when he’s in the Hunt, Kieran Kingson when he’s in the Unseelie Court. 

Faeries are not immortal, but they are very long-lived and age slowly.

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Hi! How do you pronounced both Call and Callum? I've been wondering since the first book!

Holly and I always say Call as in “rhymes with Sal.” I know it doesn’t match up with Callum, but “Call rhymes with fall” never worked or seemed natural.

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it sounds like you already know discworld (L-space reference) but have you read holly black's books or harry dresden? quite a few of black's books are about fae and in the harry dresden series they are major players (if you already read them, awesome!!)

Yeah Terry Pratchett is literally why I began writing, way back in seventh grade! But god yes I love Holly Black’s books (Tithe especially!) and I’ve read the first Harry Dresden Book and eventually intend to get to the rest of them - I am psyched to hear the fae get a lot of stage time!

(honestly I feel like it’s really hard to find quality urban fantasy that’s not either cliched or trying too hard to be ~gritty~ or full of romance at the expense of worldbuilding. please please rec me some cool things if you’ve got any faves!)

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