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Greetings, lovely flowers!🌿
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Uni work is making me depressed so I want to talk about one of my favourite Rowdy 3 scenes (I have to say one of them because let’s be honest all of their scenes are my favourite but this one is possibly my top scene tied with the shopping one). So I want to talk about the scene where Friedkin threatens Amanda and all the Rowdies lose it because to them threatening a girl, particularly a girl who has nothing to do with Blackwing, is just beyond wrong. And also by this point I think they’ve pretty much already decided that Amanda is one of them and you don’t fuck with one of them unless you want to deal with all of them.

Anyways, all of them immediately become ready to fight when he grabs Amanda, but not in their usual way, they become almost still, watching and waiting, doing nothing to provoke Friedkin so that he won’t hurt Amanda. And I love this because it’s so different from how they usually are full of movement with no regard for safety but with Amanda they are all immediately cautious. And while I love all of this and I love them as a whole my favourite reaction is Martin. Martin who was standing head to head with Riggins without a weapon is suddenly holding a bat and is on the defensive. Friedkin yells ‘Drop your weapons’ but Martin does the complete opposite and in the blink of an eyes is ready to protect Amanda no matter what. I love how disgusted he is that they would threaten her (all of the Rowdies are - they immediately start to threaten Friedkin and you know that he is now on their top list of people they want to stomp into the ground) and you can see that any semblance of respect he may of had for Riggins has just disappeared completely. But I love that in all of that he seeks to reassure Amanda and tell her that she will be ok but not only will she be ok but that they will see her again. What he’s basically saying is that they don’t blame her for the situation and that they will continue to protect her. And I think that’s beautiful. And while that is such a gorgeous Martin / Amanda moment it’s not even why it’s my favourite scene.

No the reason it is my favourite scene is because before the scene starts you know that Riggins is AFRAID of the Rowdy 3. That he would have preferred to come up against them with at least 10 men for each one of them. So we KNOW that the Rowdies could totally take them out. That they could completely destroy them if they wanted to. But instead Martin and the Rowdies retreat. They do this because they want to protect Amanda. They want to make sure that she won’t get hurt and they don’t want her to be scared. But more than that they don’t want to get her more involved. At this point she’s only just met them but if they were to engage with Friedkin and Riggins she would be in the middle of it. Of a fight that could scare or hurt her or even trigger one of her episodes and they don’t want that. But mostly they want to give her the choice to join them, to be one of them. Because if they fought she would be a part of it whether she liked it or not and they just wouldn’t do that to her,

Grimoire vibes for today🌼💫 Accept to always learn, nurture to grow, and expand your stardust from one realm to the next, until your lifetimes have exceeded their capacity, and then burst open the seam and disperse a little of that light for each and every breathe of life you come across🍃💚🙏

“Just because you don’t look like somebody who you think is attractive doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive.

Flowers are pretty, but so are sunsets and they look nothing alike.”

Life gets a whole lot more beautiful once you start living for yourself and accept the fact that you can’t please everyone.

Are you living life for yourself or somebody else?

What drives your actions?

Why do you do what you do?

Dirk Gently Headcanon - divergance

Personalities - why are Book!Dirk and 2016!Dirk so different?

BOOK!DIRK (& 2012 TV Dirk & IDW Comic Dirk)

  • I have a vague idea that I’m not going to die but not really???
  • can drive car
  • FUck the polICE
  • Angry young toddler man


  • car no
  • ok farah i’ll talk to the police and willingly go to police stations i feel safe with youuuu
  • Made of 98% fluffy stuffing :3
  • The universe will provide :D

There are THREE things which I believe changed in Book!Dirk’s life and did not occur in 2016!Dirk’s life which caused these character traits to deviate…

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