Liberalism and Islam - the most bizarre pair of bedfellows imaginable.

Liberals holler nonstop about ‘separation of church and state’, sue to remove nativity scenes, to stop prayers before football games, remove “under God” when saying the Pledge, do any and everything in their power to secularize our government and nation. They (not all, of course) cannot stand spirituality. They  take up arms for women’s and homosexual rights and equality, lit up our White House in rainbow colors this past June, sue to force bakeries to make cakes, etc.

But then libs defend a religion that’s documented and known for atrocities against women, keeps them from getting an education, driver’s license or even going out of the home alone, has been filmed executing gays, given speeches claiming gays do not exist. But libs defend Muslim rights to prayer mats, are OK with Muslim calls to prayer on college campuses, no problem with Muslim programs at school 'holiday’ shows but sue to prevent the word “Christmas” being used to describe the very same show.

How is this explained?

(haters, before you even start - OF COURSE we understand that ALL Muslims are not women beaters and homosexual killers. that’s needless to say. but the fact stands that it does take place within the culture and faith, widely so in some regions. thus if you defend the faith you are by association defending these practices)