Hockey Wives

Episode One: Let’s Get Started

The Riellys

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You had just gotten home from a long day at work. You changed out of your scrubs and took a shower. You figured Morgan would be home soon. He had texted you that he was staying late to skate some more after practice, something about helping Mitch with something.

You went downstairs to begin working on dinner, you were just pulling out your phone to get a head count in the group chat when you heard the front door open.

“Morgan?” You called out.

“Just me babe!”

“Is anyone joining us for dinner?”

“Nope just us my love.” He answered wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Ohh, okay.” You respond taking out just enough for Mo and you. 

“You sound disappointed that you are only sharing dinner with your stud of a husband.” Morgan chuckles peppering kisses to your neck from behind. 

“I just like to make sure my baby leafs eat.”

“Technically, they are my rookies.”

“Do you feed them captain?”

“Sometimes!” he tries to defend himself.  

“I hate to break it to you but ordering takeout is not feeding them Mo.”

“You got me there.” He chuckles

You finish up with dinner and enjoy the rare night in with your husband without five other people sprawled out across your couches.

Morgan was watching game tapes as you cuddled into his side.

“Let’s start trying,” Morgan says suddenly.

“Trying what?” you mumbled cuddling closer to your husband. You were expecting a suggestion for a cooking class or some other ridiculous idea of his.

“Trying for a baby.”

Nearly asleep, you were suddenly awakened by a single word. 

“You want a baby? Since when?” you swallowed.

You felt his body shrug. “A while actually.”

“So… now?”

“Yes,” he said, pulling you closer. “I have a steady career. I mean the schedule is a little hectic but we have gotten into the swing of it. I hear they’re quite fun to make.” He tried wiggling his eyebrows.

“You want a baby because you’re bored and horny?”

“No,” he laughed. “I want a baby because I want nothing more than to have a child with you.”

You were suddenly out of breath. “You think we’re ready?”

“I don’t think anyone’s ever ready,” he replied. “But I don’t know what we’re waiting for. We’ve done plenty of traveling and living the past few years, and now I’d really like to start our family.”

 We already were a family. A small one, but still a family. You had the team and enough rookies to take care of. You had no doubts about how good of a father Morgan would be, you doubted your ability to be a mother.

“So?” He grinned, turning onto his side.

“I guess I could schedule a doctor’s appointment.” You gave a quick nod, the thoughts of being a mother was making you nauseous.

The Nylanders – The Rookies

You and Alex are recently married but have been together for years, since you were 12 to be exact. Alex is playing his second year in the NHL and life of being a wife of a rookie has never been easy. Between constant moving and his concern of living of up to his brother, the year has been anything but easy. And with your husband continuously involving his brother in your marital troubles, matters aren’t eased much.

The MacKinnons – The Marriage in Trouble.

You and Nate have been married for 4 years. You thought as you both grew up together through your marriage, the party hockey lifestyle would die down.  You were sadly mistaken. You know your marriage is growing distant. With your husband still being the young hockey player he is, the partying and going out hasn’t ever faltered and Nate shows no sign of giving it up anytime soon. But you had to give up the party lifestyle up recently, you are already exhausted and can’t exactly be downing shots with your husband. The baby inside you will do that to you.

The McDavids – The Newlyweds

You and Connor are just back from your honeymoon. You are still in that new marriage bliss but that bubble is soon popped. You quickly learn that being the wife of the face of the Oilers is not something you could have ever imagined. There was never an issue when you were just the girlfriend but now that you have officially taken Connor of the market, the media has become constantly involved in your relationship. Between social media trolls and unsupportive parents, you find yourself sinking, something you hide from your husband.

The Riellys – The Mom and Dad Couple.

You and Morgan have been married and happy. You think you are in a good place, happy with how everything is now. Morgan has just been named the captain of the Leafs, you and Mo have always been the place for the young guys on the team to turn to. The rookies are in your home quite often, for advice and home-cooked meals. You think you are in a good place, happy with how everything is now. You couldn’t think of anything else you needed, Morgan does though. Morgan wants to have a baby, now. You, on the other hand, don’t think you’re ready and you don’t handle the situation in the best way.

The Benns – The Misplaced New Parents

You and Jordie are a seasoned married couple. But the recent trade of your husband is testing the bonds of your marriage. A sudden move and change of pace has thrown a giant wrench in all of your plans. You were settling down and had just started a family. That was until you were moved to Montreal. Jordie is frustrated and isn’t even trying to hide it. He’s having to start over but what he doesn’t realize is you did too. Moving and starting over with a newborn isn’t easy in the least. How much of Jordie’s frustrations will you take before you explode? ?