James Van Riemsdyk- beach date

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Author’s notes: I told myself I’d be so cool about this, but I can’t be cool. You’re literally my inspiration for starting to write imagines so I’m really hoping you like this. And hi I just wanna be cool enough to be your friend and I like totally love you. Also I 100% blame you for my love of the Caps and the Leafs I didn’t want to love more teams. @carey-pricemas

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Warning: A few cuss words?

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Oh man, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Based off the ask I sent to @sorcererinslytherin last night about Ryan and Trevor as half-brothers. Enjoy the this 2000 word drivel

Ryan storms out of the house, slamming the door on his way out, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his too large leather jacket. His breath is misting. It’s cold. The sky is clear with the moon shining down upon him. He doesn’t feel the cold. His blood is burning too hot. He’s angry. Pissed off at Craig and up to the last straw. He’s done. He’s done with them. He’s done with their family. He’s done with their dumb ass rules and—


He stops, anger abated at the voice as he turns around. Trevor runs after him. The t-shirt he wears is too big, and it pulls at Ryan’s heartstrings for a moment. He remembers when his mother brought Trevor home for the first time when he was eight. He was so small then. He’s still small even now, all gangly limbs wrapped up in second hand clothing.

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The Thing

from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz

There were two young boys named Trevor and Will. They spent most of their summer vacation hanging around town, looking for things to do.

One hot August night, the boys were sitting on a fence by the main road. There was a cornfield just across the road. Suddenly, Trevor spotted something in the field. In the darkness, it was difficult to make out, but he thought it looked like some kind of weird animal.

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Someone said they left together,
I ran out the door to get her,
She was holding hands with Trevor,
Not the greatest feeling ever…

Said, “Pull yourself together,
You should try your luck with Heather”
Then I heard they slept together,
Oh, the less I know the better,
The less I know the better….

Oh my love, can’t you see yourself by my side?
No surprise when you’re on his shoulder like every night…
Oh my love, can’t you see a child on my mind?
Don’t suppose we could convince your lover to change his mind,
So goodbye…

She said, “It’s not now or never
Wait ten years, we’ll be together”
I said, “Better late than never
Just don’t make me wait forever”
Don’t make me wait forever…

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The Immortals- Part 1- Meeting Elijah

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 1: Meeting Elijah (I will write part 2 someday)

This is a “re-post” of the “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals but with an OC this time.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

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Elena Gilbert was heading to her car, leaving a party she didn’t really have fun at. Julie Johnson had no idea why she had come to this party. She had no idea why she had been invited in the first place. She was leaving the party too, following Elena’s footstep without really paying attention to the Gilbert girl. But then, as she was about to get into her car, she saw a figure appear behind Elena. She frowned and gasped when she saw the stranger grab her

“Elena!” she yelled.

Her heart skipped a beat as she felt a hand on her shoulder and another on her mouth. She tried to get away but she felt pain in her neck right before everything went black.

Two men were parked in an empty field, waiting. When another car parked next to them they got out of the car. One of the two men went over the other vehicle. The driver opened the tainted window a little. He was wearing a cap and sunglasses.

“Where is she?” he asked.

“In the trunk,” the man answered.

“Did you do exactly as I said?”

The man didn’t answer right away.

“Well?” the driver was getting impatient.

“There was a complication,” he said.

“What complication?”

“She wasn’t alone. We had to take someone else with us. No witnesses.”

The driver sighed. “Put them in the car.” He watched in the mirror as the two men put Elena and the other girl in the trunk of his car before they went back to talk to him.

“Thank you for your help,” he said.

“Is there anything else?” one of the two men asked.

“Yes. Remember what I told you to do once you were done?” he asked and they nodded. “You’re done,” he said and one of the men took out a gun and shot his accomplice before he shot himself in the head and the car with the tainted windows drove away.

 When Elena woke up, she didn’t know where she was. Her hands and feet were tied with the same rope. She was alone. She heard someone coming and when she looked up she saw a man with a cap and sunglasses climbing down the stairs with an unconscious girl in his arms. She kept silent as she watched the man lay the girl on the same couch she was on.

“What do you want?” she asked as he removed their ropes but he didn’t answer. “Please, I’m hurt,” she told him.

“I know,” he said as he leaned closer to her. Veins appeared below his eyes and Elena tried to move away but he was holding her.

“Trevor! Control yourself!” a woman stopped him.

He turned to see a woman with short hair just right next to them.

“Buzz kill,” he told her as he got up from the couch.

“Who is that?” she asked, pointing at Julie.

“Complications,” he sighed.

But the woman was too focus on Elena to care about “complications”. She was staring at her like she knew her and she hadn’t seen her for centuries.

“What do you want with me?” Elena asked, afraid.

“My God, you look just like her,” the woman told her as she approached her.

“But I’m not,” Elena shook her head. “Pease, whatever…”

“Be quiet.”

“I’m not Katherine,” she said and got up. “My name is Elena Gilbert, you don’t have to do this!”

“I know who you are. I said be quiet!”

Elena frowned. “What do you want?”

The woman slapped her so hard Elena fell back on the couch. “I want you to be quiet!” she said but she was knocked out.

When Julie woke up, she saw Elena next to her, unconscious. She quickly sat up and looked around. She had no idea where she was.

“Elena!” she called the Gilbert girl as she placed a hand on her arm, right below the blood stained and then she shook her. Elena opened her eyes slowly and frowned at the stranger.

“Who are you? Are you okay?” she asked.

Julie frowned. “I’m…,” she shook her head and sighed. There was no point in feeling insulted. Elena Gilbert was a popular girl. It didn’t surprise her she had no idea who she was. “I’m Julie… we’re in high school together,” she told her.

“Oh,” Elena said before she looked down.

