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컴퓨터 모니터 받침대 작은 공간 사이로 몸 끼어넣는 중, 호두야 너 거기들어가기엔 너무 뚱뚱해ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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T/N: Hong Sungmi works at TopMedia. It’s Minwoo’s Hedgehog ‘Hodu’

#ParkJinYoung Introduces Fans to His Second Adopted Dog Hodu

Park Jin Young welcomes one more adorable puppy to his growing family, two years after adopting his first dog.

On June 11, he shared a picture of himself posing with the tiny and incredibly cute puppy with his Instagram followers, along with the caption, “And two months later, I adopted one more puppy to make Pie feel less lonely and bored when I’m not home. I named him ‘Hodu [walnut]‘ after the color of his fur.”

Earlier today, Park Jin Young started the hashtag #JYPpuppies and made a sweet post about his first dog Pie. Adopted by the singer two years ago, Pie kept him company when he stopped frequenting clubs and wild parties to lead a more balanced life, and his first dog has now been joined by another furry friend.