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Tea Bag Therapy for Tired Eyes and Relaxation

by Chanelle White, holistic beauty and wellness coach at chanellewhite.com

While “drinking” tea can aid in weight loss, improve cholesterol, prevent certain cancers, reduce stroke risk and heighten mental alertness; applying tea “topically” can help rejuvenate tired eyes and eliminate dark circles. By using tea bags instead of cosmetic eye creams, you can save money and save your skin from harmful toxins.

So what makes tea a natural eye soother? The caffeine contained in black (14-61 mg), green (24-40 mg) and white tea (6-25 mg) is the key ingredient for shrinking blood vessels around your eye – thus reducing dark circles and puffiness. Along with beneficial antioxidants like ECGC that fight against free radicals damage, tea also contains tannins. Tannins stimulate healthy blood circulation and help tighten and soothe skin. They also impart color and taste among tea varieties.

Here’s how to make your DIY tea bag therapy:

  • Prepare a cup of hot tea, using 2 tea bags. (Use black or green tea for higher concentrations of caffeine.)
  • Steep the bags for 5 minutes; remove and place in a covered container.
  • Place the container with the tea bags in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes or until cold.
  • NOTE: If you’re doing this treatment in the evening, I DO NOT suggest drinking the cup of tea at this time. The caffeine will keep you too stimulated for proper rest, so refrigerate and drink in the morning.
  • Once the tea bags are cold, squeeze out the excess liquid so they are not dripping.
  • Now the best part! Relax in a reclining chair or lay down using a pillow to slightly prop up your head.
  • Close your eyes and place one tea bag on each eye. Arrange the bags so they cover both the eyelid and under eye skin. (Before getting comfortable you may what to set a timer for 15-30 minutes).
  • Relax, nap, or meditate for 15 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, discard bags and rinse tea residue from eyes using cold water.

You should notice an immediate reduction in puffiness. It’s best to do the tea bag therapy at least once a week. If you have persistent dark circles, you can use the tea bag therapy daily. Puffy eyes and dark circles are often attributed to lack of sleep, stress, and diet. If you would like to explore strategies for improving sleep, managing stress or eating healthier, I invite you to schedule a New You Discovery Session. During this one-on-one session, you’ll identify why you’re stuck and gain clarity on how to move forward. Schedule today!


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Skin | Moisturizing Rose Mask

This rose balm infused with coconut oil and honey is a treat to make your skin soft, supple and hydrated!
1 tbs. of honey
½ tbs. of coconut oil
4 drops of rose absolute essential oil

Mix all of the ingredients together.
Apply to washed skin.
Leave on for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse with cool water.
*optional* spray skin with rosewater for toning and extra moisture.

Rose oil is amazing for softening skin, protection against elements, a natural astringent, keeps skin youthful, soothing for redness and blemishes, anti-aging
Coconut oil is amazing for hydration, retaining moisture, nourishing skin, holding elasticity
Honey is full of nutrients, retaining moisture, hydrating, holding elasticity

How I Healed My Hormonal Imbalance and PCOS Naturally

In my previous post, I talked about my struggle with hormonal imbalance (PCOS) before my pregnancy. In this post, I’m going to get into the details of what worked for me. 

You might find this post useful if you have any of the following symptoms: Acne and skin issues, weight issues, mood / mental instability, problems with menstruation (pain, absense of period, irregular cycles), infertility, fatigue. 

Beautiful holistic approach at reconnecting with nature and benefitting from the earth.

The free radicals that we build up throughout the day are positively charged, and the surface of the Earth is negatively charged. So naturally they would cancel each other out. Even if it’s just a placebo effect I’ll take it 🌍

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It’s not that difficult to stay away from a lot of chemicals. I myself hate deodorant the most because of all the nasty ingredients we rub into our skin close to vital organs.

Try coconut oil as such or add a drop of lavender 🌸

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