“I’m a year older than you,” Julie shrugged. “Where are we?” she asked. “Are you okay? There is blood on you shirt,” she asked.

“I’m fine,” Elena told her. “Where are they?”

She frowned. “Who’s…they?” Julie asked.

“The vamp…” Elena stopped and Julie raised her eyebrows.


“How much do you know?” she said after a moment of hesitation.

“How much do I know… about this?” she made invisible circles with her hands. Elena nodded. “Elena… I don’t even know what this is. Have we been kidnapped?” she asked.

Elena didn’t answer. She put her finger on her lips and pointed at the stairs. She signed her to stay quiet and to listen.

“Did you or did you not get the message to Elijah?” the girls heard.

“Who’s that?” Julie whispered.

“That’s Trevor. There’s a girl too.”

“Okay… but who’s Elijah?” she asked and Elena looked up at her and gave her a worried look.

“I have no idea.”

Julie looked at Elena for a while before she nodded. “Okay…Question… Are we going to die?” she asked.

Elena frowned. “What? No!” she violently shook her head.

Julie breathed out a nervous laugh. “Oh, good,” she said. “But…” she calmed down. “How sure are you…?”

Elena looked at her with big eyes. She had no idea but she couldn’t tell her that.

“Come,” she told her and Julie raised her eyebrows.

“Where are we going?” she followed her up the stairs. Elena put her finger back on her lips to tell her to stay silent. Trevor and the woman were close.

“Did he or did he not get the message?” Trevor asked again.

“They say he got it.”

“Wonderful. And what?”

“So that’s it, Trevor,” Rose sighed, annoyed. “He either got it or he didn’t. We just have to wait.”

Elena turned to look at Julie and she waved at her to follow her without a word.

“It’s not too late. We can leave her. We don’t have to go through with this,” Trevor said. He was obviously scared. Scared of Elijah. Which scared both Elena and Julie.

“I’m sick of running,” the woman told him.

“Yeah? Well, running keeps us from dying!”

“Elijah’s old-school. If he accepts our deal, we’re free.”

Elena stepped on the creaky floor and both the vampires turned at the noise.

“You!” the woman walked towards them. Julie took one step back. “There’s nothing around here for miles. If you thing you’re getting out, you’re wrong. Understand?” she eyed both Elena and Julie.

“Who’s Elijah?” Julie’s eyes grew big as Elena dared to ask the question. Rose looked at her like she was going to murder her right on the spot.

“He’s your worst nightmare,” she replied before she left the room.

Julie gasped at the answer. “We’re so dead,” she said. Elena looked at Julie then down at the floor.

“Come,” she sighed and she took Julie’s hand and they left the room.

“Where are we going?” Julie asked a little afraid.

“They need us alive, they won’t hurt us,” she answered.

“Us?” Julie echoed. She didn’t know what Elena had to do with them but she was pretty sure she had nothing to do with any of this.

They found the woman in a room full of books.

“Why am I here?” Elena asked.

The woman was getting annoyed and she sighed.

“You keep asking me questions like I’m gonna answer them.”

“Why won’t you?” Elena shrugged.

Julie was surprised Elena wasn’t afraid.

“That’s another one,” the woman sighed. Julie frowned when she saw the woman covering a window with a piece of cardboard.

“You got us, okay? It’s not like we can go anywhere,” Elena said as she stepped into the room. Julie didn’t follow her. What is she? Crazy? Does she want to die? “The least you can do is tell us what you want.”

“I personally want nothing. I’m just a delivery service.”

“Delivery to who? Elijah?”

The woman chuckled. “Two point to the eavesdropper. Can’t you be more like your friend? She’s quieter.”

“Who is he? Is he a vampire?”

Julie couldn’t help but chuckle and both Elena and the other woman turned to look at her.

“He’s one of the vampires. The Originals.”

Julie frowned and shook her head. Was she hearing right?

“What do you mean the Originals?”

“What do you mean vampires?” Julie asked.

“Doesn’t your friend know? Haven’t the Salvatores been teaching you vampire history? ”

“Know what? … And we’re not friends… Wait…Salvatores as in… Stefan Salvatore?

Elena sighed. “He’s a vampire,” she told her. “So you know Stefan and Damon?” she turned back to the woman, completely ignoring the fact that she had just told someone of the existence of vampires.

“I know of them,” the woman answered as she opened a book. “A hundred years back, a friend of mine tried to set me up with Stefan. She said he was one of the good ones. More of a sucker for the bad boys, though, but I digress.”

Julie couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Stefan is a hundred years old vampire?” she asked, shocked.

Elena shook her head and completely ignored her as the woman turned to look at her with an amused look on her face.

“Who are the Originals?” Elena asked.

“Vampires don’t exist,” Julie said but nobody was paying attention.

The woman sighed, closed her book and turned around to face Elena.

“Trevor and I have been running for 500 years. We’re tired. We want it over. We’re using you to negotiate ourselves out of an old mess,” she explained.

Julie was dumbfounded and she was staring at nothing, trying to understand what she was hearing.

“But why me?” Elena asked.

The woman sighed again. “Because you’re a Petrova doppelgänger. You’re the key to breaking the curse,” she replied like it made sense.

Julie was more and more confused. Doppelgänger? Curse?

“Curse?” Elena too was confused. “The Sun and the Moon curse?”

“You do know your history,” the woman rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean, I’m the key? The moonstone is what breaks the curse,” Elena said.

“No. The moonstone is what binds the curse. Sacrifice is what breaks it.”

“Sacrifice?” Elena repeated.

“The blood of the doppelgänger. You’re the doppelgänger. Which means, in order to break the curse, you’re the one that has to die.”

“Oh God…” Julie breathed out. “I’m out of here,” she said and turned around.

But suddenly Rose was just in front of her. Her face inches from hers. Julie stepped back.

