The Bronze Key — Chapters 6-8

After spending an impressive amount of its page count avoiding school, the book finally reached the Magisterium. Which means…classes. Yay.

Master Rufus felt that since the Assembly planned to start creeping around the woods, they needed to use the outside of the Magisterium as much as possible until that happened.

Yeah, those Assembly people, trying to eliminate actual threats to people. What a bunch of annoying jerks. I mean, those Chaos-ridden are totally innocent and harmless and…wait a second, didn’t you adopt Havoc after Aaron wiped out a whole pack that was probably his family using his fancy chaos magic? But that was okay because…reasons?

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thoughts while reading Carmilla
  • book laura:*6 year old self sees carmilla*
  • book laura:i saw a solemn, but very pretty face
  • me:oh wow baby gay
  • book laura:*meets carmilla for the first time*
  • book laura:oh! papa, pray ask her to let her stay with us--it would be so delightful.
  • me:you just met her are you serious
  • book laura:*sees carmilla sad*
  • book laura:as soon as she is comfortably in bed, i will run up to her room and see her.
  • me:woah woah slow down there for a minute
  • book laura:*talking to carmilla for the first time*
  • book laura:i took her hand as I spoke
  • me:this book couldnt get any more gayer
  • book carmilla:press it hard-hard-harder
  • me:i was wrong
  • book laura:*sees portrait that looks exactly like carmilla"
  • book laura:will you let me hang this picture in my room, papa?
  • me:she isnt even trying to hide it anymore

She kissed me silently.
“I am sure, Carmilla, you have been in love; that there is, at this moment, an affair of the heart going on.”
“I have been in love with no one, and never shall,” she whispered, “unless it should be with you.”

- Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla

Someone on /co/ asked for Pearl dressed like Holly Golightly awhile back- I didn’t forget ya, anon, doodled this but got a little sidetracked 

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