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The City of Love

Summary: During a well-deserved break from saving the world you realise on a night out in Paris that your feelings for your favourite super-soldier might not be as one-sided as you originally thought. They don’t call Paris the City of Love for nothing, right? 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: use of alcohol, tons of FLUFF

Words: 3182 (what happened there?)

A/N: First - no beta. All mistakes are my own. Second - Last year I went on a holiday to Paris with four of my closest friends. This story is based on what happened on one of our nights there. We had tons of fun and I hope it translates to this fanfic. Enjoy my lovelies! 

Tags: @buckyywiththegoodhair and @kapalaran ❤️ I’m also gonna tag @captain-rogers-beard because Mimi is amazing and tags me in all her awesome marvel fics. Now she can read some of my very poor attempts at Bucky fics. 🙈

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Paris. The City of Love. You always envisioned yourself visiting this place with the love of your life, not necessarily married but in a happy and stable relationship at least. Just the two of you, on a romantic gateway. You would stay in a fancy hotel, go out on romantic dinners and strolls along the Seine, your lover’s strong arms securely wrapped around your waist, whispering sweet nothings into your ear while you’re watching the sunset and waiting for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle in the moonlight. Your daydream came to a sudden halt as Sam’s annoyed voice burst your happy bubble. “Give it back! You don’t even know how to use it, Frosty!”

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you talk in your sleep, John whispers one morning, lips moving against Sherlock’s neck. I do not, Sherlock protests as he snuggles closer and slides both hands down John’s back. You’ve been saying some very interesting thing, John smiles, kissing that particular place that makes Sherlock shiver. What? Sherlock inquires, not denying it anymore. You said we needed to go on holiday, to Paris in fact, and that we should pack now or we’ll miss our train. Sherlock pulls away, looks up at him and frowns, I did? John nods. My subconscious is betraying me now. That was supposed to be a surprise. 

“In 1961, John was given a twenty-first birthday present of £100 from his aunt Mater in Edinburgh. He decided to spend it on holiday in Paris with Paul. He had heard from Stu in Hamburg that Jurgen Vollmer would be in Paris and they arranged to meet up, hitch-hiking from Liverpool. While in Paris, according to Jurgen - later a professional photographer - he cut John and Paul’s hair in a mop-top style, brushing it forward, as opposed to slicked back like a Teddy boy. Later, the other Beatles copied it.

It appears from this postcard to Christine Carey, a friend of both John and Paul who lived in Bootle, that they were planning to move on to Spain, but they never did.

Dear Chris,

as you can see I’ve put the stamp on the wrong side cause I’m daft. Anyway, this is just to let you know what’s going on. Been in Paris a week as Paul will have told you, then off to Spain. Paris is great only “no rock” (well a bit of crappy “French rock”). Don’t know what else to say so cheerio til about ten days.

From John”

The John lennon letters by Hunter Davies.


❤️Today marks what would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 88th birthday. We remember her for her generosity, elegance, talent, and beauty. ❤️

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a brief ctm series rating by me

series 1: nice, stuck to most of the book, conchita was a babe, jenny is a bit of a wetty tbh, not gay enough 3/10

series 2: jane!!! shelagh ditches the wimple and goes rouge, marriage ensues, too much heterosexuality, where are the gays 6/10

series 3: again nice, pATSY ARRIVES in those iconic trousers, early gay stages 7/10

series 4: somehow the best and worst (fuck episode 8), got some quality gay content before “”“the accident”“”, babs and phyllis arrive tho!! 0/10 and 10/10 for that gay angst™, can tom fuck off, overall 8/10

series 5: OH BOY WHERE DO I START, delia gives wales the two fingers, my girls fuckin LIVE TOGETHER, a holiday to paris?? bless trixie I love her, can tom fuck off, sis evangelina :(, we get that angsty gay backstory™ from pats, this is just a really gay series 11/10

series 6: fuck hong kong, fuck patsy for not writing to delia, the turners baby!! trixie is happy!! babs is happy!! still, can tom fuck off, phyllis is a BRICK, sis winny is a fuckin comedian (10/10 for her this series tbh), we gained a gay (undeniably val), more of that relatable gay angst™ but THE KISS 1000/10, overall a solid 9/10

“Gracing the shore of the Grand Lac (Grand Lake) in Paris’ Bois de Boulogne is voluptuous Anita Ekberg, soaking up some end-of-summer sun. She was in the French capital to make Paris Holiday – a United Artists film starring Bob Hope. In the movie the Swedish beauty plays a seductive Mata Hari-type mystery woman. She’s just the gal who can do it! (1957)”

MariChat May Day 24: I Owe You One.

If you’re confused about what’s happening here, go back and read the chapter called Rejection.  It’ll make more sense.  (Can you believe I’ve actually been planning this chapter since I wrote that one??  I never plan.  I am so pleased with myself.)

This is for PrincessKitty1 (over on AO3), the author of a wonderful (almost finished!!) fic called Lucky Us.  It is an important plot point in this story that the Dupain-Cheng bakery closes for a month during the summer, and that the bakeries in Paris have traditionally been required to stagger their summer holidays.  The idea is to ensure both that bakers are able to take a holiday, and that Paris still has access to fresh baked bread on a daily basis.  I totally piggy-backed on that idea, and in my story, the Dupain-Chengs get to take their holiday in July.  :)  If you have some free time and want to read an awesome story, go read Lucky Us.  You won’t be disappointed!!