“You’re not going anywhere,” she said. “I need you to stay right here,” she locked her eyes in Julie’s.

“Yeah, no thank you,” she said and the woman frowned and pushed her again the wall.

“If you didn’t know about vampires, how do you know about vervain?” she asked.

“What? I don’t…” Julie tried to move away but the woman was way too strong. “Let me go!”

“Why can’t I compel her?” the woman yelled at Elena.

“I have no idea. I don’t know her!” she replied.

The woman looked at the terrified girl for a minute then sighed before she let go of her.

“If you try to run, I will kill you,” she told her and veins started to appear below her eyes.

“Oh God…” Julie said as she pressed herself into the wall.

The woman walked back in the room where Elena was but she turned her head to look at Julie, giving her a warning look.

Julie was trembling. She had a hand on the wall and she was looking down at the floor.

“Tell me more,” Elena asked as Trevor entered the room.

“Captivity’s made her pushy, hey,” Trevor said as he took a piece of cardboard. “What do you wanna know doppelicious?”

“Who are you running from?”

“The Originals,” he answered.

“Yeah, she said that. Who are they?”

“The first family. The Old Wolrd. Rose and I pissed them off.”

Rose cleared her throat.

“Correction. I pissed them off. Rose had my back and for over half a millennium, they’ve wanted us dead,” he said and then threw a book at Elena’s feet who stepped back.

“What did you do?” she asked.

“He made the same mistakes countless others did. He trusted Katerina Petrova,” Rose told her.

Who’s that? Julie frowned.

“Katherine…” Elena said.

She knows her?

“The one and only,” she said. “The first Petrova doppelgänger.”

“And I’ve… sorry, we’ve been marked ever since,” Trevor completed Rose’s explanation.

“Which is why we’re not gonna make the same mistakes again,” Rose said and then they both left the room.

Julie walked towards Elena who was thinking.

“What the fuck?” Julie asked. “Doppelgänger? What… Who the hell are you?” she asked.

Elena looked up at her. “Stefan and Damon knew Katherine over a hundred years ago,” she started to explain. “She looks exactly like me.”

“Looks… So she’s… a vampire… too?” Julie asked and Elena nodded.

“And Stefan is a vampire?”

“Yes, and Damon, he’s brother, is too.”

“And Rose and… Trevor?” it took her a second to remember his name.

“Yes,” Elena said then turned around. Julie followed her in silence.

Vampires are real. And doppelgängers are… whatever supernatural… stuffs…

Elena sat back down on the couch were they woke up earlier. There was a paper there.

“What is it?” Julie asked Elena after she opened it and read its content. Elena placed a finger on her lips to tell her to stay quiet.

“It’s a message from Bonnie,” she whispered and Julie frowned. “Stefan and Damon are coming for us.”

“Bonnie? How…”

“She’s a witch,” Elena told her. It didn’t seem like she wanted to explain more. Julie raised her eyebrows and then she sat down next to Elena. They both stayed silent. Waiting.

So, vampires were real. And witches. She was having a hard time believing the situation she was in.

After about an hour of waiting in silence, Rose came down the stairs and started packing. About half an hour after that, Trevor joined them in panic.

“He’s here. This was a mistake!”

“No, I told you I would get us out of this. Trust me,” Rose tried to calm him down.

“No,” he yelled and Julie jumped at the sudden scream. “He wants me dead, Rose!”

“He wants her more,” she told him.

Julie was pretty sure she wasn’t going to survive this. She didn’t even know why she was there in the first place.

I really shouldn’t have gone to this party.

“I can’t do this,” he said. “I can’t. You give her to him, he’ll have mercy on you! But I need to get out of here!”

“Hey!” she stopped him and took his hands in hers. “What are we?” she asked.

He took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes. “We’re family,” he replied. “Forever.”

Julie and Elena watched them together. It was almost cute.

Julie jumped again as they heard someone knocked on the front door. Both the vampires turned towards the exit of the room.

“You’re scared,” Elena breathed out as she saw Rose look at her.

“Stay here with them. Don’t make a sound,” she said before she left the room.

Elena got up and started pacing in front of the couch where Julie stayed immobile. About 10 minutes later Rose came back with a man. Elena turned around as she saw Julie looked up at the stairs. A second after, the man they believed to be Elijah was just in front of her. He was so fast, Julie pressed herself onto the couch as she breathed out a: “Fuck”. Elijah didn’t pay attention to her as he was staring at Elena. He was looking her up and down. Elena stayed straight even though she was trembling from fear. He leaned towards her and smelled her.

“Human,” he said. “It’s impossible.”

Elena was scared. Finally! After all she had been scared the entire day of Rose and Trevor. Elena seemed way too calm for the situation.

Elijah’s eyes landed on Julie who was still trembling on the couch. She had brought her knees to her chest. “Who is this?” he asked.

“Complications,” Rose said.

“Uh… Hello there,” he said with a grin and she raised her eyebrows.

“Uh… hello…” she whispered back. She couldn’t look away from him as he was staring at her like she was dessert.

“We have a long journey ahead,” he cleared his throat and looked back at Elena. “We should be going,” he said.

“Please,“ Elena said to Rose. “Don’t let him take me,” she begged.

“One last piece of business, and we’re done,” Elijah ignored her and he turned around and walked towards Trevor.

“I’ve waited so long for this day, Elijah,” Trevor managed to say. He was terrified and that scared the hell out of Julie. “I’m truly, very sorry,” he said. He didn’t dare look up at the Original vampire and he was staring at the dirty floor.

“Oh, no, your apology is not necessary,” Elijah said as he walked around the scared vampire.

“Yes, yes it is,” Trevor said. “You trusted me with Katerina and I failed you.”

