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Dirk Gently Headcanon - divergance

Personalities - why are Book!Dirk and 2016!Dirk so different?

BOOK!DIRK (& 2012 TV Dirk & IDW Comic Dirk)

  • I have a vague idea that I’m not going to die but not really???
  • can drive car
  • FUck the polICE
  • Angry young toddler man


  • car no
  • ok farah i’ll talk to the police and willingly go to police stations i feel safe with youuuu
  • Made of 98% fluffy stuffing :3
  • The universe will provide :D

There are THREE things which I believe changed in Book!Dirk’s life and did not occur in 2016!Dirk’s life which caused these character traits to deviate…

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You’re too special to wither on the vine. Your wine is too sweet. You are too ripe and juicy with the warmth of the sun and the moist, dark soil.

The emotions you can’t love are your salvation. The way you writhe inside. The way you scream. How you feel like you can’t get out. Oh! The torment is there in the service of greatness and love.

It takes a long time, to figure out the obvious: you feel like you’re dying because you want so much to live. It is excruciating to live at any fraction of oneself. You must be allowed to be all that you are. To express it all.

To scream, to sing. To dance and to lay in a ball on the floor. To sleep under the night sky, and to hide in tiny rooms. All experiences worth having. All experiences that will lead you to your greatness if you keep reaching for the tiny shining glimmer in the midst of your despair.

The world, your culture, is not going to give you permission to do that. You must claim it for yourself, under the law of nature.

You must learn to use everything that happens to you. The greater the pain, the deeper the secret, and the higher the alchemy. The alchemy of banishing the hell condition so that the natural, heavenly rhythm of your own heart beat can pulse with all creation.

If you think abuse, misuse, and sorrow will break you open, you will realize soon enough that this is nothing compared to pain of beauty, of being flooded with the living light of your own being.

—  Alison Nappi
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Skin | Moisturizing Rose Mask

This rose balm infused with coconut oil and honey is a treat to make your skin soft, supple and hydrated!
1 tbs. of honey
½ tbs. of coconut oil
4 drops of rose absolute essential oil

Mix all of the ingredients together.
Apply to washed skin.
Leave on for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse with cool water.
*optional* spray skin with rosewater for toning and extra moisture.

Rose oil is amazing for softening skin, protection against elements, a natural astringent, keeps skin youthful, soothing for redness and blemishes, anti-aging
Coconut oil is amazing for hydration, retaining moisture, nourishing skin, holding elasticity
Honey is full of nutrients, retaining moisture, hydrating, holding elasticity