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Ember Gleams - Down the Rabbit Hole {Sep 13, 2016}

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Mods, what are your opinions on Princess and the Frog bc it's number one favorite Disney movie

Mod Jen: Easily my most frustrating Disney movie because of how much potential it had and how much it failed to deliver. The writing, the plotholes…so much I want to fix. But a mostly awesome soundtrack and Tiana is a breath of fresh air! And I absolutely adore Naveen

Mod Lissy: I love it and love Tiana but agree with Jen that it has sooo many plot holes and didn’t do a whole lot to keep people hooked throughout the movie, basically general absence of proper storytelling. BUT I love Naveen and Dr. Facilier, and Tiana’s attitude of working hard to get what you want is something I love soooo much

Mod MJ: It’s one of my favorite Disney movies! although I do agree with Jen it had plot holes. The soundtrack was my favorite part about the movie. I loved that Tiana was so motivated to work hard to achieve her dreams. It was nice to see a movie that encourages to follow your dreams but also you do need to put in the work to achieve them, and even though there may be some bumps in the road, don’t let it stop you.


Silent Hill 4: The Room - The 100% Soundtrack [145 Tracks]

This includes ambient noises, like those you hear come from the tunnel in the bathroom. It’s also almost 5 hours long, but I’ve been enjoying the atmosphere.