I’ve made a Little Comic about the noodles making McHanzo finally kiss.

Got this as Anon request( They requested Noodles who make them finally kiss with the help of a mistletoe), so who ever you are: I love you for this idea! It’s so cute and I hope this little comic makes you happy ♥

I hope this makes all of you happy ♥

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Reasons the aliens might think we’re strange

“It’s the coldest time of year!  I’ve just killed one of the biggest forms of plant life on my planet – a rather small specimen, mind you; one that fits in a car – and brought it inside my home.”

“I will now hang various things of an aesthetically pleasing nature on it, and employ technology that makes it look like it’s burning with oddly-colored embers.”

“I will nail footwear over the house’s heating station.  I will put food and small luxury items in the footwear.”

“I will play music that, at any other time of year, would make me plug my ears and screech.”

“I will consume a liquid made of eggs, sprinkled with something that is hallucinogenic in high doses.  I will not use a high dose.  But I may add a mild poison, for recreational purposes.”

“I will sit with my egg-drink next to my simulated forest fire while the restricted music plays, and remark that this is my favorite time of year.”

“Then a month from now the tree will have been taken by the garbage collectors, and I’ll be complaining that the weather is cold and I can’t wait for springtime already.”

Since my family is almost here, I just want to say to anyone in my queer/trans/non-binary family who is about to enter an unsafe family environment this holiday season

You matter
You are important
You are strong
You are beautiful
You are valid

Sending ya’ll all my love and support. You will get through this.


First Look At The Wale x VILLA x Timberland Collaboration  👀

After the rap artist teamed up with VILLA on a Asics silhouette, they are now back and this time joining the team is Timberland. This second release is dubbed “The Gift Box”. As you can see the 6″ inch boot is the silhouette of choice inspired by the gifts of the holiday season and the box in which Tiffany jewelry comes in may have played a part in the color-way as well. The boot comes in a premium tide pool blue rich nubuck upper featuring a contrasting vivid gum out-sole with some added details that include gold lace tips. Each men’s pair is packaged in a special edition co-branded Timberland and VILLA box and pre-packed with a plush cloth gift bag. This collab is slated to drop November, 24th with Men sizes retailing for $200, GS for $130, and toddlers for $85. Anyone interested in these?

Images Via: HB

I’ve made a holiday masterpost with some interesting facts/links in case any of you need it! :)