“Well, yes, you are the guilty one,” Elijah said as he kept walking around, looking down at the floor. “Rose aided you because she was loyal to you. But you… Where was your loyalty?” he stopped in front of the vampire who finally looked up at him.

“I beg your forgiveness.”

Rose, Elena and Julie waited with anticipation.

“So granted,” Elijah told him.

All of them let out a breath of relief but then gasped as Trevor’s head was rolling on the floor. Julie started to feel sick as she pressed herself more onto the couch wishing she could just disappear in it. Rose started to cry.

“You…” she said, angry, as she started to climb down the stairs.

“Don’t Rose…” Elijah calmly told her and she stopped. “Now that you are free,” he reminded her.

Elijah took one step towards Elena and quickly gave a look to Julie. He saw her staring at the headless body of Trevor. He had terrorized her and he didn’t know why he felt kind of bad for her. He looked up at Elena and held his hand out to her.

“Come,” he said and she stepped back.

“No, what about the moonstone,” she quickly said.

He immediately stopped. “What do you know about the moonstone?” he asked.

Rose was still crying on the stairs and that’s all Julie could hear.

“I know that you need it and I know where it is,” she told him.

“Yes?” he asked her, unimpressed.

“I can help you get it,” she said.

“Tell me where it is,” Elijah told her. He wasn’t threatening her. He just told her.

“It doesn’t work that way,” she told him.

Elijah raised his eyebrows and sighed a little amused. “Are you negotiating with me?” he asked and turned to look at Rose.

“It’s the first I’ve heard of it,” she managed to tell him between two sobs.

Elijah turned back to Elena but then looked at Julie who was still staring at Trevor’s lifeless body.

“She won’t tell you anything,” Rose told him. “She didn’t even know vampires existed before today. Besides, she can’t be compelled for some reason…”

Julie looked up as she understood they were talking about her. She saw Elijah was looking at her and he saw the tears in her eyes.

“She can’t be compelled?” he asked, curious. He sighed again and turned back to Elena. His eyes landed on her necklace. “What is this vervain doing around your neck?” he asked and then ripped it off of her. He forced her to look at him in the eyes. “Tell me where the moonstone is.”

“In the tomb underneath the church ruins,” Julie saw Elena being “compelled”. She was glad they couldn’t do that to her.

“What is it doing there?” he asked next.

“It’s with Katherine,” she told him.

“Interesting,” he said but then they heard a noise of broken glass coming from upstairs and he let go of her and looked up at the ceiling.

“What is that?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Rose told him.

“Who else is in this house?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Rose repeated a little louder.

Elijah sighed and took both Julie and Elena by the arm. “Move!”

They were in the entry of the house and they were about to leave when Elijah stopped. There was someone else with them. Elijah’s grip tighten on Julie’s arm as he threw Elena in Rose’s arms.

“Rose?” he asked with a threatening tone.

“I don’t know who it is!” she assured him.

“Up here,” they heard and in the next second Elijah was up the stairs, leaving Julie in the middle of the room.

“Down here,” they heard then. Elijah started to climb down the stairs but someone put an arrow in his hand. It looked like it didn’t even hurt him in the slightest as he removed it quickly. When he looked back, the room was empty. Only Rose was lying unconscious on the floor. Stefan had grabbed Elena and Damon had a hand on Julie’s mouth. She was scared, she had no idea who this was. She guessed it was Damon and that he and Stefan had come to help them, like Elena said they would.

“Excuse-me!” they heard Elijah said. “To whom it may concern, you’re making a grave mistake if you think you can beat me. You can’t. You hear that? I repeat, you cannot beat me. So I want the girls on the count of three. Or heads will roll,” he threatened. “Do we understand each other?” he said.

“I’ll come with you,” Elena said as she appeared on top of the stairs.” Just, please don’t hurt my friends. They just wanted to help me out,” she told him.

Elijah quickly climbed the stairs and she gasped as his sudden move.

“What game are you playing with me?” he asked and she threw a grenade at him. When it explode, he got hurt by the vervain but he quickly healed. He got up and started to slowly walk towards Elena but then, Stefan appeared and started to shoot him. It had no effect on him and so he jumped on the Original vampire and they fell down the stairs. As Elijah was about to kill Stefan, Damon appeared and stabbed the Original vampire in the heart with a huge piece of wood and pinned him on the wall. Elena hugged Stefan as she was relieved Elijah was dead and that her boyfriend was fine.

“Is she dead?” Julie asked as she entered the room again and saw Rose’s body.

“No, but he is,” Stefan told her.

“Who are you?” Damon asked.

“Julie,” Elena answered for her. “She’s here because of me,” she said.

“I recognize you from the school” he said. “Are you okay?” Stefan asked and she nodded.

“I just want to go home,” she couldn’t believe she actually wanted to go home to her stepfather but at least, he wasn’t a vampire.

“We’ll get you home,” Stefan told her and she gave him a shy smile.

Damon was driving and they stayed silent in the car. Julie was still trying to understand the world she lived in. A world that included vampires, witches and doppelgängers.

“Hey, Julie!”

She jumped as Elena placed a hand on her knees to get her attention.


“Sorry,” she said as she removed her hand. “I didn’t mean to startle you…”

“We need to know where you live,” Stefan asked her and she looked up at him.

“Right…” she sighed. She gave them her address and they were there in a few minutes after the long drive. “Thank you,” she told them as she got out of the car.

“Julie,” Elena stopped her. “I’m sorry for… you know… If you have any questions… don’t hesitate.”

Julie looked at her for a minute before she nodded and closed the car door. She slowly walked towards her front door. Her stepfather’s car wasn’t there and she was relieved as she couldn’t deal with him right now. She directly got into her bed.

