This is his favorite time of the year. 
It’s the energy, it’s that everyone even
are filled with this joyous laughter, 
a gentleness that no other holiday
sets in the minds of friends and family.
He never needed family to spoil when
he was in boarding school, everyone 
knew him as the spirit of Christmas.
No one expected it, you’d see a grinch
all year long until it’s December. Here in
the house he’s been planning all month,
scrambling around like a squirrel preparing
for winter to make this the best Christmas
he can for the others. Their fraser fir tree is
absolutely massive, and was a pain in the ass
to decorate. Standing an impressive ten feet
high with a bow at the top and series of lights,
ornaments and tinsel, the bottom is a forest of
presents. Each one wrapped differently, and
he has to resist the urge to drop down to his
knees and shake the ones with his name on it.
He just finished making a pile from him to his
housemates, and if there’s one thing he’s
good at, it’s giving. It’s so easy to hand out
money but he wants much more than the
simple satisfaction of seeing their appreciation,
maybe he wants to treat them like the family he’s
never had. He can’t piece it together exactly
why he loves it, it’s just the core of him. 

Now it’s late, the house is only lit from the
multicolored lights down the staircase, in 
the living room, throughout the parlor and 
down each of the hallways. He’s sitting on
his legs and trying to adjust the placement
of his gifts under the tree, since there’s more
room now that others have gone off and
exchanged theirs. Harry’s quite drunk off of
baileys in his hot chocolate, white wine, and
whiskey he found in an unmarked stocking.
Everything’s slightly blurry and he’s happy,
incredibly happy with all of it.

  • (I am working the register over Christmas.)
  • Me: “Find everything today?”
  • Customer: “Yup.”
  • (Note: she is silent through the transaction, which includes a gift card.)
  • Me: “How much would you like on this?”
  • Customer: “Oh, sorry. Can I have $150?”
  • Me: “No problem.”
  • Customer: *after paying* “Can you do me a favor?” *she hands me the gift card* “The next customer you see that you think could use this, could you give it to them?”
  • Me: *stunned* “…Of course!”
  • (After a minute another customer comes up, a visibly upset young woman.)
  • Me: “Hi! How are you?”
  • Customer #2: “I’m okay, thanks.”
  • (Clearly she is not ok, but she is trying very hard to be pleasant. She is getting very basic items: milk, bread, eggs, etc. Nothing very festive.)
  • Me: “So your total comes out to $0.00.”
  • Customer: “What?”
  • Me: “The person before you gave me a $150 gift card to use for the next person I thought could use it. You look like you’re having a rough day, so here are your groceries, and there’s about $130 left on this card.”
  • (The customer just started crying. Once she could, she thanked me about 100 times. Made my whole Christmas season.)
Holiday Cheer || Scarlett & Griff

Scarlett let out a small huff at Griff as he led her across the campus, supposedly to some holiday special at one of the places on the island. “I’m not some lady Scrooge you need to cheer up so my heart grows three sizes, you know. It’s not like I hate Christmas.” she pointed out, still walking with him. "As long as I can get some good food wherever we’re going, and there’s a chance to see this dancing you told me about, I’ll have some holiday cheer.” she said with a little smile.


Samifer Love Week- Holiday Edition!

Hello there! Sign ups are beginning for the second biannual Samifer Love Week: Holiday Edition!

As you may recall, the first Love Week took place in July of this year, and many amazing fics were born out of it. We’re hoping the success of Love Week continues for the next, holiday themed, event, to take place between December 26th and January 1st!

So come on and sign up to share your love of Samifer with others this holiday season, right here: 



-No hate, bullying, or rudeness to either of your partners, the mods, or anyone else involved in the event

-No plagiarizing (that was ridiculous last time, folks). If caught plagiarizing, you will be removed from the event. 

-We understand that this is a difficult time to be doing this. Please communicate, with both the mods and your partner. If you need extra time, we will give it to you, within reason. But please let us know. Remember, we’re here to help!

-Have fun!

Signed, mods Luci and Caity

I’m told this mug, spotted near deputy executive producer Cara Tallo’s desk, actually belongs to Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep. FACT CHECK: He is, in fact, a pretty cheerful guy (have you heard that laugh?)!

I’m giving the title of cheeriest mug to this one, though – because it’s full of cookie-dough-flavored booze:

Photo credit: Becky Harlan/NPR

Saint Nick here is featured in our story Christmas Cookie Cocktails: Nice, Naughty Drinks For (21+) Boys And Girls. And if you want the drink – and the mug! – check out the NPR Live video on that page for details. (There’s a Hanukkah-themed cocktail, too). #SOTHIRSTY

The Night Before Christmas: Swan Queen Version

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and at Regina’s house,
her skirt was unzipped, and off went her blouse;
Her stockings were fishnet and her feet were bare,
In hopes that Emma Swan soon would be there;

Her titties were nestled all snug in her bra,
While fantasies of the sheriff made drop of her jaw,
And Emma in her 'tank top, and I with my laptop,
had just settled in to read a multi-chapter fanfic.

When over on Tumblr there arose such chatter,
I switched tabs on my browser to see what was the matter.
Away to re-blog I flew like a flash,
opened anon replies and scrolled through my dash.

Passed the Evil Queen’s breasts and new candids of Snow,
impressive gifsets and photo manips, bravo!
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But Regina and Emma looking so delightfully queer,

With magnificent lingerie and a waterproof vibe,
I was filled right then with shining gay pride.
At a rapid pace Swan Queen Nation laid claim,
and then was coined the Swan-Mills surname:

“Now! Dashed, now! Fictorium, now! Helebette, and ChillyFlame,
"On! Heartsways, on! Hunnyfresh, on! RedCharcoal and BondJane;
"Sex up Regina on the porch! Take Emma against the wall!
"Now write away! Right away! Smut fic it all!”

As ideas take form and fantasies fly,
Please finish “All We Seem,” Ryaninthesky!
So up to the writers, they flew,
with stories for livejournal, tumblr and AO3 too:

And then on twitter I saw on my feed:
The squeeing and squealing of fangirls in glee.
Ginnifer Goodwin was still shouting “Porn”,
Of course our ship was getting undue scorn.

But Regina and Emma were together in the next ep,
Swan Queen was happening and by God, we all wept;
“A lesbian Disney princess?” the naysayers cried,
but now it was our turn to tease them and chide.

Regina and Emma joined at last,
their relationship progressed incredibly fast.
They did it in the bath and under the desk
For the Queen and her Swan there was little rest.

They had sex in all places, little was missin’,
and loving embraces in the crypt and the kitchen!
There were proposals and weddings, family affairs
Christmas morning found Henry’s presents downstairs.

Most assuredly our Evil Queen really was back
Made obvious by the return of her tight leather pants,
And Emma, the savior, was golden and true
And together, with the ratings, their feelings ever grew

But of course we had known that all along,
young master Henry loved both of his moms.
A wink from Adam and a tweet from Eddie
Soon gave me hope that the nation was ready

The finale ended with true love and magic
For once it wasn’t just a lesbian ratings gimmick
I heard Regina exclaim in the fiery throes of passion-
'Happy Christmas to all!’ as she hit her orgasm.

The End