Hockey Families

Bitty’s favourite cousins
  • Most people who know Bitty know that he looks alot like his mother
  • But most people who know Bitty do not know that he looks like his father too
  • So some of his cousins from his fraternal side share shockingly similar facial features with him
  • His favourite cousins are the three kids of his dad’s sister, who married a Brit, thus the kids are influenced by both cultures
    • The eldest is a boy two year older than Bits, and he is the Big Brother Who Has To Take Care All of His Ridiculous Siblings (his name is Michael)
    • The other two are actually twins, the elder a girl (Beth) and the younger a boy (Cason)
    • “Listen to me, baby bro” “You are literally only 10 mins older than me” “I’m still your big sister”
    • Anyway, the three kids + Bitty all have the same eyes, while Beth & Bits are especially alike. Like, of course they don’t look the same, (eg  Beth has curly red hair), but they remind other people of each other
    • They grew up with Bitty back in Georgia, but all three opted to go to university in England because 1) half of their family is there, and 2) tuition fee is way cheaper in England
    • from eldest to youngest: Michael - Bits - Beth - Cason
    • Part of why Bitty got his mother hen tendencies is because he got to look after the twins, even though they are only around 1 yr younger than him; but boy they can cause trouble
    • But as you can imagine, Bitty misses them a lot. Beth did figure skating with him when they were younger and the twins were also on his high school’s co-ed hockey team
    • They are some of his only friends back in Georgia, even though none of them is in Georgia now
  • And the SMH met the wonderful cousins of Bitty’s during practice, of all times
  • It was year three, they were not due to be back to England for school yet so they drove up to Samwell to visit Bitty
  • They sneaked into Faber (I have no idea whether watching team practice is allowed or even possible or not, probably should try to fact check this later)
  • Ransom, skating at high speed, turned just enough to see three people, all with the same huge brown Bambi eyes as Bitty’s, standing near the rails and grinning at them
  • And one of them, a boy, is blond
  • He did a double take and promptly crashed into Holster
  • Bitty finally noticed their existence and (very excitedly) skated over to say hi, while the rest of SMH was like “wth is going on”
    • “We brought you peaches!” “Aw thanks sweetheart”
    • The blond kid aka Cason, got introduced by his sister as, “and this elongated version of Bits here is Cason, my little brother”
    • “I’m feeling so much love right now”
    • meanwhile, Michael told Bits, with mock solemnity, “Eric, I am immensely honoured and touched that you are here with me to face this craziness. Time flies by and my dear siblings have not even budged an inch - how unfortunate”
  • Because they had guests, Ransom and Holster decided to host a party (semi-Kegster - Private version?)
  • Obviously they had a good time. The SMH crew had an amazing time chatting with the siblings in order to obtain precious chirp material and even blackmail material
  • Y’know how usually the people grew up with you/ being close with you for many years naturally know a lot about you, including things that you yourself don’t even remember, right?
  • Apparently Bitty once faceplanted into a pie because he was so tired after hockey practice and baking
  • “Does that count as a fine if Bitty is the one who wrecks a pie???”
  • “Y’all are losing your pie privileges”
  • Oh and Bitty has already come out to them. Due to their cultural background and senses, Bitty knew that they were very likely to accept him but he was still so scared as they were very important to him
  • They welcomed him with open arms, of course. “Thank you for telling us. And we won’t say anything to anyone without your consent. We are always in your corner, mate”
  • They heard Eric talking about his bf with so much love and they are so happy for him
  • They did meet Jack (over Skype) during their visit, and Jack was his awkward self at first, but the hyper twins could do anything and soon they were exchanging embarrassing stories about Bitty
  • “Bless your chirpy little hearts”
  • Just, although there are so many uncertainties, and Bitty is so afraid of the outcome of coming out to his family, he always knows that at least part of his family will always be in his corner, even though they are far, far away and cannot do much other than verbal support
Patater Family!AU

I just want Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov as the media darlings, which then ascends to hockey power couple after they go public because Tater is the biggest Russian potato romantic in the world. When he doesn’t have a game he goes to Kent’s game with a Parson jersey. (Kent does the same with Tater’s games). And when they adopt their son they become power hockey family.   He would get a mini jersey and Tater used to carry their son on his shoulders literally every fucking where, to Kent’s aggravation, until: ”Alexei, put him down you are a giant his forehead is going to hit the door frame.” “No Kenny I will keep him safe–” “Ow.” “OHHHHHH PAPA IS SO SORRY WHERE DOES IT HURT” etc etc

You see Kent with his designer sunglasses pushing their son on the swings. He’s going to turn into that one PTA parent with the indoor sunglasses going “Karen, your brownies are shit. My husband and I will take care of the snacks next time.” But Tater’s shit at cooking too so they end up getting the goods from a fancy bakery and passing it off as their own (”But Kenny this is cheating.” “Tater your mini pies look nothing like the pictures Jack sent I am not showing that to Karen I’m in too deep.”)

Tater’s that parent who has wallets of his husband and family, like if anyone even mention Kent or son he’s whipping out the phone and opening the photo album. When their kid is more into soccer than hockey you just KNOW they try to make every single game (”I’m sorry Daddy and I couldn’t come to last game.” “It’s okay Pa.” “No not ok”) so when they miss one they turn up the extra and cheer like Embarrassing Parents™ for the next one. The referee has to come to them and say, “Sirs, there are families present I’m going to ask you to tone down the profanities” “THAT WAS CLEARLY A FOUL” “Mr. Parson they are 7-year-olds.” “Tater back me up.”) The two of them just support their kid so much their son is going to be one of the most loved kids in the world.