She thought about Trevor, whose body and head were probably still on the dirty floor of the old house. She wondered if Rose was still lying unconscious and if she wasn’t, what her reaction had been when she saw Elijah dead up on that wall. She fell asleep as she got lost in her thoughts. Pretty certain she will have nightmares for the rest of her life.

You and Me (Ch. 3)

Summary: Mickey comes back from Mexico to surprise Ian, and plan the wedding.

Word Count: 2279

Five Months Later

Mickey’s heart is pounding as he walks to the Gallagher house. He’s talked to Ian everyday since they separated at the border, but Ian doesn’t know that all the charges were dropped on him so it’s his plan to surprise him today.

Without knocking, he walks in the back door of the house. He sees Debbie with her baby, Carl, Liam, and Fiona. He holds back a smile when he sees their jaws dropped open and the widening of their eyes.

“Ian home?” He says nonchalantly.

Suddenly Liam and Debbie throw themselves into Mickey. It took a lot of power not to run at this sudden embrace, but he didn’t, instead he smiled. After all this time he can’t wrap his mind around all these people caring about him, but he is starting to accept it.

“Mickey!” Liam screams.

“Hey, bud.” He attempts to ruffle his hair.

“You’re home,” Debbie hugged him again. “We missed you.”

Fiona is still in shock, but once she gains awareness she walks over to him and pulls him in for a hug. “We did miss you, Mickey.”

Mickey nods. “Yeah, me too. Sorry I wasn’t here when Frannie was born, Debs.” Then he turns to Carl. “You stayin’ out of trouble? I hear you’re a fucking military boy like your brother was now.”

Carl nods. “I am.” He goes to shake Mickey’s hand. “I’m happy you’re home, man.”

“How the fuck are you home?” Fiona raises her eyebrows. “Where did you go? Ian wouldn’t tell us.”

“I’ll explain later, where’s Ian?”

“Ummm,” Debbie says cautiously. “Upstairs with a guy–”

“Please don’t hurt him, Mickey. He’s nice,” Fiona adds. “Wait–” she says as he turns for the stairs. “Ian didn’t take his pills this morning, I had to get a refill. Make him take them.” She hands him the bottle.

Mickey takes the bottle and chuckles. “Can’t fuckin’ wait to see this.” He starts walking up. “I won’t kill him,” he shouts to the family as he gets out of their view.

As Mickey approaches the bedroom, he hears Ian’s voice. “What don’t you fucking understand I am not going to kiss you, I can’t!”

“Why the fuck not? Huh?” The other man speaks. “Waiting for some badass guy who isn’t fucking coming back for you?”

With that Mickey opens the door. He doesn’t lunge to hurt the man. He doesn’t curse the other guy out. He doesn’t throw himself on Ian either. Instead he holds up the pills, walks to Ian, and says, “Take your pills, bitch,” in a caring voice. Then he places a kiss on his boyfriend’s head.

Ian’s mouth falls open in surprise, but he takes the pills like he was instructed to. He then stands up and hugs Mickey tightly, kissing the side of his head.

“Who the fuck is this?” Trevor spits.

“The badass guy he was fucking waiting for to come back, the thug he talks about in his sleep, and his fiancé, which is whom he kisses,” Mickey rudely smiles and pulls Ian in for a hard kiss.

Trevor stepped back, clearly intimated. “I– I didn’t know you were coming back. Two people who ‘love’ each other as much as you guys claim to don’t leave each other so much.”

Ian is still speechless, but he tenses up at those words. “Oh, I see now. You think you love him?” Mickey raises both eyebrows. Trevor doesn’t respond though, he just makes a loud gulping noise.

“Don’t kill him, Mick,” Ian finally blurts out.

“Won’t.” He doesn’t turn to look at Ian. “Promised the kids I wouldn’t.” He backs off and Trevor let’s out a sigh of relief.

“What happened? How are you back? I thought I’d have to come to Mexico? Rings! We need rings! Did you call Mandy? Shit, Mick, how’d you get here without the police catching you?” The words began to flow out of Ian’s mouth. Mickey shut him up by kissing him.

“Hey,” he puts his palm on Ian’s cheek. “I’m home. Everything is finally fucking settled. I’ll explain then.”

Ian nods. “Lip’s coming home from rehab tonight, he’ll probably want to know what’s going on too so you can explain to everyone at dinner.”

“I know, you told me asshole was comin’ home a thousand times,” Mickey laughs. “Now would you like to shower? I smell and I need you like now. It’s been a bit too long,” he seductively jokes.

“Let’s get to it then,” he smirks. “Sorry, Trev!” Ian calls out.

“What the fuck?” Trevor says to himself. He then walks down the stairs to ask the other Gallagher’s about what just happened.

They were all already staring at the stairway. “Uhh,” Fiona says. “Hi, Trev.”

“What the fuck just happened?”

“Mickey’s home,” Liam says. It’s probably one of the only times Trevor has actually heard him speak. “I missed Mickey,” he adds but everyone seems to ignore it.

They all look at him sympathetically. “We’re sorry,” Fiona says. “He told you from that start about Mickey.”

“Have you ever seen the way Ian looks at the asshole?” Trevor shakes his head.

Fiona tries to hide her smile because she doesn’t want to make him feel bad. “It’s always been that way.”

“Did he say anything about the way he got home?”

“He said he’s going to explain it at dinner when Lip gets home.” Trevor looks down. “Ian didn’t even tell me Lip gets let out of rehab today, but apparently he told Mickey ‘a thousand times.’”

Debbie frowns at the sadness in Trevor’s voice, but at the same time she shouldn’t feel bad because he knew what he was getting himself into. “Where are they?”

“Showering,” Trevor states coldly.

“No surprise there,” Carl says with a chuckles.

Suddenly, Trevor’s eyebrows shoot up. “Do you know what I just realized? Mickey called himself Ian’s fiancé.” Now that, Carl finds surprising because he chokes on his soda.

