To teen wolf's fucking fandom,

As a Stydia shipper, I’m getting annoyed so I’m throwing some facts.

Just read it’s not what you think.

- Stalia, Marrish (any other ship on the show) shippers are just as mean as stydia shippers, the simple fact that our ship outgrew others in number and is reprensted by more rude people doesn’t mean yours aren’t.

- Probably 90% of the stydia shippers don’t own fan accounts, don’t hate, don’t even bother to like, comment, reblog or anything. So it’s not because there are a few stydiots (yes I call them stydiots cause some of them truly are rude, mean and well, idiots) that own fan accounts that you’re going to label all of us with them, sometimes I feel ashamed of shipping those two. Yes, ashamed that I have to share something with those arrogant people. But ! The same goes for all of the ships, they’re all the same don’t lie, it’s just that the Stydia ship has a bigger number of shippers who think that since they have 4 followers they can be mean.

- I am actually *spoiler alert* invested in the storyline (no one saw that coming), Stydia is not all what I see but the fact that I want my ship to happen as much as you do doesn’t make me a stydiot.

- As much as it might surprise you, my favorite male character on the show is *spoiler alert again* Scott, trust me I do realize he is the main character and think he should get the most screen time but I believe others have earned an even screen time, by others I mean Stiles and Lydia. The three of them are after all what remains from the originals. And I did say even, I would get angry if another character had more screen time than him and so should you, but I believe Jeff will do everyone justice more than you think you would, he is not an idiot, it’s his show, he created it and he knows what to do with his own characters and it’s not like you saw the entire season, you saw a one minute and a half teaser trailer.

- My favorite female character is Lydia, the fact that she is my Queen is only partially related to Stydia, it’s more of the development she’s had and the wonderful, beautiful, badass and loving character she’s become and all of that keeping her sass and sarcasm alive and the fact that she is played by the amzing and beautiful Holland Roden that made her my favorite tv character of, well, all times. Not related, just making sure you knew.

- The fact that I ship Stydia doesn’t mean I hate on Malia (who I think is a great character) or on Parrish (who I think is extremely nice and useful), after all they are fictional. I also don’t hate on Shelley or Ryan (who are simply actors) like some of you hating on Holland, actors are actual humans with actual feelings not that they care about haters but hey ! It’s not like calling Lydia a bitch or Malia an idiot is going to hurt them, they don’t EXIST.

-The fact that I love characters is extremely different from me hating one, loving is going to make the writers, the creators of the show, the actors, proud of their work. Hating isn’t. And I understand loving a fictional character, sometimes you want the person to be real, sometimes you relate to them but hating on them, to me, just seems… Petty.

- If Lydia and Stiles don’t end up togheter I won’t die, I’ll be sad, I’ll probably cry. So will you if your OTP doesn’t happen, we all would. But what matters for me is that they get their well deserved happy ending, which I believe is togheter. What I mean is the fact that you learn about these characters and get to know them and follow them everywhere, it makes you know what is right for them or at least think you do. We all share that, simply with different choices. So I don’t see why instead of encouraging the ENTIRE cast and the writers and the production team and thanking them for these wonderful seasons that, at least for me, thought me and helped me get trough so many things you’re hating on stupid ships. I’m not telling you not to share your opinion or not to have one, I’m just suggesting that if it’s fucking rude, keep it to yourself and try not ruining the fandom. Instead of fighting like little 5 years old, why not let the writers decide and deal with whatever they want to do, they’ve been doing what they wanted for 5 seasons and you think that suddenly they want to listen to the fans ? I think not. I’m ready to love the show no matter what, you better be. So at least for this one last season, act your age, unless you’re five… Just act like grown ups, and try to fix this fandom as long as it still exists.

Now if anyone is actually reading this , I hope you’ll exuse me I’m gonna drink some tea. Just a sip or two. 🐸