Giant Hovering Roundabout for Cyclists in the Netherlands by OPV Delft

Hovenring is an incredible suspended roundabout conceptualized and designed by IPV Delft specifically for cyclists to safely make their way across congested traffic by traveling overhead. Located between Eindhoven and Veldhoven in the Netherlands, above the Heerbaan/Meerenakkerweg intersection, the circular steel bridge offers an alternative route for cyclists as well as an aesthetically pleasing landmark for locals and visitors.

The structure adds an intriguing sight to the landscape that includes a pylon that soars approximately 230 feet high with 24 steel cables attached to it, holding the circular pathway up like a hovering saucer. It offers a spectacular view both in daylight and at night, when its lights are lit up. In addition to its unique, eye-catching design, Hovenring is a successful step in the evolution of architecture. Being the very first of its kind, the bicycle path offers an innovative approach to future road designs focused on efficiency and safety.

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House IV, Eindhoven, Netherlands by De Bever Architecten

The house is situated on a corner lot in the typical 30’s district ‘de Elzent’ against the natural landscape of the river Dommel valley, in the center of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The existing main house is relatively small in structure, however the lot size is sufficient enough to resist an carefully threaded extension. An extension where extra comfort is added to the existing house.

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