“Did you just say fiancé?” Fiona starts to step forward.

Trevor nods. “Yeah, and Ian was going on and on about needing rings.”

“What the fuck?” The whole Gallagher family shares the same surprised look on their faces.

“Well if you don’t mind, I’m going to stay for dinner. I’d like learn more about the criminal who has Ian on such a tight hold,” Trevor sits.

* * *

Suddenly the Gallagher clan and Trevor hear something make a loud bang coming from the upstairs. “Are you fucking nuts?” They all hear Mickey shout.

Trevor gets up as if he’s about to come to Ian’s defense, but Carl holds him back and shakes his head. “You do not want to get in the middle of that, believe me.”

“Clearly! That’s why I’m on the pills, isn’t it?” Ian yells back. Fiona’s heart drops every time she hears her brother refer to himself as crazy.

“You went a whole fucking week without taking them, Ian! Are you trying to kill yourself?” Mickey sounds very serious.

Debbie closes her eyes know that everything the Milkovich boy is saying is right. Ian should never skip out on taking his medication, it could cause too much damage. The thought of Ian becoming manic again makes everyone upset.

Ian lets out a frustrated grunt. “Someone fucking stole them! I didn’t tell anyone because I knew this would be the fucking reaction!” The yells stop for a few seconds. “I’m not fucking manic, Mickey!”

“You wouldn’t know, asshole! I would fucking know!” Mickey shouts. “You’re fuckin’ lucky I don’t see it right now!”

Ian storms down the stairs and notices his siblings annoyed faces. He rolls his eyes and takes a seat. “Don’t say a fucking word, okay?”

Before anyone even had a chance to say anything, Frank comes storming in the house. “I need a beer.” He heads for the fridge, then takes a seat next to the redhead.

“You’re not stayin’ here, Frank,” Fiona says coldly. “You got your beer now get out.”

“This is my house!” Frank responds. It’s clear he’s already drunk. The man turns his body to Ian. “Ian, I need some of those drugs you’re packin’ because they are selling like crazy.”

Ian stands up to back away from Frank. “What drugs?”

“The lithium,” he speaks with no question in his voice. “You don’t need ‘em, you’re fine. I’ve been telling people it’s Oxy.” He laughs.

“You’re not taking my pills, Frank, I do need them!”

Frank is quickly becoming frustrated. “Son–”

“I’m not you’re fucking son, remember? Monica fucked your brother.” With that being said, Frank lunges himself forward to attack his son. Everyone was screaming, but no one knew what to do. He got about four good punches in before something pulled him back.

Mickey grabs Frank by the neck and slams him against the door. “You don’t ever touch a fucking hair on his head. You never get to lay another fucking hand on him.” Frank sucks for a breath. “You don’t ever take a single pill from him again either. Do you understand me, Frank? Last time you pissed me off this bad I almost killed ya,” he talks coldly. “I’ll fucking finish it next time.”

“I understand, I understand.” Frank slightly nods. “Nice to have you back, Mickey,” he says before Mickey pushed him out the door.

Ian laughs. “Should’ve let you kill him the first time.”

When Mickey sees a bloody Ian sitting on the floor, he goes to grab a towel to wash the blood off. He sits on the floor in front of Ian and carefully washes the wounds on his face. When he finishes he kisses Ian’s head and helps him to his feet. “I need you to take the pills because I can’t risk losing you, okay?” Mickey forgets about the presence of the other people. He doesn’t even notice when Lip walks in, but neither does anyone else because they’re too focus on Ian and Mickey. “It wouldn’t be me and you anymore if you decided to go off the deep end and wind up killing yourself.” He grabs the back of Ian’s neck.

“Me and you,” Ian whispers. He then leans into Mickey. “I’ll take them, I’m sorry.” Mickey nods and backs away.

Mickey is the first to notice Lip standing in the doorway. “Asshole’s home,” he points to the oldest Gallagher boy.

“Which one? Me or you?” Lip chuckles. He looks a lot healthier than he did before he left. Everyone then runs to hug him except Mickey and Trevor.

Mickey gives Trevor an evil glare and when everyone backs away from Lip he asks, “Fuck’s he still doing here?” He points at Trev.

“Didn’t believe you loved him,” Trevor says with guilt. “I was wrong.”

“Wait–” Fiona turns to Ian and Mickey. “When were you going to tell us you’re getting married?”

“You’re getting married?” Lip looks confused.

The back door swings open allowing V and Kev into the house. “Who’s getting married?”

Mickey puts his head in his hands. “Oh for God’s sakes, you should’ve told them when I was gone,” he says to Ian.

Ian snorts. “Nah.”

“Hey, Mickey’s back!” Kev walked up to him to pat him on the back.

Mickey slowly stiffens more and more at all the people in the house. Ian notices his boyfriend’s unsteady breath, so he places a hand on his back to assure him that he’s there. Mickey eased into the touch and felt himself relax.

Once everyone quieted down, Mickey felt himself breathe again. Everyone then moved back to Lip and asked him all about how rehab was for him. After that, they all took their seats around the dinner table and began to eat.

“So,” Carl looked at Mickey. “I think you got some explaining to do.”

“Oh, fuck,” he said stressfully.

“I got it, Mick. Just fill in when you need to.” Ian then proceeded to tell them how Mickey kept in touch with Mandy throughout the five months after his escape. When Mickey arrived in Mexico, Mandy visited the Gallagher’s half sister Sammi, and harshly convinced her to drop all charges against Mickey, making sure she tells the court that he’s innocent. After that, Mandy proceeded to make sure there were no charges held against Mickey after the escape. Mandy refused to share how she managed to do that, but she guaranteed that he was a safe and free man.

“And about getting fuckin’ hitched and shit,” Mickey reminded Ian to tell them about that.