Marinette dozed contentedly on her new boyfriend, her limbs tangled with his on her chaise.  The remnants of a plate of cookies sat forgotten on her desk, next to a pair of empty glasses.  The movie they’d watched that afternoon had long since ended, but they’d been too comfortable to move.

She was startled awake by a knock at her door.  “Hmm, what?”



The door opened, and her mother’s head appeared in the room.   “Oh, I’m sorry.   I didn’t realize you had fallen asleep.”  Then an odd expression overtook the surprise on her face.  “There’s, um, someone here to see you, Marinette.”

“Who is it?”  She sat up, ignoring Chat’s protests and stretching sleepily.  “I told Alya I’d be busy this afternoon—”

“It’s not Alya. I think that you should come down, and see for yourself.”

Marinette frowned in confusion, and completely missed the fact that Chat had tensed beside her.  “Alright, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Sabine nodded and disappeared, pulling the door closed behind her.

“That was weird.”  Marinette stretched again, and dropped a quick kiss on his mouth as she stood.  “I’ll be right back, Chaton.”

“Yeah.  Okay.  I’ll be here.”

She gave him an odd look, but he didn’t say anything else.  With a shrug, she lifted the door to and followed her mother down stairs, wondering who in the world could have unsettled her mother.  It began to make sense when she saw Nathalie Sancoeur sitting stiffly at their dining table, talking with her parents.  She stumbled down the last few steps in surprise, her mind racing.

“Mlle Sancoeur! I—Are you, uh, looking for Adrien?  I’m not—”

“It’s fine, Marinette.  This has nothing to do with Adrien.  And please, call me Nathalie.”

“O-okay.” She came to stand by the table, and glanced at her parents for guidance, but they just shrugged.  “How can I help you M-er, Nathalie?”

“I am here to deliver an invitation.  I know you are familiar with the Gabriel summer internship program, and that you were not selected to participate this year.  What you do not know, is that you were in fact the committee’s first choice for the opportunity.”

Marinette felt her eyes go wide, and she sat heavily in the chair across from Nathalie.  “F-first choice?”

“Indeed. However, someone brought your work to the attention of M. Agreste himself the morning the announcement was to be made.  He was sufficiently impressed that he has taken an interest in your artistic development.  He does not want you to work with one of his other designers, because he wants to see how your talent develops independent of instruction.”  She pulled a heavy envelope from her bag, and slid it across the table to Marinette, who caught it reflexively.   “This is a letter from him, extending his invitation to you.  He would like an interview with you, an opportunity to view more of your work, and to discuss the possibility of bringing you on as an apprentice once you graduate from lycée.”

Sabine gasped delightedly.  “Oh, this is wonderful!  Marinette, this is an even better opportunity than you’d hoped for!  Marinette, sweetheart?”

“A-apprentice?  Me?”  Marinette blinked stupidly, trying to wrap her head around what she’d just heard.

“The poor girl is in shock, Sabine.”  He smiled warmly at his daughter.   “Give her a minute to process.”

“I am sure that it is quite a lot to take in.”  Nathalie turned her attention to Marinette’s parents.  “Perhaps we could take this opportunity to schedule a meeting time that would be mutually agreeable?  As her parents, you are both welcome to be present during this interview.”


“M. Agreste suggested a luncheon meeting, if that meets with your approval?”

“Of course.  The bakery will be closed in July…”

As planners were consulted and a date set, Marinette sat in stunned silence.  She was reeling.  Gabriel Agreste wanted to meet her?  He was considering taking her on as an apprentice?  What?  Who could possibly—Adrien.  Her lips parted on an in-drawn breath.  He must have gone to his father with pictures of her work.

That sneaky kitty!


She blinked, and found that Nathalie had come to stand next to her chair.  Everyone was looking at her expectantly.

“I-I’m sorry.  I’m a little overwhelmed.”

“I understand.”  She dropped her professional façade for a moment, and offered Marinette a genuine smile.  “Congratulations, Marinette.  This opportunity is well deserved.”

“I-uh, th-thank you!”

“Good evening.  I will see you in July.”

Tom walked Nathalie to the door, and Sabine squeezed her daughter in a happy hug.  “So, are you still disappointed that you didn’t get the internship?”

“No!  This—this is amazing!”  She glanced toward the door to her attic room.  “I need to—”

“Go on, dear.”  Sabine nudged her toward the steps.  “We can celebrate later.”

With barely a nod for her mother, Marinette raced up the steps and threw the trap door open.

“Oh my God, you crazy cat!”

“Marinette, please, let me explain.  I had no idea you’d been chosen, and I never meant for you to lose the spot, honestly, I just wanted to make sure that he’d seen how wonderfully talented you are and—oomf!”

She’d thrown herself at him hard enough to knock him off the chaise.  They landed in a heap on the floor, and she immediately began peppering his face with kisses, murmuring happy words of praise in between.

“You sweet—wonderful—thoughtful—sneaky—ooh!  This is the best thing—!”

He caught her face and brought her mouth to his for a lingering, more thorough kiss.  When it ended, he stroked his thumbs over her cheeks with a sheepish smile.  “So, ah, I guess you’re ok with how it worked out?”

“Yes!”  She said emphatically, nuzzling into his neck.  “Oh, I owe you one for this, Chaton.”

He tipped his head back, allowing her better access to the sensitive skin there.  “Hng…! Keep doing that to my neck, and we’ll call it even.”