aries - me against the music
taurus - work b**tch
gemini - oops… i did it again
cancer - hold it against me
leo - piece of me
virgo - i wanna go
libra - womanizer
scorpio - till the world ends
sagittarius - break the ice
capricorn - if u seek amy
aquarius - gimme more
pisces - toxic

                                              “Hold It Against Me”

“If I Said My Heart Was Beating Loud
If We Could Escape The Crowd Somehow
If I Said I Want Your Body Now
Would You Hold It Against Me?
‘Cause, You Feel Like Paradise
And I Need A Vacation Tonight
So, If I Said I Want Your Body Now
Would You Hold It Against Me?”

hold it against me || Daejun&Ash


Ash had always been good at pushing buttons. Finding out what made people tick was entertaining and one of the main ways they spent their time. It didn’t matter if it was in person or through simple interactions online. They would always push and poke and prod until they got something interesting out of the interaction or until they got bored. It was always difficult to determine which would happen first when it came to Ash. Their attention was easily won and even more easily lost.

The fact that Ash was preparing to go out to dinner and then a club for the evening was evidence that, in this instance, their attention hadn’t been lost yet. They were being provided a meal and something interesting to do with their evening with multiple ways to make them pleased. Not only did they like being the object of someone’s affections, but they liked having the option, when asked by their ‘parents’ where they were going, to say on a date with someone they met online. It hadn’t escaped their notice that they didn’t know who they were meeting. Hadn’t even asked a name. It wasn’t very important in the end, they had their own assumptions about who would be meeting them.

If nothing else, they planned on making a good impression. Which was to say they planned on looking good and turning heads, because that was always their plan. Extra time spent making sure their eyeliner was perfect. Their pants riding just a little too low, hugging them just below their hip bones. Their shirt riding up just a little too easily when they shifting or stretched. Low cut and thin. Running a hand through their bright red hair, they smirked at themselves. More pleased than usual with the result of their effort, they were heading out of their room. The conversation that hindered their actual exit from the house–or fight, rather–was more heated than many of the fights they’d caused with the two parental stand-ins. 

In the end, they were looking away, signing something akin to ‘I can’t hear you’ and heading out the door. Getting to the Red Dragon from there was easy enough. Google maps had become their lifeline in getting around Ashkent, given the fact that they were used to a plethora of other business and only rarely did they see a landmark that was from home. When they stepped inside, looking around, the fact that they didn’t know who they were meeting became a bit more of a prominent problem. They glanced at the host, falling back into their standard method of communication and just showing the message ‘waiting for someone’ on their phone before dropping into one of the seats by the door.