“Oh yeah,” he started. “I drove with him to the border the day before Monica died. We made an agreement that if he wasn’t back in six months that I’d come to Mexico, but me, being the pussy I was that day, didn’t think that it was enough so I told him I wanted to get married when we were reunited.”

Everyone was listening intently. Trevor ended the silence. “Well, fuck. I never seen love like this before. Sorry I keep sayin’ it straight out like that, but I never seen two people look at each other like that or talk about each other like that, especially in the Southside.” Ian smiles at the words, and Mickey looks down shyly.

“We warned you, man,” Kev says to Trev.

“Guess we got a wedding to plan!” Fiona says happily.

Mickey squeezes Ian’s knee under the table and chokes back a grin. When he turns his head to see Ian staring at him was a flashing white smile plastered across his face, he cannot help but reciprocate.

“We’re getting married, baby,” Ian whispers in Mickey’s ear and kisses the hand he is holding.

“You and me,” Mickey smiles. “We’re really doing it.”

Save Me

Request: Can you do a Peter Pan imagine where the reader has lived in NeverLand for a while and she likes Peter, but doesn’t know how he feels. One day some of the lost boys decide to do some STUFF (if your comfortable) against the readers will and Peter saves her and tells her that he likes her too. Fluff? Thanks. Love your blog

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Neverland had been my home for a few weeks now, the shadow had taken me from my home while I was sleeping and brought me here. Peter was ferious at first but the shadow told him I was important in keeing peter alive. How? Im not sure, they never told me, but after learning that, peter let me stay but kept his distance. 

Since then I’ve become friends with mostly the younger boys, The older ones still dont know how to feel about me and Felix gives me the creeps, but my best friend here is thomas. Hes shy but once you get to know him he can be really funny and a great friend.

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Finally! dinner time.

“Hey Y/N!” I hear thomas say from behind me. I look behind me smile at him signaling him over. He sits down next to me and we eat our food in silence while watching the campfire. He doesnt usually talk while he eats, but its fine with me.

after we finish eating peter starts to play the pan flute, and the lost boys start to dance around the fire. Thomas turns to me and holds out his hand. I smile and take it. We dance around the fire together laughing and spinning. Some of the lost boys look at us funny, some look proun sinse thomas usually doesnt participate that much, I’m just glad hes having fun. 

Then the music stops and everyone turns to look at peter, he doesnt look to happy.

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“Parties over, everyone go back to your tents.” Peter spits out, glaring at me then leaves for his tree house, slamming the door closed after he enters. We all look at each other but not wanting to make pan angry we do as he says. I say goodnight to thomas and go to my tent.

I lay down in my bed and think about what had happened, it was weird for peter to stop a party so early. I had always had a crush on him since I got here, but peter never seemed to notice me until tonight. 

My thoughts were interupted by my tent flap being opened. Two of the older boys and felix walked in. I think their names were Trevor and Joey.

“Um hey guys, what do you want?” I say, not knowing why they even wanted to talk to me, they never have before.

“Oh, we just wanted to play a game.” Felix says, His expression was one i’ve never scene before, but it still made me feel uneasy. “What kind of game?” I ask.

Felix nods to the two older boys and before I could stop them they had me pinned to the bed. I tried to get out of their grip but Trevor was holding my hands above my head with one hand and kept my mouth shut with the other. Joey was holding my legs apart. Tears were forming in my eyes thinking about what they were going to do to me.

Felix stood to the right of me and stroked my cheek with the back of his hand.

“Been a while since a girl could fufill our needs, since peter is in a mood he wont be interrupting us.” Felix purrs with a crooked smile. My heart rate increases with the hope of peter saving me deminishing.

Felix pulls his knife out and starts cutting my clothes off until im left in nothing but my bra and underwhere. Tears stream down my face as I think how I’ll be used for their enjoyment. I try to scream for help but me screams are muffled by trevors hand. They all look at my body with hungry eyes and felix starts to undress.

“Hey y/n I uh just wan-” Peter walks in but stops mid sentense when he sees whats going on. My face is full of relief while his is full of hatred towards the boys. Then suddenly I’m not being pinned down anymore.

With a wave of peters hand he had the boys pinned against the wall, no way of escaping. He walked up to a trembling half naked felix and laughed darkly.

“Did you really think you could take away whats mine and get away with it?” Peter says mockingly. He plunges his hand into felixes chest and slowly starts to squeeze his heart, making felix scream in pain. I wasnt expecting Peter to kill him!

“Peter wait! You dont ha-” He didnt let me finish.

“Dont worry darling, they’ll get what they deserve, I’m going to take their lives.” He says looking over to me. but his eyes were black as night. He was consumed by hatred.

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He turned back to felix and continued crushing his heart. I didnt know what to do, I didnt want peter to be consumed by this darkness. I did the only thing I could think to do. I ran over to him and pulled his face to mine, connecting our lips. He stopped crushing felixes heart and slowly started moving his lips with mine. He put one hand on my waist and pulled his hand out of felixes chest and put it on my waist. 

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We slowly broke apart, breathing heavily. He smiled down at me and picked me up. With a snap of his fingers the boys were gone, I didnt really care where they went.

Peter brought me back to his tree house and gave me one of his shirts to where, even though hes not the most well behaved on the island, I’m glad he still knows how to have manners. I told him I didnt want to talk about my near rape expierence, he agreed and we fell into an akward silence.

I sat quitely on his bed, he broke the silence. “So I’m guessing by the way you kissed me back there, you like me to?” he smugly asked.

I couldnt help the blush that appeared on my cheeks. I knodded and hid under the the covers. He laughed and went under the covers with me and grabbed my waist, pulling me to him. He tickled my ribs and waist making me giggle and try to squirm away. He laughed and pulled me into a hug and kissed my nose.

“God I love you, I’m sorry I kept my distance, I didnt know if I could ever love, or more importanty, get you to love me.” Peter says looking down.

“Is that why the shadow brought me here? To give you someone to love?” I asked

He knodded and looked away embarressed, I turned his face back to face mine and gave him a quick a peck on his lips. 

“I’ve always loved you peter, and I know you’ll always love me too.”

We stayed in each others arms all night long…

prompt list challenge - #10 “She’s mine.” - C.H.

requested by anon :)

masterlist // ask

“Oi, Y/n!” I hear a familiar boy yell. Ignoring my best friend’s words, I turn, greeted with the school’s bad boys, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and the one that was fairly lagging in the back, Calum Thomas Hood. “You going to the dance today?” Michael asks.

“Back off, boys, she’s mine.” I hear Calum say from the back, pushing his way to the front. “So, are you?”

“With Trevor, You know it, Hood.” I smile at him and he shakes his head, leaning into the wall as he picked out a cigarette.

“Three years, Y/n.” He tells me, lighting the cig between his lips. “Three years I’ve been chasing after you and you’re still with that idiot who doesn’t deserve you.”

“Well, what would you like, a cookie?” I ask, cheekily, “and you know I don’t like it when you smoke, Calum.”

“Well,” He stops, blowing smoke into the air, “I don’t like Trevor either. Maybe we should trade. I’ll give up my smokes if you give up the idiot.” He grins, standing from leaning on the wall.

“Keep dreaming, Hood.” I roll my eyes, following my best friend out of the hall.

“Y/n, baby.” Trevor calls as he brings me in for a kiss and a hug.

Quickly, I see a glance of Calum before he turns away. He rolls his eyes irritably at us as he puff out more smoke.

“Hey, what class you have next?” I ask and he answers science with a groan. “History.” I tell him as something catches his eye and he excuses himself as I walk off.

‘Weirdo’ I think as I walk with Y/B/F to my next class.

The class passes fairly quickly and I walk swiftly to lunch. Just as I was about to turn the corner, I stop, hearing two voices. As I glimpse around the corner, Calum, who may I add has never left his group before was alone, holding Trevor against the wall.

“Listen, I know you’re fucking around with these other girls.” Calum growls, “and you don’t deserve her, so why keep her?”

Trevor smirks, eyeing the strong boy who obviously has the strongest hand against him.

“How do you think it makes me look when the girl you’ve wanted since freshman year is with me? I mean, towards the beginning,I kind of liked her. She was hot.” He spills and Calum’s eye grow darker with anger as he picks his collar and slams him against the wall. In Calum’s mind, he was thinking about how cruel this guy was to hold her from him. The first girl he’s ever shown anything towards.

In my mind? How could he? Three years and it was all nothing.

Calum knew about her boyfriend’s sneaking around and he hated him for it. But, he knew that I was happy, and he was going to end up telling me the day after the dance. He thought I deserved that. A night with someone I loved instead of a lowlife who he, to his unfortunate understanding, loved.

“Look, you’re gonna take her to the dance, and you’re going to treat her perfectly. After that you break up with her, you’re not seeing her again.” Calum growled.

“Oh, then what? She’s gonna get with a greaser like you?” Trevor laughed.

Fortunately for Cal, I wasn’t going to the dance. Well, not anymore.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I yelled at the two boys, scaring them to jump away from each other.

“Wha-“ Trevor looked towards Calum with a stare, “Y/n, no, baby, I can explain-“ ‘Get the hell away from me, asshole.” I sneer, turning towards Calum as he slums away.

“Thank you, for standing up for me like that.” I tell him.

“It was nothing, sweetheart..” He mumbles and looks down, concentrating on the pebble next to his foot.

“No, really Calum. Thank you. I really appreciated that.” I tell him and he only looks up for a second, smiling slightly.

“Anything for you, sweetheart.” He smirks and I hug my books, seeing as he was slowly returning to his flirtatious normal self.

Taking a bold move, I swiftly lean over kissing him on the cheek. I always knew I was head over heels for this boy, I just refused to see it since I was in a relationship with Trevor.

He blushes, hard, grinning.

“Don’t take it as I’m going soft now, Hood.” I blush, hugging my books and turning away.

He swiftly catches my waist, swinging me around and into his chest, where he presses his lips against mine.

“Mine.” He mutters against my lips, “You’re mine.”

masterlist // ask

  • James: So, Aleksandr and I have been talking...
  • Trevor: *smirking* Have you two finally decided to start fucking?
  • Trevor: *unaware of Aleks appearing behind him*
  • *The unmistakable sound of someone getting slapped followed by a yelp of pain*
  • James: *glaring at Trevor holding his reddening cheek*
  • James: *turns back to the rest of the crew* So, Aleksandr and I have been talking...

Collsey/Micheoff story continues. I’ll make this into a real thing and throw it up on AO3 eventually. (part 1)

“Hey, Michael – I think Geoff is looking for you.”

When Michael looks up, Trevor is leaning over towards him from the other side of the desks, sipping a cup of coffee. Otherwise, the office is still empty.

“Geoff knows where my fuckin’ desk is,” Michael says, feigning grumpiness. “He can come find me if he wants.”

Trevor laughs lightly and pulls down on the collar of his shirt. There’s an angry red mark there against Trevor’s pale skin, right above the collarbone – and it looks brand new. Michael hitches an eyebrow.

“You might wanna find him before he gives anyone else a hickey looking for you,” Trevor says.

Geoff gave you that?” Michael says – and like it or not, he’s curling his hands hard on the armrests of his chair under the desk.

“Hey, it was an honest mistake,” Trevor says, holding a hand up. “This was absolutely meant for you.”

“How the fuck you accidentally give somebody a hickey?” Michael says, forcing himself to unclench his fists.

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